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Student to student sponsorship.

It is a youth led mentorship and scholarship program that aims at promoting peace by providing quality education to bright needy students.

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Student to student program is a program tailor made for the youth.It is founded by youth and is meant for students.It entails mentorship programs,career guidance and bursaries.The youth in my country make up 65% of the population yet the same youth are highly unemployed. This is backed up by a report released by world bank that shows the country leads with 17.3% unemployment.This allows the youth to be idle hence used as tools of evil and negative incitements especially during elections where they are used to perpetrate hate and negativity.In 2007 Post election violence,youth were the main actors in the execution of the violence taking up 54% of the responsibility. The violence especially was catalyzed by the many ethnic groups as Kenya is known to have 44 different ethnic communities. Youth generally suffer identity crisis and lack of being acknowledged as responsible people.The somali community,our main area of focus are assumed to be terrorist due to the large number of Muslim followers.Most of the radical groups who carry out the heinous attacks(alshababs)are often somalis of the muslim faith.We therefore thought the best way to promote peace and harmony was to bring the youth together to take part in community participation and solving the sustainable goals.Of greater emphasis and attention to us are the youth from Northern Kenya who are highly radicalized and often drop out of school due to lack of motivation and poverty. S2S therefore absorbs this youth and gives them a chance to transform the life of a student by mentoring and paying their school fees. S2S also promotes culture and has an excellent level of interaction as the mentors and members are drawn from all walks of the country's 47 counties.The girl child is highly marginalized and are victims of gender based violence.The somali community has a closed culture and backward beliefs like girls are not meant to school.We therefor rescue such vulnerable victims through S2S and fight for their rights.

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

The beneficiaries of our student bursaries are girls from Northeastern,focus on Garissa County Kenya,an area that is marginalized and has experienced many attacks,the most recent being the Garissa University attack. The target group are high school students of age 13-18 years. They are supported until they clear their academics and also benefit from the mentorship program. The youth of age 18-35 years also benefit as we instill a sense of philanthropy in them.We allow the youth to take part in community projects by volunteering and working with us.Each is assigned a student whom they are responsible for and double up as their academic parents.This allows that young person to act and behave responsibly as he/she is a role model to a young student and have a constructive way to use their energy..We have so far mentored over 2000 youths/students and have supported two girls in bursaries with 15 more slots in the incoming 2019 form one..We have 30 trained volunteers and 30 Ambassadors.

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We believe that we are the voice of change because we are working closely with the youth.In my country,65% of the population are youth and youth are the driving forces.Also,we are changing the mindset of the people and we are showing them the beauty of teamwork because once we join hands as a community,we achieve more without necessarily relying on aid all the time or waiting for international agencies to provide basic amenities like school and and access to quality education. We are building a spirit of philanthropy among the upcoming generation.We as youth are using creative and sustainable measures to impact the community hence shaping and training the youth to be useful in the society and giving them a chance in community participation and policy formations.

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The Kesho Alliance is a youth led initiative that works to support girls,women and youth in marginalized communities access quality education and empoweremnt .Since its inception in 2015,we advocate for quality education, especially for the girl child in Garissa county.We achieve this through holding youth forums and peace dialogues,CVE programs, mentorship and scholarship programs,distribution of sanitary pads,women empowerment programs and conducting surveys.

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  • 3-5 years

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  • Yes, we are a registered non-profit.

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Schools in northeastern Kenya are not well equipped, I was lucky enough to have scored well in my primary school and got selected to the top prestigious girl school in Kenya.It was here at high school that I noted the huge difference in the school systems in my hometown and the top national schools in the more developed areas in my country. Schools in nomadic/marginalized areas lack proper facilities due to insecurity and well equipped personnel leading to poor quality education.

Please explain how your selected topic areas are influenced, in the local context of your project (1,000 characters).

My initiative advocates for prosperity by promoting gender equality, quality education and youth.We advocate schools in northeastern kenya to provide quality education.Students lack mentors and proper guidance and therefor quit school,such youth end up unemployed and are easy targets for the radical groups.Lack of the well equipped schools also lead to poor performance.We also create equal opportunities for men and women through community empowerment programs,we work closely with the youth to address the issue on identity crisis.We advocate for peace by believing that youth are agents of change and not tools to be used by the radical people like the alshabab. My patriarchal society do not support girls education.Most girls are married at an early age,some are forced to undergo harmful cultural practices like FGM. We believe that by promoting peace and prosperity ,we can overcome social challenges and societal norms.

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (1,000 characters)

After we were recognized by Zuri awards early this year, we got several partners who took interest in our work.We signed a memorandum of understanding with Global Peace Foundation,an international organization that champions peace and education.We also have a one year membership with an organization called Femnet who fight for the rights of women in Kenya,they train us and guide us since we are all young men and women with the heart to transform a community. our biggest support comes from the youth representatives located around the country in different campuses.They liaise with the rest of the students on our behalf creating a larger network group. We also have support from our patners I.e Global Peace who have connected us to Google Kenya to carry out deralicalization programs and UN-Habibat on creating innovative and entrepreneurial hubs to reduce the rate of unemployment. We also work with the County government to empower women groups and carry out CVE to reduce radicalization.

Please share some of the top strengths identified in the community which your project will serve (500 characters)

the targeted communities have many ambitious youths but little support systems set up for them. there are plenty of bright but needy students where we aspire to bridge their education gaps. there is need for women empowerment in the many chauvinistic based communities around. The communities have seen first hand how education and creative youth mobilization in the other parts of the country have led to positive change and are willing to embrace the changes.

Geographic Focus

largely focused on the marginalized areas of Kenya in the Northeastern regions specifically Garissa

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Photo of stacey akoth

UMULKHEIR MOHAMED  i applaud this. your idea will have a great impact on both the youths and student. just how do you plan to manage the countrys large population of youths once they join your cause?


stacey akoth  thank you. we wouldnt have come this far without the support of our team. to answer your question, we've divided the youths according to regions and institutions (campuses). these groups of ten (max) are under representatives who are the ones who manage their groups, and act as a liaison between us and the youths. they take record of how much each member has contributed (for the sake of accountability) and help us deal with individual team challenges in an easier manner. new members also join via a link provided on our social platforms to ensure the records are well preserved and easier to be monitored.