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Prized in Every Search

Use search advertisement to target the queries of future early adopter organizations about innovative companies creating world benefit from the topics they search on the web. The concept focuses on meeting future innovators/adopters where they are.

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Why wait a year? Praise innovative companies every time our target audience searches the web. This concept fits within a larger service platform. It focuses on the interaction a target audience would have with a company being recognized for innovating for world benefit. To do it Case Western would start a 501c3 called PRIZED that is tasked with:

+ Raising money to fund online advertisement costs to recognize companies who are innovating for world benefit. This bit, while a lot of work, is straight forward.

+ Developing an initial set of candidate companies and tag them according to the attributes which make them innovators for world benefit. This bit needs a lot more work on the how.

+ Developing a market segmentation for early adopter companies (similar to how we segment populations of individuals) who would be responsive to a message for change. from there understand what these types of companies are thinking about and asking in their daily workflow. This bit needs more work and admittedly is at the crux of the concept - you need to know enough about the audience ready to hear the message and begin a change to target them in search result campaigns.

How does your concept celebrate, identify or inspire for-profit businesses that act as agents of world benefit?

The PRIZED organization would work with a web search company (google, bing, yahoo) to market inspiring companies to a target audience. I'm thinking that targeted advertisements would be a way to capture the attention of professionals in business contexts who are searching for answers around how to start innovating for world benefit. Part of the design challenge is to know how match an inspiring company to a targeted search query from a set of characteristics that describe an early adopter/ future innovator of a business.

How will your concept help us create or leverage stories of world benefit that are sticky and shareable?

Needs work. One thought would be to work with a web search company to develop/shape the back end analytics to promote or remove companies from the information gathered from the user and specific advertisement. The back end analytics could also use the information gathered about the companies to refine the attributes used to characterize companies innovating for world benefit and grow the list.

What will it take to scale your concept so that its reach is global and widespread?

Needs work. Certainly, translation into other languages would help. It would be great to create coverage across multiple industries. **It would be awesome if the advertisements could target the industries which need to change first (or have the most pressing challenges today) from the science we know around the carrying capacity of certain systems (e.g. Emissions of GHG) **


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I'm glad you asked about the biz model implications. This idea was inspired by a really clever way to look at the advertisement real estate business that a Converse campaign, called Domaination, revealed. Go here for the video:

If we think about Domaination for this concept, we really need to understand the audience we want to target more deeply. Instead of sponsoring ads that deal with searches about "greening a company" we should find what else the target audience values. I imagine they're uniquely looking at a cross section of topics, but we'd need to really explore that demographic beyond traditional classifications. Then place ads in those search topics.

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I checked out the video. In my mind, this concept works like the Amazon's Recommended list...

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