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Green Business TactICS (Indentify+Celebrate+Spread)

This concept will form an awarding body/change catalyst comprised of men & women of successful green businesses that will pioneer creation of champions and green businesses top down.

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An esteemed Award Program celebrating the accomplishments of company leaders incorporating social good in their corporate governance will be selected by the  so formed pioneers. Which will be celebrated with the appropriate style of PR and choice of prizes that would encourage people at other companies to work with conviction towards projects of their own social and environmental interest. The theory is that in order to move whole companies towards social good you must inspire he business drivers and cascade this inspiration to employees top down.

An internal (within the company) selection committee of accomplished leaders would pursue the most compelling nominations through a series of interviews and discussions. Winning concept will proceed to Regional Committees (within the country) would filter applicants by industry and industry leaders would select winning teams based upon industry knowledge and the resources provided to them by the nomination process. Then Continental Finalists would be rewarded with local versions of the international prize and then continue to an International Committee for a final competition to award the winning company's team a Grand Prize.

Companies, especially those who won an award already, may also earn credits that can be used to avail free advertising, SEO, services, TV guesting, that will feature their green program by mentoring or inspire (through a talk) other companies or individuals. May it be online or face-to-face from birth to success of the innovation

How does your concept celebrate, identify or inspire for-profit businesses that act as agents of world benefit?

We can promote an idea of CSR alloting an expensive budget like public-private partnership to tap cooperatives or ogranizations like what Jollibee, San Miguel Foods did "Manila, Philippines - Farmers from Central Luzon to Northern Mindanao are benefitting from being part of the value chain systems of the country’s largest corporations, particularly in the onions used for the burger patties of Jollibee Foods Corp. (JFC) and in the cassava supplies as the principal tapioca (sago) ingredient of San Miguel Foods Inc. (SMFI)-San Miguel Pure Foods." In addition, man are innately good and would have a pride to be part of a competitive company that also has prestige for having great products and being an advocate of green business. Companies's share of brilliant minds in the talent market will widen.

How will your concept help us create or leverage stories of world benefit that are sticky and shareable?

to make it sticky and shareable, always focus on the impact in the lives of the beneficiary like the online videos of Coca Cola Phiippines' program which became viral and got 1.2 Million plus of likes in local viewing per se not mentioning in business magazines as well but these are still inside the box..How about a tie-up with Google so they can feature the winning company in the Google logo that has its profile or reason for being there when you click it or a local/ international TV guestings in credible but mainstream talkshows like Ellen Degeneres, Lateshow with David Letterman, Ophrah, O'Brien and the likes which may even increase stock values....or an event to celebrate like an Oscar's or Emmy's or even an orchestra or Woodstock-like concert depending on the market of the winning company.

What will it take to scale your concept so that its reach is global and widespread?

wide network to create audience - massive advertising,promotions and business communications to educate companies how they will create impact and benefit from it.other awarding bodies also needs to get involved and have a buy-in in the concept that this is the ultimate awarding body for green business


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Great thoughts about the stickiness of online video clips, Marisse.

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