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Mass self-service immunisation with auditing and profiling services in a single package

An innovative self service delivery system with biometric auditing and blood capture supported by a management package and no theft value.

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Describe what you intend to do and how you'll do it in one sentence (required 250 Characters)

We will produce a single dose capsule designed to deliver suitable immunisations by self service under unskilled supervisor control, targeted at large groups of people in villages and schools. It will be supported by a management kit.

Explain the idea (less than 2,000 characters)

The challenge we are addressing is the large scale immunisation of poor villages and schools by unskilled local people using fool proof self service applicators. The process can be encapsulated in the following steps - Identify (suitable groups of people) - Survey (by local representatives who are paid on quality of reporting) - Prepare (End out preparation kits with information and book dates) - Ship (Send full kit with dummy doses then real large scale kits) - Immunise (Run the immunisation in large halls with self or assisted service) - Return (Collect the used applicators in the original boxes) - Reward (The local reps in stages for quality) The target audience will be any group of children in particular who cannot get immunisations easily due to the logistical problems of not enough people to administer the doses in high enough volumes to push take up. Adults can use it as well. The core pillars of the solution are 1) Simple, low technology, robust yet innovative self service immunisation dose applicator 2) the use of tough technology to make the system workable in hostile environments 2) Inclusion of bio-metric capture to identify the recipient and the person giving the dose. 3) the capture of bloods from the injection to feedback the state of the population. 4) Zero resale value by the inclusion of some activation features in the boxes sent based on GPS location to open and unlock stores under remote control from HQ. The system will be a multi-phase system that will use 1) Local agents to identify villages and schools in their location 2) A staggered and tiered remuneration system that only pays out on proven success over time. 3) The use of high technology mobile phones with declared and proven zero value to outside the process and with discrete tracking to identify theft. 4) A tested and proven process that will ensure that each village has the maximum chance of success and that failures are built into the process as it scales

Which part(s) of the world does this idea target?

  • North Africa
  • Eastern Africa
  • Middle Africa
  • Southern Africa
  • Western Africa
  • Caribbean
  • Central America
  • South America
  • South-eastern Asia
  • Southern Asia
  • Western Asia

Geographic Focus (less than 250 Characters)

Anywhere where their is a matched need and ideally a mobile network although satellite could be used for comms.

Who are your end users and how well do you know them? (750 characters)

I do not know them. This is a concept based on an obvious need.

How is the idea unique? (750 Characters)

It seems no one else is doing it as skilled people are needed to apply it. Also corruption means that kits need to be of little use to people who want to steal and resell them. Local representatives need to be rewarded over time for proven success of campaigns.

Idea Proposal Stage (Select 1)

  • Blueprint: We are exploring the idea and gathering the inspiration and information we need to test it with real users.

How many months are required for the project idea? (140 characters)

2 years to get the process working and a suitable applicator created.

Organization Name (less than 140 characters)

H Family

Type of Submitter

  • We are not yet a registered organization but looking for collaborative partners

Organizational Characteristics

  • Female-led organization
  • We are a family with ideas to help.

Organization Location (less than 140 Characters)

London UK

What is the current scale of your organization’s work?

  • Community (working within one or a few local communities within a region)

Tell us more about your organization/company (1-2 sentences)

We are just a family of four with thoughts on how to make immunisation take up increase dramatically with self service.

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (750 characters)

To be confirmed

How many people are on your team?


Tell us more about you and your team

We are a family with technology, science, health service and animal interests.


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Photo of Manisha Laroia

Hey Robert Hurst 
Thank you for sharing your idea in the challenge.
I really appreciate the decentralized approach you have taken to enable parents to vaccinate the child.
I was curious to know more about how safe would it be for caregivers or parents to self-vaccinate the child.
Would they be scared or overdose?
Would there be a requirement for a healthcare supervisor?
It will be interesting to know how users feel about it if you have talked to them, please do share.

We would encourage you to also look at our other vaccine challenge and share your innovation there also. It would make a good fit.
Please have a look:

Photo of Robert Hurst

Thank you for taking the time to review our ideas. You are correct that there would be concerns in a number of areas, but the key has to be ability to achieve a high number of people being vaccinated with a minimal supervision. It is our opinion that the only service that makes sense when you scale is self-service. Even automation requires unrealistic amounts of equipment that cannot be transported to remote locations. We believe that all processes are iterative and you learn from smaller groups until you have the volume to justify your confidence in large scale rollout. The key is always refinement of the process, foolproof procedures and minimising the contact points with the equipment you are using. Given that self service is cheap, you can even send out an equal number of saline type doses in advance and then have people run them and test the success rate on the results, that can be measured locally. What our system does have is that it does not look intimidating, it captures biometric information of the caregiver and the recipient (who should be the same in most cases) and it provides a wealth of information in the identification of both people and through the bloods possible localised health issues. Given that we had only an hour to submit our idea before the original deadline the quality of our drawing leaves a lot of be desired, but we feel that if nothing more it may inspire more discussion as we are ideas people. Like any service, we believe that this idea needs to find the immunisations that would suit it's format, but from what we can see no one has currently come up with the key ingredients of 1) High tech management 2) robust and unthreatening low tech delivery 3) biometric capture and 4) large scale self service.

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