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How might we empower caregivers to seek and fully utilize immunization services in their communities? Sensitize caregivers during community meetings on the need for immunization, why immunization is important, who to be immunized and when immunization is required. This can be done by health extension officers/community health nurses in the said region. The immunization team in the health facilities to communicate through announcements in community via churches or market days as a reminder to the caregivers use the community leaders, i.e. the ‘Nyumba Kumi initiative’ leaders, village elders and Community Health Volunteers to ensure that all children have been immunized as required The Health facilities develop a system where all children who have enrolled for the 1st time their details are recorded together with their caregivers’ contacts and return dates, then an SMS is generated when the caregiver is supposed to return in two days and the last day to the visit. This will remind the caregivers the CHVs and the health care workers to encourage male involvement by addressing the challenges and barriers to men’s supportive actions and through increasing literacy of health/ immunization among men that enhances their positivity and motivates them to participate.

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  • Eastern Africa

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Hi ednah osoro , I really like your idea of focusing on education and awareness. From my research, it seems that these are two important elements to tackle. I like that you've been thinking of where to connect with caregivers and picked places like markets or churches where caregivers already go. I wonder if you thought of the content of these sessions. Will they be workshops? or more informal sessions with people with flyers. Moreover, religious leaders seem sometime one of the sources of resistance to immunization. Have you thought about how to motivate them to support the process.
Some students at NYU have been working on an idea that has some elements in common with yours and I can see possible collaboration.
Amber Walker Jihan Liang Cheng Chen you might have some questions or suggestions based on the research and work you've done.

Looking forward Ednah to see your idea develop.

Photo of ednah osoro

Thanks Anne-Laure Fayard for your response and liking my idea.
Just to answer a few of your questions;
Workshops are intended to be done for the health care workers and Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) for the project, including representatives from different religions in the area as well as informal sessions with people during community meetings (these meetings are normally planned by the community leaders so it just requires good collaboration with them to give a slot).
By including the religion leaders in the workshops will be one way of motivating them and letting the know ‘Why immunization,’ and make them embrace it together with its members, just to mention an example.
I have a thought of the content already I have a draft that can be finalized.
Thanks for linking me up to those with similar ideas…I will contact them
Looking forward for great collaboration and work!

Photo of Anne-Laure Fayard

Thank you for the clarification. It's helpful to better understand your approach. I'm curious to know when (how often) are these community meetings taking place and where? (Pardon my ignorance of the context). Do you already have a contact with a few community leaders with whom you could collaborate?
Check also this idea as I think there might be ways to collaborate:

I also recommend you check Ochola Amosiah idea as there might be synergies on the training and content development.

Good luck!

Photo of Amber Walker

Thanks for the connection Anne-Laure Fayard , we did have similar conversations during our brainstorming sessions. ednah osoro most of our research centered on the Busia region in Uganda. I know Kenya shares a border with Uganda in this area. Is this region also where your pitch is based?