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Equipping traditional leaders to Support and Include Children in immunization services

Our traditional leader training reduce harmful beliefs and practices while improving immunization service care delivery.

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Our traditional leader training reduce harmful beliefs and practices while improving immunization service care delivery.

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In Tanzania, traditional leaders have a strong influence on community beliefs and practices. Many traditional leaders conduct harmful practices and share inaccurate information about immunization services that encourages caregivers to neglect, abuse immunization services delivery or even murder health providers who bring immunization services to caregivers. Many of these leaders also encourage families to pursue other remedies instead of vaccine, leading to increased morbidity and mortality among children in the community. We will develop workshops that train traditional leaders on immunization definition, safety and its importance and the needs and right of the children. Although the workshops are tailored for each group, all 3 trainings include participatory presentations and discussions about immunization, with an emphasis on global legislation to help participants understand their legal mandate to protect the children with immunization services. Our workshops also include testimonials from children and their caregiver who complete immunization services from within the participants’ communities to help convey the reality, urgency and proximity of immunization services needs. At the end of the trainings, our facilitators help participants develop Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound action plans that guide them in replacing harmful beliefs and practices with scientifically accurate information and appropriate care and referrals for children who needs immunization services. In the months following each workshop, we contact group representatives from each training to support action plan implementation and long-term sustainability of safe, inclusive immunization practices. We are also exploring income-generating training for traditional leaders who may experience reduced income when they refer those with needs of immunization services to medical clinics for care.

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  • Eastern Africa

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We empower caregiver through their traditional leaders workshop in extreme remote rural areas such as community lead rural villages, Informal areas in tanzania

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In our first year, 100+ traditional leaders will complete immunization training and use the knowledge and skills they gain to reduce stigma and replace harmful practices (i.e., burning, cutting, exorcisms) with effective immunization service care delivery, counsel and referrals to the medical clinics . These changes will improve immunization services access and outcomes for 200+ under five -aged Tanzanian children . We will then disseminate our refined model to partners beyond Tanzania.

How is the idea unique? (750 Characters)

Despites much study has been conducted on tradition leaders' social influence and many programs have engaged such leaders in advocacy and education initiatives, Our project is the first to train these leaders on the social factors that impact immunization services for children and call on them to take the lead in improving the immunization services in their communities. To do this, we not only correct these leaders' misconceptions and harmful practices but also celebrate their accurate knowledge and useful practices. The program does not exist in isolation but is part of a broad spectrum of community-based interventions we implement to gradually shift immunization services norms among chiefs, teachers, parents, women's groups and nonprofi

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  • Prototype: We have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing the idea.

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INFINITY EQUALITY Ltd. A non-profit company based in Tanzania, create traditional leaders training model to improve immunization service.

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  • We are a registered NGO or Non-Profit Organization

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  • Locally/community-led organization

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Morogoro, Tanzania East Africa

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  • Community (working within one or a few local communities within a region)

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INFINITY EQUALITY LTD is a non-profit organization that works in rural communities with over 2 years of experience delivering results in health, particularly maternal health, Child health education, We are currently working in Mvomero District in Tanzania

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The project will be implemented by INFINITY EQUALITY Ltd with a long-term partner organization of Mvomero Community development organization. INFINITY EQUALITY Ltd has been working on child health, gender and community development in Tanzania for 2 years.Key stakeholders include Mvomero District hospital,Mvomero village government. Our project is designed to show that "best practise of community leaders in vaccination" can ensure expectant mothers and their children receive free immunization advice they need, are linked to the right vaccination services, and are supported with their local traditional leaders.

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Innocent sirili- background in psychology, with experience in nonprofits and businesses for social good sixmundi- teacher, community builder, and entrepreneur Kavishe silvester- communication designer, heart-centered coach and thought leader in adult learning

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Hi Innocent Temba great to have you in the Challenge, I know you don't have a website yet, but can you share links to your bio and or teams bios or Facebook page if your organization has one?