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Suicide prevention of farmers!

We will contribute in survey of farmers living under debt and have already committed suicides.

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In 2012, the National Crime Records Bureau of India reported 13,754 suicides during the year - most of these suicides occurred in Maharashtra (including those in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra). A recent BBC news report recorded 300,000 overall suicides of farmers during the last 2 decades. India is an agrarian country with 60% of its people depending upon agriculture. Farmer suicides account for 11.2% of all suicides in India. The most frequent cause of Indian farmers’ suicides is that they lose hope after they have had to take out loans during seasons of low rainfall and then find themselves unable to repay these debts. According to the National Crime Records Bureau data for 2016, 11,400 farmers committed suicides. Yavatmal District of Maharashtra is known as suicide capital of India. There is drought in the district due to lack of rainfall. Majority of the farmers are marginal land holding farmers and they totally depend on the rain water. Planning interventions for the root cause of suicides is very important. There are 2 main reasons 1. complete dependence on the farming. 2. Lack of water management Providing them with alternative means of livelihood will help the farmers and water harvesting programs would ensure enough water for agriculture and for drinking too. Farmers heart is with farming only and hence it is very important that they are also provided with required irrigation facilities and advanced equipment for farming. The farming community is mostly situated in the villages and hence their children do not get quality education. Many of them are school drop outs. Providing them with skill education would certainly help the family. Wives of farmers who have committed suicides face major challenge after their husbands passes away. It is important to counsel them, provide them with skills and help them with alternative means of livelihood. Water harvesting programs can address the serious issue of water scarcity.

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Our beneficiaries are farmers of Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra, their children and their wives. They would be saved from committing suicides as they would have alternative livelihood. The farming community is the most exploited community due to several reasons so it is very important to stand with them and create a support system for them. Helping farmers will not only help that family only but it would contribute in the development of economy as India is an agrarian country.

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This is an unique idea because it involves saving lives who are dying due to hopelessness. It not only involves saving farmers but also contributing to towards development of economy in India. This idea speaks about the major population of India and deals with the most difficult issue. This will result in transformation of lives, families and nation. It would also ensure sustainability and result in green revolution in the villages due to availability of adequate water.

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Udhhar Multipurpose Society is a registered social organization, started in 2009 and formally registered in 2010 under Societies Act with a vision to bring Transformation among different unreached people groups with sustainability. Our core values are • Integrity • Dignity • Excellence • Accountability We are working on suicide prevention of farmers, health and education. Our website is

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  • 7+ years

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  • Yes, we are a registered non-profit.

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Farmers are our neighbors and we believe in 'love thy neighbor' concept however we never used to consider them as our neighbors. We live in a city and they live in villages. We used to hear and read about farmers' suicides but never attended them in their distress. A family from Delhi inquired about them and asked us if they could help. We felt so embarrassed that though we are close, we never had that burden. That was the point of motivation for us.

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Farmers' suicide is reality and evident through data. Our idea/topic is very must influenced by their crisis. Our idea is also addressing the serious issue of water scarcity. Digging bore wells results in soil erosion so it is not a solution. It is like addressing the symptoms. We are talking about water harvesting initiatives which will ensure water storage and water level to increase. Water will not be wasted by will be recycled, stored and reused.

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (1,000 characters)

Village administration would be the partner. It is not possible to work in the villages without them. They share data with you, they give land for water harvesting and also encourage farmers to participate. We can think of partnering with agriculture experts. It could be individuals or institutions. It would help us bringing the farmers out from their conventional model of farming and experiment new crops.

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Community has good volunteers who would be a great help. The community is open to unlearn and learn. Number of children is significant which can be transformed from early age.

Geographic Focus

Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state of India. Our focus is Yavatmal district.

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It would take 30 months and 6 months for impact assessment.

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Good day Vaibhav,

Please have a look at the updated India page of our project website.

Also, have you sent the additional material to Deepshikha so we can closer align the efforts?

Can you send some additional photos and supplemental material (different than what you posted on OpenIDEO or on your webpage- perhaps recent activities you are doing) we can use to help support your efforts?

Also, do you have WhatsApp? If yes, please send me your number.

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Hello Russell, I have been constantly traveling to speak on different forums. I have come back now. I will try to send the required information to Deepshikha. I have uninstalled WhatsApp as it was consuming my time a lot. I have posted our recent activities on our website. I will send more based on our future initiatives.

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