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Mobilizing caregiver's relatives around child personalized immunization schedules to track & amplify awareness and collecting social data.

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Describe what you intend to do and how you'll do it in one sentence (required 250 Characters)

SaveLives.Net is a social network for maternal health fighting children deaths by mobilizing relatives around child personalized immunizati schedules to increase demand & access to routine immunization & collecting social data for learning & decisi

Explain the idea (less than 2,000 characters)

By caregiver’s careless and forgetfulness, around 19 million children do not have access to routine immunization(WHO); around 60% of these victims live in10 countries (Angola, Brazil, DRC, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan & SA) were maternal & child health coverage rate is very low, this constitute our primary target audience. SaveLives.Net is a borderless solution that allows each clinic/midwife, regardless of location, to create an account that allows them to create the birth account for each child, which will then generate an automatic calendar. Upon request from the mother/caregiver, a follow-up invitation of this calendar is sent to 3 or 5 mother’s/caregiver's relatives via provided phone numbers. These relatives will be responsible for tracking compliance with each immunization appointment & ensure that their child has been vaccinated. SaveLives.Net will be: 1. Connecting providers & caregivers to answer immunization questions; 2. Allowing caregivers geo locate the nearest non-bulky providers to save time; 3. Mobilizing relatives around child personalized immunization schedules to track and amplify awareness. When the appointment date approach SaveLives.Net alerts the caregiver and all relatives & inform them the attached importance and then they can remind the concern caregiver. Appointments or disappointments are automatically reported to her relatives then they can raise awareness until he / she do it. Within this we expect: 1. Engaging communities: By mobilizing relatives around personalized immunization’s schedules to track & amplify awareness; This will allow caregivers to successfully & timely fulfill recommended immunization & we expect to increase demand & access to immunization at 60% (11,4 M). 2. Using social data for learning and decision-making: SaveLives.Net will be generating children birth & immunization real data by country, city & date. This can be used scientifically to improve maternal & child health.

Which part(s) of the world does this idea target?

  • North Africa
  • Eastern Africa
  • Middle Africa
  • Southern Africa
  • Western Africa
  • Caribbean
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Central Asia
  • Eastern Asia
  • South-eastern Asia
  • Southern Asia
  • Western Asia

Geographic Focus (less than 250 Characters)

At this pilot project, SaveLives.Net will be launched in D.R.Congo but after testing and adapting it to the pilot project feedback, SaveLives.Net is targeting the up listed 10 countries were the maternal and child health coverage rate is very low.

Who are your end users and how well do you know them? (750 characters)

Our prrimary target audience consists of pregnant women, breastfeeding women/caregivers and thier relatives. We are going to reach them through maternal health providers and traditional birth attendants (by SMS) who is allowed to register or create account when pregnant women begin antenatal consultation or at birth. Working online & offline, Savelives.Net is a easier technology to use designed with a local cache on the tablet so that nurses/TBA can continue to search for and update children's files & finally synchronizes data when they have access to internet. Vaccination schedule is then automatically generated for each child. We first developed the web version, at the end of the pilot project we will implement it in mobile Apps.

How is the idea unique? (750 Characters)

An unconventional approach & a separate social media platform, that is interested on the child health from the mother's womb up to 24 months after childbirth by mobilizing relatives around personalized immunization schedule to track and amplify awareness until the caregiver do it. Unlike other platforms, based on the personalized schedule we send reminders even to caregiver's relatives. Value: With one App; we engage communities and shaping social norms & we collect & centralize birth and immunization data for learning and decision-making. Cheaper than paper & ink, No pollution, Open communication with providers & relatives, One App–Works Everywhere, SaveLives.Net do not go missing data & are searchable by country, city, clinic & date.

Idea Proposal Stage (Select 1)

  • Prototype: We have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing the idea.

How many months are required for the project idea? (140 characters)

It will take us 9 months to execute the pilot project and 1 month to open it to the large market.

Organization Name (less than 140 characters)


Type of Submitter

  • We are a For-Profit Startup or Startup Social Enterprise

Organizational Characteristics

  • Women’s health/rights focused
  • Youth-led organization
  • International/global organization (implementing in multiple countries)

Organization Location (less than 140 Characters)

Headquarter: 053, Magene, Kyeshero, Goma city /North-Kivu province, in Dem. Rep. of the Congo.

What is the current scale of your organization’s work?

  • Regional (reach within 1 geographic region)

Website URL &

Tell us more about your organization/company (1-2 sentences)

3G SARL, is a social startup under Congolese law, founded by the Tony Elumelu Foundation alumnis’ Gonnat NGOYI and ANIFA ZIMO in July 2017 with the main mission to implements innovative solutions adapted to the needs of rural populations to solve sexual, reproductive, maternal and infant health issues.

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (750 characters)

We have partnered with the KYESHERO Hospital that is advocating and facilitating the implementation of this solution. We have also 2 advisors: 1. Dr Ngongo Guylain Mvuama, Gynecologist & Obstetrician, provide technic (medical) skills,, Phone: +243972793148 2. Gabriel Zagabe, owner and CEO of the ZAEL Group Int’l. Provide skills on how to develop our Business. Phone: +34652061398.

How many people are on your team?


Tell us more about you and your team

We are a team of 3 cofounders assisted by 4 persons from Business and engineering studies engaged to succeed by tackling the SDG 3. In the past we have implemented other 2 solutions: - SOS-PlanFam App: A complete mobile sex education provider; A contraceptive replenishment reminder or a family planning method at one click on your phone; - Xantonn: a hospital management system dedicated to manage the practice of medical specialists by availing all their data online, saving them time and money while keeping patients’ records safe. Our team: 1. M. NGOYI KASONGO: CEO, Male, Congolese , Bachelor’s Degree in Business Law and assumed the duties of Sales Director for 5 years at the BKN. 2. M. Bubala Clovis, CTO, Congolese, Experience and knowledge of our industry: 5 Years, Previous employment: Jocsoft Solutions Ltd. Academic qualifications: Masters in Business Administration. 3. Mrs ANIFA ZIMO, Female, CFO, Congolese, Student at the Marketing Strategies institut in Goma.

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Photo of Manisha Laroia

Thank you for shaing your idea. I really appreciate your knowledge of the context and people that you are designing for.
I was curious to know more about the digital platform that you are using for the SaveLives.Net network. Is it a separate social media platform or are you using an existing network, is it a web or an app.
Kindly elaborate about it in the share above as it will add value to the idea.

Also, if you are in an early pilot stage I would also recommend you to apply to our other OpenIDEO vaccine challenge here,
You can apply to both these challenges!


Hi Manisha Laroia, thank you for your contribution on our project.
Savelives.Net is an entire platform apart from the existing ones. We first developed the web version but at the end of the pilot project we will implement it in different versions of mobile applications.

Photo of Manisha Laroia

@ANIFA ZIMO KALIMBIRO Please update these details in your innovation shared above. If you feel there is less space you could also attach it as a PDF.
You could show a simple visual map of you application service to help the reviewers understand it better.
Please make sure you highlight HOW YOUR INNOVATION CAN BE HELPFUL IN POPULATED URBAN SETTINGS? so that every child can be reached. This is the core focus of this challenge brief.
If you have any questions about it feel free to ask us or refer to the resources on the challenge home page.

Photo of Ashley Tillman

Hi ANIFA ZIMO KALIMBIRO great to have you in the Challenge! I loved your video it really helped me understand the problem you are solving and your solution quickly. Two questions:

1. You said you are at the prototyping stage can you share a little more about what you've prototyped, you you've tested your prototype with and anything you've learned?

2. Looks like this website link isn't working is this the correct one?

Isaac Jumba curious if you have any thoughts or questions too?


Hello M. Isaac Jumba and Mrs Ashley Tillman!
Thank you for your interest and judgment on our SaveLives.Net project.
For the first question, We have developed a web application under the name which is not yet tested and we are looking for a partner who can support us in the execution of the pilot project to test our solution. At the end of the pilot project and various improvements (next 9 months), the solution will be implemented in two versions of mobile application (iOS and Android)
For the second question, is our company’s web site. This has nothing to do with our prototype. It is currently inaccessible because our hosting subscription has expired last week.
For the rest, let us remain open to answering other questions if there are any.
Thank you !

Photo of Isaac Jumba

Ashley Tillman thanks for looping me in.

Hi ANIFA ZIMO KALIMBIRO I really liked reading your idea. I especially like how your idea tries to reshape social norms by introducing the aspect of community ownership in helping bring up a child, and it appears as an effective approach to keep the caregivers in check.
As Manisha Laroia  and Ashley have suggested, it will be great for you to share a prototype and insights from the pilot. I'm also curious why family members will be excited about using your solution


Hi Isaac, thank you for your contribution on our value proposition.
Our prototype is not yet posted; It will be shared at the next stage of this competition.
The second question: I would first of all specify that the user portfolio will not be constituted by us but by the maternal providers and Traditional Birth attendants during prenatal consultations for pregnant women or at child birth for caregivers. And each time an account is created for the caregiver or pregnant women, this one provides the names and contacts of at least 3 relatives to which our system sends a message with a link inviting them to create their own account in order to save the baby ... of your (proximity link with the mother) ... by tracking her vaccination program.