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B2B Sustainable Union

What if sustainable businesses gave priority to like-minded enterprises when conducting B2B transactions? This may promote sustainable value and world benefit as part of the value creation chain...

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Value is created through B2B transfers of materials, services, and networks.  The end product that a consumer purchases is the cumulative effect of many businesses that may, or may not, value sustainability.  There are situations where the retailer, for example WalMart, may promote their own sustainable activities, with the implication that all of the products purchased in their store are sustainable.  This can be misleading to certain consumers.  B2B sustainable value creation will promote world benefit encouraging businesses who add value to products to give distribution, refining, manufacturing, etc., preferences to sustainable businesses.

What will it take to scale your concept so that its reach is global and widespread?

In order for the concept of B2B sustainable value creation to become global, domestic importers will have to place pressure on their global partners to improve their business processes and practices to become more sustainable. Obvious heavy polluters, such as Chinese firms that supply American companies, will risk losing their customers if they do not adapt to more sustainable "to good, do well" business practices. In this regard, the American firms who participate in B2B sustainable value creation act as a "union."


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