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Sustainable Peace through Religious Amity and Youth Entrepreneurship Development in Sri Lanka (Youth4Peace Project)

Connecting 250 youth in Sri Lanka & 10 countries together with 25 ICT startup companies creating 200 websites for the 4 main religions

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Introduction to PASSAsia


1.1. Overview of the Firm


PASS Asia (PASS Research and Consultancy Private Limited, registration number is NPVS 24188) is a globally acknowledged Sri Lankan Research, Consultancy and Training Firm. We are one of the Most Innovative Consultancy Partners on Research Studies, Baseline and Benchmark Studies, Feasibility Assessments, Surveys, Market Studies, Participatory Assessments and Participatory Planning Exercises, Organizational Strategy, Enterprise Modeling, Entrepreneurship, Business Process Outsourcing, ICT, Intellectual Capital, Project Management and HRM. We partner with both business and development sectors to identify highest value opportunities, address their most critical challenges and transform those organizations and projects from Good to GREAT. We believe in building capacity through research, consulting and training to unleash Human Potential and community potential to develop Sri Lanka is one integral service. The firm originated in 1999, to meet the growing socio economic developmental needs and efforts of the country and was established by a group of multi-disciplinary (Economics, Business, Sociology, Community Development, Management, HR, Psychology, etc.) and multi-cultural (representing Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim Communities) academics and professionals. 

From the inception in 1999 we have provided consultancy services to design develop and execute studies, data collections, surveys and assessments for range of subject areas including community development and livelihood improvements. We have provided our services to World Bank funded projects, ADB funded projects, UNDP, ILO, UNIDO, WUSC, IOM, NCM Canada, NORAD, JICA, Caritas Sri Lanka, World Vision Lanka, CARE International, Search for Common Grounds, GTZ/GIZ, Government Ministries and Departments and many other international agencies. We have built rapport with national and international universities, social development institutions, and voluntary organizations in all 25 districts in Sri Lanka.

One of the most exclusive advantages with us is the multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural expertise with the ground experience and top-level education, professional qualification together with practical involvement. Our solutions and services are always creative and innovation and out of the box. Therefore, client will see the different with the used traditional services & solutions. Satisfaction, performances, results and the impact of our interventions are vital, remarkable and guaranteed.

The primary aim of PASS Asia is to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country with a vibrant and powerful private sector through permanent and peaceful solutions that enable a life with quality and equity to all citizens of the country.  PASSAsia is empowered to provide high quality, result oriented, professional services in SINHALA, TAMIL, and ENGLISH which is one of its core competencies.

Our Mission: Our Mission is to “is to create and innovate economically efficient, socially equitable and environmentally friendly management solutions with integrity, accountability and diversity”

 Our Vision: “Success Partner for the Simplest and the Most Effective Integrated Management Solutions”

 Our Quality Policy: Scientifically accurate, defects free, just in time creative and innovation solutions provision by a confident, competent, and Happiest multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team of experts to delight clients complying national and international standards

Moreover, we have received number of national and international awards for our accomplishments as company and as it key directors. The following shows only key such;

The Best Tamil Trainer in SIYB Sri Lanka

The Outstanding Young Person in Sri Lanka Award – Entrepreneurship

United States Sri Lanka Fulbright Scholarship

Fordham University Humanitarian Scholarship Winner

ICBP Winner, ICTA Agency of Sri Lanka

1.2. List of Clients 1999-2018

  • Agro Micro Finance
  • Art Sense Advertising (Pvt) Ltd
  • Artway Gallery of Sri Lanka
  • Association of the Disabled Women
  • Because Institute, JAPAN
  • Becrux Traders and Invest Limited, Cyprus
  • Canadian Red Cross Society
  • CARE - Community Network Project
  • CARE - Dry Zone Agriculture Development Project
  • CARE - PRIDE Project
  • CARE - Rehabilitation Assistance Project for Internally Displaced Persons (RAPID)
  • CARE - SECURE Project
  • Caritas Kurunegala
  • Caritas Kilinochchi
  • Caritas SED Galle
  • Caritas Sri Lanka (SEDEC)
  • Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  • Centre for Banking Studies, Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  • Centre for Handicapped, Kundasala, Kandy
  • Centre for peace building and reconciliation(cpbr)
  • Century Finance (Pvt) Ltd
  • Central Hospital Badulla
  • Chamber of Commerce - Chennai
  • Codesep, Deniyaya
  • Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (CHA)
  • Cooperative Societies in Sri Lanka (Agriculture, Fisheries, Fruits and Vegetables, MPCS etc. and over 20)
  • Department of Export Agriculture
  • Department of Official Languages
  • Disability Organizations Joint Front (DOJF)
  • Divisional Secretaries and District Secretaries
  • Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo
  • Farmer Organizations in Sri Lanka - over 50
  • Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL)
  • Finnish Red Cross
  • FORUT Colombo Office and Regional Projects
  • Galle District Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GDCC)
  • Government Dental Surgeons’ Association of Sri Lanka
  • GTZ ProMis Project
  • GTZ REVO Project
  • GTZ Tsunami Housing Support Project (thsp)
  • GTZ VTW Project
  • Habaraduwa Development Foundation
  • Helvetas Sri Lanka
  • HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Sri Lanka
  • ILO - Income Recovery Technical Assistance Project (IRTAP)
  • ILO - SIYB Project in Sri Lanka
  • ILO LEED Project (funded by AusAid)
  • ILO Regional Office, New Delhi
  • Industrial Development Board (IDB), Sri Lanka
  • International Organization for Migration (IOM), Sri Lanka
  • Investors- tourism project
  • IOM – RECLAIM Project
  • IOM – Registration Project
  • Jaffna Jaipur Centre for Disability Rehabilitation
  • JICA FORWARD Project
  • JICA JASCoT Project
  • JICA/Ministry of Economic Development
  • Kotte Municipal Council
  • Lakjaya Micro Finance (Pvt) Ltd
  • Local NGOs covering all 25 Districts of Sri Lanka
  • Madhara Service Centre, Galle
  • Mathugama Social Service Society
  • Members of Parliament of Sri Lanka
  • Merlin Sri Lanka
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Industrial Development
  • Ministry of Industries and Investment Promotion
  • Ministry of Industry and Commerce
  • Ministry of Trade and Commerce
  • Ministry of Women’s Affairs
  • Motivation UK
  • National Enterprise Development Authority (NEDA)
  • National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC)
  • National Democratic Institute (NDI), Sri Lanka
  • National Forum of People’s Organization
  • National Peace Council
  • National Planning Department of Sri Lanka
  • National Youth Services Council (NYSC), Sri Lanka
  • NAWAJEEWANA, Tangalle
  • NCA Lanka
  • NCM International, Canada
  • North Central Province Department of Agriculture
  • North East Department of Industries
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTTU) FONT Project
  • OMI Jaffna
  • Oxfam Sri Lanka
  • Parents Teachers Organization of the Mentally Handicapped, Kalutara District
  • People’s Bank Customer Club, Borella
  • People’s Bank, Borella Branch
  • Plantation Human Development Trust (PHDT)
  • Postgraduate Students - over 100
  • Private Commercial Agribusiness Companies
  • Private Computer Training Institutes
  • Professionals in different disciplines - over 1000
  • Provincial Departments of Education in 10 districts in Sri Lanka
  • Rajarata Participatory Development Foundation
  • Regional Development Banks of Sri Lanka
  • Royal Norwegian Embassy
  • Ruhunu Development Bank Head Office and Branch Offices
  • Rural Development Training & Research Institute (RDTRI), Ministry of Samurdhi Affairs
  • Samasevaya Talawa
  • SANASA Campus
  • SANASA Society, Hambanthota
  • SAREERAM Micro Finance Organization
  • Save the Children, UK
  • School Children - over 10000
  • SEEDO Sri Lanka
  • SHIA Sri Lanka
  • SHIA Sweden
  • Sinhala Tamil Rural Women’s Network
  • SIYB Sri Lanka Association
  • Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurs (SMEs) - over 5,000
  • Small Hoteliers Group in Poththuvil
  • Social Mobilization Foundation (SMF), Hambanthota
  • Southern Centre for the Disabled
  • Southern Computers (Pvt) Ltd
  • Southern Development Authority
  • Southern Province Rural Economic Advancement Project (SPREAP)
  • Spanish Red Cross
  • Spinal Injuries Association (SIA)
  • Sri Lanka Australia Natural Resource Management Project (SLANRMP)
  • Sri Lanka Central Federation of the Deaf (SLCFD)
  • Sri Lanka Federation of the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (SLFRD)
  • Sri Lanka Federation of the Visually Handicapped (SLFVH)
  • Sri Lanka Footwear Association (SLFA)
  • Sri Lanka Foundation Institute (SLFI)
  • Sri Lanka National Federation of the Visually Handicapped (SLNFVH)
  • Sri Lanka Red Cross Society - Colombo Branch
  • Sri Lanka Red Cross Society - Kurunegala Branch
  • Sri Lanka Red Cross Society - Nuwara Eliya Branch
  • Sri Lanka Red Cross Society - Ratnapura Branch
  • Sri Lanka Red Cross Society (SLRCS)
  • Sri Lanka Tourist Board (SLTB)
  • Suchith Mohotti Associates (Pvt) Limited
  • Swedish Cooperative Centre (SDC)
  • Swiss Contact Sri Lanka
  • Technology Company (ND), India
  • The Travel Foundation UK/Dikwella Lace Center
  • United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF)
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • United Nations Organization for Industrial Development (UNIDO)
  • University Students (national and international)
  • Valvuthayam Mannar
  • Viatnam Embassy of Sri Lanka
  • Visuvamadu Farmers Multi-Purpose Co-op Society Limited
  • Vocational Training Authority, Ampara District
  • Vocational Training Authority, Batticaloa District
  • Vocational Training Authority, North Western Province
  • Voice Area Federation
  • Volunteer Service Oversees (VSO) / STRENGTH Project
  • Western Province Constructors Association
  • Wilpota Kantha Ithurum Parisramaya
  • Wood and Wood-based Industry Association
  • World Bank funded Gemidiriya Project
  • World University Services, Canada (WUSC) - Plantation Communities Project (PCP)
  • World University Services, Canada (WUSC) - PRET Project
  • World Vision Sri Lanka
  • YMCA Batticaloa

1.3. Purpose and the Importance of this Concept Note

PASSAsia strongly believe that it is part of our responsibility to contribute to mobilize and empower youth to take part of the role of strengthening democracy and pay a vital role towards national integration for sustainable peace in Sri Lanka.

In this regard PASSAsia has the strength and the capacity to partner with other 2 leading organizations to innovate a novel project to attract youth for this important and strategies subject area as a business or a livelihood activity for them. The following are the benefits of this project concept;

  • Strengthening existing projects of government and NGOs with more youth participation
  • Be the first organization in Asia to obtain youth for national level democracy promotion and to work towards ethnic integration and religious amity together with the international youth volunteer participation as a network of global youth peace network
  • This is novel concept and there is no any similar project done in the world as per the online search
  • This will help to get attract donors for make more funding in the future for similar youth programmes in other countries and it will help to connect more youth towards sustainable peace in the world
  • Sri Lanka will be able to promote youth entrepreneurship and youth business development in a novel and innovative ways and means and this will help to reawakening youth volunteerism in Sri Lanka and in the region together with new era for youth entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka with business connections with the selected other countries.
  • Sri Lanka will get an ability and opportunity to make ready the mind of youth and their community towards to make the best decision in the upcoming Presidential election in 2020 in Sri Lanka towards to make sure to protect and continue democracy and the good governance of the country towards long term peace and reconciliation. However, this will not be a direct party-political play. But to strengthen national efforts of making people more conscious not to create opportunities and avenues for anyone to damage and destroy the mind of communication with extreme ideology and movements during the time of the elections.
  • In longer run this will help to enhance the role of youth to promote and bring a lasting political solution to Sri Lanka with on democratic grounds as Sri Lanka as One Nation with the “Sri Lankan” by truly accepting and appreciation “Ethnic and Religious Diversity is the Strength for n Development of the Country”. 
  • This will ensure the sustainability of the involvement of youth in socio, economic and political development of Sri Lanka as a global model and demonstration.
  • In future this can add as an income generation vocational training course for youth and women.

Concept in Brief

2.1. Strategic Direction of the Project

Dream of this effort is by 2020 a team of 200 youth activists together with strong network of 100,000 youth movement is active to promote democracy and appear to promote reconciliation and religious amity in Sri Lanka and in selected countries aligning with Sri Lanka long term vision of V2025 (Office of Prime Minister, Government of Sri Lanka, 2018) and the direction of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by year 2030 (United Nations, 2018).

Mission of this project is to set up and manage a team of youth as self-employers by improving their job and the business oriented selected ICT skills as a on the job vocational training as a part of the business creation programme where the end results will be the committed youth in Sri Lanka and in the rest of the countries towards democracy, national integration and religious amity.

Key Deliverables

  • 200 Sri Lanka Youth web developers are in active as self-employers and skilled youth covering 25 districts
  • Minimum of 50 international youth volunteers who can virtually associate with the above youth web developers as 2 for a district in Sri Lanka.
  • 200 religious websites in Sri Lanka are well maintained to promote religious amity together with more spiritual development for youth and in general for the entire society
  • 10,000 core group of youth are active with 100 religious blog sites and they will get involve with the promotion of positive and peaceful ideas, practices, examples on their villages towards national integration and religious amity and in general role of youth towards the development of Sri Lankan identity
  • Minimum of 100000 youth are active to bring any message at any time on democracy and religious and ethnic relations and reconciliation in Sri Lanka through the network of inter connected 200 web and blog sites and subsequent social media platforms.

2.2. Approach and the Methodology

The table below present summary details of the proposed approach and the methodology to produce deliverables;

Proposed Activities
Time Factor

Discuss on the concept and agree on it and PASSAsia submit the final proposal with budget
Oct 2018

Set up a joint committee with all stakeholders to monitor the progress of the project
Oct 2018

Advertise through national and regional media (in Sinhala, Tamil and in English languages) and network to recruit youth volunteers to train and develop as self-employers on web and blog development using WordPress
Nov 2018

Recruit and contract 200 youth (in each district 8 as 4 males and 4 females and representing 2 Buddhists, 2 Hindus, 2 Catholics and 2 Islamic)
Dec 2018

Commence WordPress web and blog development vocational course for those 200 youth (select 2 Buddhist temples, 2 Hindu Kovils, 2 Catholic Church and 2 Mosques to develop websites in each district under the patronage of the respective religious leaders of the selected religious places in each district)
Jan 2019

Complete the completion of 200 religious websites interconnect with other religions as a partial fulfillment of the Certified Web Developer Course and certify web developers and franchise with PASSAsia to run this a business in the future
March 2019

National level workshop to graduate and announce Certified and Franchised Web Developers to develop a market for them from other religious institutions in Sri Lanka and from the rest of the world
Sep 2019

Design and develop a Mobile Application “Youth for Religious Amity in Sri Lanka” and connect 200 websites and social media and blogging together as a network
Sep 2019

Trained 200 youth web developers are getting web site development business from other religious institutions in Sri Lanka and from other countries and economically empower them with the establishment of 25 district level franchise companies (owned to 70% to the youth, 30% PASSAsia) with the support of the government budget allocations for new ICT start ups
Oct 2019

Those 200 website developers and managers implement a project to register youth and share good practices on inter religious and inter-ethnic relations in their villagers using 200 blog and websites and through a single Mobile Application and make sure the initial 10,000 membership
Jan 2020

Implement the final mission of recruiting One Million Youth in to their 200 websites, blog sites through Mobile Application and social media videos and sharing best practices of their village youth activities, youth employments, youth ideas, towards inter-religious and inter-ethnic relations towards to promote democracy and the good government in the country
April 2020

Youth movement is moving the country towards to make the correct and the accurate choice towards Sri Lankan identify with national integration and religious amity in Sri Lanka as a model country in the world
Oct 2020

25 District level companies are functioning with minimum of 600 web sites in Sri Lanka and 25 websites developed and managed for other countries.

Within year 2020

2.3. Operational Modality of the Project

  • Another novel project of Sri Lanka with other two organizations in Sri Lanka
  • Appoint a project director for this project and communicate internally and externally the importance of the project
  • Sign contracts (as the technical service provider) for this project for the following aspects;
  • Role of PASSAsia as a Service Provider
  • Develop the concept and develop project proposal
  • Design, develop and facilitate Certified Web Developer on the Job training
  • Register domains for web sites and provide cloud platform for web and blog sites
  • Responsible for the quality of vocational training and responsible for the skills development for the youth
  • Responsible for registering 25 new youth ICT companies on each district and franchise those as a profitable business with PASSAsia and other possible national and international organizations
  • Monitor, supervise, mentor and coach of the selected youth trainees as entrepreneurs
  • Connect international youth volunteers for this project
  • Contribute this project as internal projects by all stakeholders
  • Recruit required youth for this project from all districts
  • Coordinate the certified web developer vocational training course with required physical facilities
  • Make required and agreed payments for PASSAsia to obtain their ICT infrastructure and vocational training service
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress of PASSAsia
  • Facilitate government support to establish 25 ICT start up companies for those interested youth as per their wish and commitment

All workshops and promotional events and all to be organized. 

Why this IDEA Exclusive

PASSAsia as one of the most innovative multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural resource group will be able to be the best technical facilitation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of the project. It is for sure that PASSAsia and me as the Chairman, Managing Director and the Chief Consultant will bring an absolutely un matched certified web developer competencies, entrepreneurial spirit, passion and the accountability to produce agreed results and impact from the proposed project. The list below shows some of the key features;

  • As a rural poor I have moved to this level and has demonstrated how a rural youth can be a model and a demonstration to the country and the world with the Sri Lankan identity.
  • I have demonstrated what is entrepreneurship and how to run a business successfully by making over 250 employments, millions of governments tax and 100 of innovations to lead the business.
  • I am the only Sri Lanka youth who has won both the Outstanding Young Person of Sri Lanka (TOYP) from JCI and United States - Sri Lanka Fulbright Scholarship from US Department of State
  • A member of jury of IPM Sri Lanka to select the HR professional of the year
  • A member of International Small Business Conference to review and selected Conference papers
  • A renowned Speaker for the first Word Press Word Camp in Sri Lanka to promote V2025 and SDGs using open source applications
  • A diversified range of academic accomplishments within short period of time including PhD Candidate, MBA-MOT, PG Diploma in Economic Development, PG Diploma in Strategic and Corporate Finance, Dip in Mass Communication, B.Sc. Agriculture majored in Economics etc.
  • Certified a range of training products including ILO SIYB, GIZ CEFE, IRCA ISO, WBI MF TOT etc.
  • Keep all stories aside. I have earned millions of incomes as a self-learner web developer and some of the few sites I have developed are listed below;

Key References

Caritas Sri Lanka SEDEC. (2018). Principles, Focus and Priorities. Retrieved from

MInistry of National Integration and Reconciliation. (2018). National Policy on Reconciliation and Co-existance. Retrieved from

Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation. (2018). Reconciliation Action Plan. Retrieved from

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Office of Prime Minister, Government of Sri Lanka. (2018). V2025. Retrieved from

PASSAsia. (2018). Resaerch, Consultancy and Training Firm. Retrieved from

The Ministry of National Coexistence, Dialogue and Official Languages. (2018). People of Sri Lanka. Retrieved from

The Ministry of National Coexistence,Dialogue and Official Languages. (2018). Official Languages Policy. Retrieved from

United Nations. (2018). SDG Agenda for 2030. Retrieved from

Explain your project idea (2,000 characters)

As Sri Lankans we have had many bad experiences related to religious and ethnic conflicts throughout the past years. As observed we do find that this is not a problem solely in Sri Lanka but a problem that has spread worldwide. It is true that we see youth involvement in both positive and negative streams but mainly when it comes to religious tension we see the destructive side more often. The recent religious conflict in Sri Lanka (2018) showed us clearly that the role played by the youth was rather a negative and dangerous impact on the society. This project will definitely challenge this experience and connect and network youth as ICT startup entrepreneurs. In this regard 200 youth will be selected (8 per district from 25 districts), trained and certified as web developers through a 6 month on the job vocational training course. This group of 200 youth will consist 50 Buddhists, 50 Hindus, 50 Muslims and 50 Catholics (50% girls). Each youth must select a religious institution in his/her village and then develop a web and blog site using WordPress for the religious place while maintaining inter-connections with other religious websites at the same time. Within 18 months’ time the 200 websites will be connected with a minimum of 100,000 youth as followers of those interreligious and inter-ethnic websites. 50 Youth from the selected 10 countries will be linked with the 200 youth and in each district one ICT company will be registered to offer web development services. So, 25 ICT startup companies will connect with those 50 international youth and work towards getting web site development projects from other countries. PASSAsia will franchise them to get more business. Within few years the 25 companies will be able to develop websites for all the religion institutions linking together. So the youth will earn while they are contributing inter-religious relations. Religious and ethnic sensitive website assessment criteria will be developed, validated and adopted.

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

1. Our direct and primary beneficiaries will be 200 Sri Lankan youth with a proportion of 50% girls and an equal composition of Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians will be trained to become certified web developers. Those youth will economically empower 2. 50 international youth volunteers selected through one INGO from 10 other countries as youth peace volunteers and ICT startup contributors with high scalability to the rest of the word 3. 25 new ICT startup companies will be providing religious website development 4. 100,000 direct users of those websites and one million peace lovers who will take positive action for situation to promote religious amity in Sri Lanka or in any other part of the world with the help of the connected 200 websites 5. In general, all Sri Lankans as multicultural and a multi-religious community will get an excellent opportunity learn on other religions and practices 6.The entire world will get the benefits. Scalability is the entire world

How is your idea unique? (1,000 characters)

Though government organizations, NGO and other private organizations are contributing to promote peace, it is evident that in Sri Lanka the participation of youth is not enough, and the use of ICT applications is also not sufficient to promote interreligious and inter-ethnic relations. Most of the project outcomes are not sustainable and after the project. Therefore, PASSAsia will challenge this burning issue and this project will make use of the ICT startups. Project outcomes of youth business and youth livelihood will be their main source of income or as part time source of income. In this regard WordPress will be the open source website builder and a Mobile Application will be used. We are not only believing but also have proven that we can do this. We proposed to partner with one key government youth organization, one leading INGO work in Sri Lanka and interested international organizations. Proposed religious and ethnic sensitive website assessment is first time in the world.

Idea Proposal Stage (choose one)

  • Prototype: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing the idea.

Tell us more about your organization/company (1 sentence and website URL)

PASS Asis is one of the most innovative multidisciplinary and multi-cultural consultancy service providers with 20 years of work experience in Sri Lanka. We have connected with youth and religious amity related aspects with organizations like Caritas Sri Lanka, World Vision and UNDP. Our network of relations is strong and wide enough to execute this project with other strategic partners.

Expertise in sector

  • 7+ years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered company.

In 3-4 sentences, tell us the inspiration or story that encouraged you to start this project.

This is a part of my aspirations in life. As a challenge to the society I got married with a Tamil at the time of the tensions in Sri Lanka. We demonstrate how to respect other religions and cultures in our team. Through the experience we gained from the project evaluations conducted by Caritas and UNDP and the recent religious tension in Sri Lanka we were able to identify the burning need of the involvement of the youth towards building religious amity. And thus, paving the way to peace.

Please explain how your selected topic areas are influenced, in the local context of your project (1,000 characters).

1. In Sri Lanka we have experienced over 30 years of internal conflicts .and peace and prosperity of the entire country with a special reference to Northern, Eastern and the most remote districts in Sri Lanka were influenced by ethnic and religious conflicts. Some of the root causes were miscommunications and misunderstandings on other religions and cultures 2. Peace, prosperity and entire Sri Lanka was seriously influenced by restless youth and lack of economic opportunities for them due to inequitable opportunities in all parts of the country. This was among and in between ethnicities. 3. Even recently peace and prosperity were influenced in Sri Lanka by religious conflicts created by extremist groups. The overall result was human deaths, physical property losses and broken minds of the community on each other. Specially in this regard the involvement of youth was higher which brought forward negative results.

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (1,000 characters)

We are successful in our discussions with strategic collaborating partners. One is the leading government organization which works on youth development. This organization will provide all district level youth access and training center facilities and the valid certification for the proposed Web Development 6 months vocational training. And one partner a religious based charity will coordinate the religious community and religious institutions for this project together with 50 international youth from 10 other countries. Bangladesh based CodexCorder ( PASS Asia lead the project with WordPress web development training, mobile application development and youth entrepreneurship interventions. PASSAsia has identified very important strategic partners such as International Center for Religious Diplomacy in USA ( to initiate a partnership. PASSAsia invites potential partners to join us to implement this. International partners connect through IDEO

Please share some of the top strengths identified in the community which your project will serve (500 characters)

1. Educated youth in all the districts in Sri Lanka 2. Most of the youth in Sri Lanka are well versatile with the use of IT and mobile devices and the internet 3. Government, INGOs, NGOs and all community level organizations want to mobilize youth, so everyone will support this kind of project 4. Availability of district level community networks to access and coordinate youth 5. Availability of training facilities in each district 6. Favorable government policy and support for religious am

Geographic Focus

Implementation in Sri Lanka and 10 other countries but impact is open for the entire world

How many months are required for the project idea? (500 characters)

Total of 24 months 1. Entire pre project arrangements including training module development and arranging training facilities to be done within 6 months 2. Web development training and religious and ethnic sensitization education to be done within another 6 months 3. Set up ICT startups and Development of 200 religious websites to be done by within another 6 months 4. Attracting other youth and sensitizing them also on religious amity as a day to day practice to be done within 6 months.

Did you submit this idea to our 2017 BridgeBuilder Challenge? (Y/N)

  • No
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Team (7)

James's profile
James Patton

Role added on team:

"Hi James, with your comment only I came to know about your organization. It is for sure that we can work together with this novel project. I really love to build a partnership with you and your organization in this regard. Let us partner for this universally important project. Specially in terms of inter-religious teaching and learning we have to do a through research. Best Regards Samantha"

Samantha's profile
Alexandra's profile
Alexandra Alden

Role added on team:

"Hi Alexandra, I would like to invite you to partner with this idea as a expert in social entrepreneurship. I am sure that we can further develop and share this idea with your contribution. I am waiting your confirmation to be a team member for this project idea. Best Regards Samantha"

Mujahed's profile
Mujahed Mukhtar

Role added on team:

"As per our discussion you are a member from AFghanistan for this project and details we will discuss in due course with the finalization of the partnership"

Codex's profile
Codex Coder

Role added on team:

"Codex Coder is Bangladesh based one of the world best WordPress theme development company. They have agreed to be a partner with PASSAsia for this project by customizing their WordPress religious website theme together with any other code requirements. Further they will connect a team of youth for this project from Bangladesh. All these things happen with this lovely tool - IDEO in this platform."

Svetla's profile

Role added on team:

"Thanks for being a team member to link youth from your country and to link with the online university for this project. Let us work together to serve the world with peace and prosperity"

Shikha's profile
Shikha Dixit

Role added on team:

"Thank you for your interest to join with our team. Yes you can become a coordinator for connecting international youth for this project and work together to implement this project. Let us discuss more details with the time. Best Regards Samantha"

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Attachments (2)

Religious Amity PASSAsia Idea 2018.pdf

This visualization presentation was developed as a response for the comments as well as IDEO team tips and guidelines. We believe that this presentation document will provide more insights on our empathy on the burning social need, innovative solution and its model, implementation, prototype, partners and the expected impact

Youth4Peace-Religious Amity & Entrepreneurship.pdf

This is our initial project proposal. We have included detail analysis of the problem, its burning and critical nature and the timely importance of this need with our solution and the capacity of PASSAsia with its transparency and credibility working with world's largest organizations such as UNDP, ILO, IOM, JICA, World Vision, Caritas, and UNIDO.


Join the conversation:

Photo of James Patton

Samantha Pathirathna 
Thanks for sharing your idea! How will you advertise or drive traffic to the new websites? For those religious communities that aren't currently operating online, it seems to be a major challenge to make a new website known to the larger community. Also, how do you see these online connections manifesting at the local level?

Photo of Samantha Pathirathna

Dear James,
Thank you so much for your important thoughts. Accordingly to Sri Lankan culture and our experience when we publish details related to the specific community there is a tendency to view those. Now a days the use of smart phones is very popular here. Since this is bottom to top approach traffic is not a matter at all. Technically in our training for youth search engine submissions and other SEO tools to be added. Even religious community they are using mobile devices and they are using social media. This is a matter of getting their attention to identical website belongs to them and the community moderated by a community youth. In Sri Lanka all island mobile internet connections are available and already communities are using. Specially youth is almost addicted. That is why we need to get them for a useful purpose. I have already talk to some of the religious leaders and regional youth and they are also happy to get involve with this novel and interesting challenge. Let us connect to make a great change. Best Regards Samantha

Photo of Samantha Pathirathna

Hi do you have any document related to religious and ethnic sensitive websites or any similar document? If available can you please share those documents. If not will you be able to contribute for such development? Thank you in advance Samantha

Photo of James Patton

Great to hear that SEO and digital presence tools are being incorporated into your training model and that you're looking at communities that are already operating online! I do not have any materials specific to designing religiously sensitive websites, but it might be helpful to think about how those spaces are going to be moderated.

Photo of Samantha Pathirathna

Dear James,
Thank you so much for this prompt and positive response. We really happy about to get you also on board with our team so that at international level you can moderate this and we will be able to produce validated checklist of religiously and ethnically sensitive websites. Thank you so much for extending your cooperation to find a good solution for this matter.

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Hi Samantha -

I don't know of the resources you ask for, offhand, but would probably need a little more detail on what you have in mind to be able to help.


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Dear James,

Once again appreciate your thoughts and clarifications. The below are some details;
1. You and the organization can be one of the international partners to bring us international experience and lessons for this project. In this regard quality assurance and validating religious and ethnicity sensitivity checklist for web developers can be done at your end. We will develop those with our religious community and civil society and youth and send as the draft from Sri Lankan context. Of course then you can study and moderate to validate and improve the standards to make an international document. Since you are working in many countries we can bring the lessons from many countries.
2. If you are interested you can or you suggest to select 10 other countries to select 50 youth for this project and then we will link them with the 200 youth here for web development business and religious website development
These are some of the thoughts. Of course according we have to discuss and agree on budget etc. When we offer web developer certification course we can jointly offer a certificate like we offer technical know how and your organization appear on the content and the quality of the religious sensitivity related stuff. Likewise I think for this innovation possibilities are awaiting for us and I would like to hear from you more details. Appreciate your interest and commitment in this regard. Samantha

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Hi James, How are you doing? I am sure you are busy. Can we schedule a skype meeting so that we can discuss more details on how we can partner for this project. I am looking forward to hear you at your earliest convenient. Best Regards Samantha

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We're doing well and are very excited to see the ideas phase move into review. It might be best to reconvene over email. You can reach our outreach person, Nick Acosta, at to discuss ways that ICRD might be able to support your initiative.

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Dear James,
Thank you so much for sharing this email. Yes we too really excited and very keen on the next step results. Once after I come to Colombo back I will write him. Let us work together to expand possibilities. Best Regards Samantha

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