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Enhance Community Capacity to access immunization services in Busia District

Recruit and retain village immunization counselors (VICs) and equip them with strategies to promote immunization demand, access and uptake.

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Describe what you intend to do and how you'll do it in one sentence (required 250 Characters)

Youth Environment Service will Recruit Village Immunization Counselors(VICs)and equip them with Knowledge, skills and tools on tackling negative social barriers hindering impactful immunization while working with selected motivated service providers.

Explain the idea (less than 2,000 characters)

Busia District faces immunization challenges related to limited access to accurate information on immunization, long distances traveled by immunization service seekers, uncoordinated service provision, missed appointments, incomplete immunization schedules and inadequate immunization supplies. All these negatively affects the health condition and lifestyle of the children, mothers and generally the household. These VICs shall act as immunization champions of their villages and they will be trained and equipped with knowledge, skills,behaviors, attitude and practices which promote impactful and scaleable immunization coverage in the District. They will undergo a Value clarification and Attitude transformation training to enhance immunization rights of children between the age of 0 - 15 years. The VICs will be introduced to the Immunization calendar and pledge cards to be used to track immunization schedules and improve on the efficiency of immunization service providers. The immunization calendars shall be used to provide information to the care givers whereby the immunization dates will be marked.The project shall be implemented in the rural areas where care givers walk long distances to the health center and hospitals.The care givers are too busy to in the garden to consider immunization demands of their children. Approximately 20,000 children will be reached and over 8000 indirect beneficiaries shall be targeted. Among the selected approach, Youth Environment service will hold village public dialogue meetings where the Village immunization Counselors (VICs) mothers will be encouraged to take part and these shall be selected by residents of respective villages to form the first tier of coordination and collaboration based willingness to volunteer, and contribute to save young children. The organisation shall also use community story telling scenario methodology to equip the care givers with positive desired attitude towards sustaining response schedule

Which part(s) of the world does this idea target?

  • Eastern Africa

Geographic Focus (less than 250 Characters)

Busia District is situated at the border with Kenya in the west. Busia District is the Ugandan part of the Busia agglomeration, divided by the Ugandan/Kenyan border. The district has 14 sub counties, and two divisions with population of 360,000 pple.

Who are your end users and how well do you know them? (750 characters)

The proposed end user are the most at risk villages in 12 poor under performing sub counties of Busia District. The primary constituencies are the households, the community, parents that include the low income single mothers, vulnerable adolescent young girls especially the 31% young mothers in the district.YES is a regional leader in community mobilization backed by 280 community mobilization volunteer members in the 16 sub counties. YES is implementing program aimed at reducing teenage pregnancy to 20% by 2021 targeting school children and out of school adolescent young girls. In WASH we are reaching out to adolescent young people with life saving water and sanitation education using the power of football, working with parents, and girls.

How is the idea unique? (750 Characters)

Building a community based Information, communication and technology, immunization promotion structure in the district is unique because it brings together health workers, community stakeholders and service seekers together and tries to introduce a multi facet ways to immunization. The immunization calendar will act as a reminder to the caregivers and the service providers, while the commitment pledge card with educative positive messages towards immunization competence & care givers child protection plan developed with stakeholders, health providers, school children & VICs to enable real time information dissemination during community and normal routine immunization events.Thus having a complete immunization schedule for all the children.

Idea Proposal Stage (Select 1)

  • Prototype: We have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing the idea.

How many months are required for the project idea? (140 characters)

Phase I is ten (10) months to design and create demand by establishing, increasing and sustaining immunization target coverage in Busia.

Organization Name (less than 140 characters)

Youth Environment Service-YES Busia Uganda, Eastern Region

Type of Submitter

  • We are a registered NGO or Non-Profit Organization

Organizational Characteristics

  • Locally/community-led organization

Organization Location (less than 140 Characters)

The organisation is located in Busia District,Busia Uganda, plot 28,Egessa Wabudi Building,Off Luhaire Clinic, Majanji Rd, Western Division

What is the current scale of your organization’s work?

  • Community (working within one or a few local communities within a region)

Website URL facebook page youth environment service

Tell us more about your organization/company (1-2 sentences)

Youth Environment Service (YES) was founded in 2000, and registered as an NGO in 2003 in Uganda by a group of young volunteers with the objective to support African communities in the fields of environment, maternal health, women empowerment and education through community educational programs for young people and adults using a unique self-directed learning model that helps the community to identify, address and solve problems specific to their needs through football as a tool in the community.

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (750 characters)

Promoting partnerships and participation is key to our success, YES shall go further by increasing the participation of affected people in the decision-making and involvement in development process and to multiply the effectiveness of our assistance, works in partnership with others towards common objective especially children in schools, teenage mothers, young parents,and school institutions to create demand first. Development Agencies, bilateral donors, Civil society, the private sectors and others shall be identified to bring positive social out come on the ground. Partnerships allow selectivity and increased effectiveness based on the comparative advantages and relative strengths of partners.Cooperative framework will be developed.

How many people are on your team?


Tell us more about you and your team

The technical advisory analytical team comprise of 4 organizational staffs, 1 health Technical advisor attached to the Health Department at YES from peace corps, The District Health educator and the District Health inspectors, The District Education office, Collaborators from New York University (students and faculty) and the VICs champions.

Overview of How Your Concept Has Evolved (5-6 sentences):

We developed questionnaires and share, redefined and gathered feedback from the project constituencies that enable us to create two brochures booklets for our VICs, a pledge card and the training manual including draft mobilization strategy which can empower them to inform caregivers about the benefits of immunization and care givers commitment to save their children. The webinar helped our team enhance our critical thinking capability beyond the confine of our means to end users and the relationships between the needs, health, information and income capacity in designing and developing prototype.

Viability (3-4 sentences and activity upload): Within the business model canvas, we developed set of activities, that are viable the cost out lay is low if supportive coordination structure is enhanced like the VICs mobilized, trained and strengthen, community support mobilizers identified, the institutions which are supportive like the schools and churches that can communicate effectively the benefits and the possible side-effects of vaccines to caregivers.

Feasibility (3-4 sentences):

The caregivers and VIC preferred a pictorial training model with little text and the names of the diseases in the local language instead of English. The pledge cards motivates the parents to to remember their commitment towards their child immunization and its re-enforced during immunization time. During the prototyping stage we tested the pledge cards, training program for village immunization counselors, and community mobilization and coordination strategies with the VICs and project staffs.

Community Focus (2-3 sentences):

In regards from the field interact with several key end users our constituencies, care givers will take ownership of the immunization roles when given to recite and understand the immunization pledge. These efforts will also help reduce on missed immunization appointments; and lastly the VICs will be in close connection with the care givers through different channels of communication and mobilization in their communities.

Community Impact (2-3 sentences):

There are three overarching impacts envisioned in implementing this idea 1. Improved health and autonomous role by care givers in child immunization at individual, household and institutional level. 2. Trust based service relationship will be built among the care givers backed by education, information about immunization(benefits, effects and location of service points) 3. The capacity of the VICs will be built using the training manual developed, local structures established for coordination and mobilization.
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YES-training module for Ongatai.pdf

" The brochure booklet will empower Village Immunization Counsellors to communicate effectively the benefits and the possible side-effects of vaccines to caregivers. By conducting user-testing, we found that caregivers and VIC preferred a pictorial training model with little text and the names of the diseases in the local language instead of English."


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Hi Ochola, it is always easier to work with young individuals. I hope that you can find ways to keep them interested and committed. I can imagine that they can meet in a certain place like a community youth club and in there there will be activities that are interesting to young people. This can be a positive social venue where they can interconnect with a common goal in mind. I have been running a community art club for 20 years and I guess you can keep them interested in arts and crafts too while waiting for the lecture to start. The young are easily bored and they might not stay long if there are only lectures and seminars. If you can make a survey on what their age bracket are interested in , you will find more loyal volunteers. The key is happiness, if they are happy, they will keep on coming back. Many will eventually lose the interest but there will always be new ones to take over.
Congratulations and good luck!

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