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Faithcination is a program that tackles the issues of trust in and access to vaccination services.

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Faithcination is a program that tackles the problems of trust in and access to vaccination services by building upon existing structures and beliefs of caregivers in Busia, Uganda. We will work with local church leaders and health professionals.

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We curate the idea centered around churches because our findings indicate a significant proportion of our users attend church regularly with their families. From our interviews with the local residents, we found that vaccinations or child-related health issues are usually the mothers’ responsibility. We decided to engage the entire family, including fathers, in the vaccination process. We want to engage church leaders given the strong influence of faith in families’ lives and the trust they’ve developed in the community. Churches are the ideal space for vaccination clinics because families may also be influenced to vaccinate their children if they see their peers participating in the process. Since attending church is already an established part of a family’s routine, we can smoothly integrate vaccination into their process. Detailed Procedures: 1. Convince local church leaders to become advocates for vaccinations by: 1)presenting health-related data; 2)showcasing the effects and benefits of vaccinations; 3)convincing church leaders that they should take responsibility to ensure and enhance the health situations among local residents, especially newborns. 2. Marketing campaign: 1)ask the church leaders to advocate for the importance and benefits of getting free onsite vaccinations; 2)utilize the influence of radio in families’ routines to promote vaccinations. 3. Set up regular vaccination clinics at churches to help families receive a pleasant vaccination experience: 1)set up either inside the churches or have vaccination trucks outside the churches; 2)prioritize and order vaccination queues based on age 3)provide entertainment for children and families while they wait (ie: games, movies) 4)provide light food and beverages; 5)give children a toy or other distraction to focus on while receiving a vaccination; 6)provide positive reinforcement and praise for participated families; 7)prepare a public calendar at the church to track vaccinations.

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  • Eastern Africa

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We focus on Busia, Uganda.

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We see in community and spiritual leaders the key to change mindsets. People believe more in their word because they trust their tradition and experience. Reaching out to leaders to properly debrief them regarding the myths and benefits of vaccination, how useful it is for the family economy, and how important it is to keep a healthy community, are some of the factors to motivate leaders to spend some time speaking about vaccination during their conversations with the community. Personal experience is a mindset shifter when people have the opportunity to ask others like them about vaccination; what went wrong, what are their fears and how can they overcome them. We want to leverage the user’s behavior based on their rooted traditions.

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Faithcination is unique because the exercise relies on good community relationship created through church leadership. Church leaders are relied on to influence the community about vaccination, which is not common for most vaccination campaigns. We use tactics of convincing local church leaders to advocate for vaccination and advertising the program via radio to make as many people know Faithcination. The vaccination experience we created for both parents and children is very pleasant.

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New York University

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Photo of Vincent Cao

Hi Xinyu,

I think your team has a great idea. I like that with this proposal it not only makes vaccination incredibly accessible but also took into consideration a channel that is likely to make families more accepting of the idea of vaccination. I also enjoyed reading about the detailed plans from promoting the campaign to the implementation of it. The only question I have is what’s the team plan in a scenario where the church leader is against vaccination even after you have tried to educate him or her about the benefits. Does the team just then not have vaccination at that church? Or is there an alternative?

I wish the team the best of luck, and I look forward to seeing the development of this idea!

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