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Introducing a Rewards program for Sustainable Businesses

Creating/structuring a "rewards" program targeted to businesses based on sustainability measures

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Banks, grocery stores, and pharmacies are examples of organizations that leverage branded rewards programs to drive certain behaviors from retail customers (increased spend, increased cross-sell, increased loyalty). In return, customers are rewarded with items such as gift cards, travel, cash, or merchandise when they reach a certain level of "points" or threshold in spending. This concept is centered around introducing a similar "rewards program" aimed at businesses. For each sustainable action/project a company takes on, the company will be given a specific amount of "sustainability points" (with the amount of points varying based on the impact of the particular action). This rewards program would incentivize businesses to adopt sustainable practices by providing them with relevant rewards, such as funds towards taking on additional sustainable projects.

How does your concept celebrate, identify or inspire for-profit businesses that act as agents of world benefit?

For-profit businesses would be inspired by the rewards concept as they will be driven to take on sustainable practices to reach a certain threshold of sustainability points, which in turn will fund further sustainable projects.

How will your concept help us create or leverage stories of world benefit that are sticky and shareable?

We can show the top sustainability points "earners" and share the company's stories to inspire other businesses.

What will it take to scale your concept so that its reach is global and widespread?

Creating awareness and marketing the program to business communities worldwide.

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Loyalty cards are huge in the retail business and more.

Perhaps you could also partner with a credit card? Give to charity/green efforts instead of earning airline miles? May have some conflicts of interest but worth considering.

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