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Peace on Earth!

Peace on Earth, no more wars! The people that declare war never goes in the front line, only 'normal' people go die for it, thats the start!

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Why war? Why fight and kill other people? All of us 'normal people' in the world must be in peace and say NO to any war for any reason. All the money spend in war could fix any problem that create this war. The problem is that the people that declare war want's more then they need, because the thing's that we all need is: fresh water, fresh foods, fresh air, love for all that exists and be at peace with yourself and the others. And that, my friend, are things that we can have if we spend the money of wars with themselves and their people. The question is, why send inocent people to kill other inocent people? Polute the air, destroy the nature, create more anger and kill parents of inocente childs, this child will loose the most important thing that is he's parents and will grow up with a lot of anger for the one who did this. All i'm trying to say is that the world don't need more war, and that's the first thing we, how humanity, must stop right away! There's no right for anyone send inocent people to kill anyone, specially for politican problems. The reasons of war is always ridiculous and the results are tremenduous for the one's that go to war. How many people die without have know the true love? How many people have to go to war and died without seing her son's birth? That's is the crime right there, and that is the first thing we must stop! The second part is to spend that money with your own people, plants more trees, clean our waters, make more humane people and humanity, help others countryes that need food or shalter, that kind of things. And yes, if you have money for war, you can help your own people and salve your problem, the same problem that must be the reason to create that stupid war with some other country. That's what i think. And yes, i have a lot more ideas that will save this world and make here a better place to live. You can count on me! Gustavo Ferreira Rocha

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Our beneficiaries are all the humanity, since the air that we breed come from everywere on earth, our waters run all the world and the energy of love empower all the world. We must turn our attention back and see to another way, because that way we are going isn't the right way. We must unity and stop the politicans of doing the wrong things that will hurt other people There's no evolution if we are distroin are own planet! We must truly take care of this planet, that's the only one we have! And this is the humanity we are looking for!

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My idea is unique, maybe every one had it already but i'm saying it here and i hope that we can turn that wars in something that really create a nice form of thinking.

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We clean our beach's and street's, we educate our children and show them with actions how to be a better human. The example is the best way to show how it must be done.

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  • 1-2 years

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  • No, but we plan to register in the future.

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To Help the marine animals to not eat trash and die because of that. Be an example to younger generations, educate them, because our government isn't doing it, that kind of things.

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All the children likes our ideas and haven't join it our actions.

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My friends and all the people that want to join it.

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All the world and nation, stop the war, clean our world and have some great food and water, that will be enough for the start.

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All the globe.

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I believe that 1 year or less will be enough.

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Photo of Ilona Kozlovsky

Hello Gustavo,
love your passion!

I agree with you and Daniel Ojulu if we were to spend as much money and energy on creating a dialog, as we spend on the defence, perhaps there would be no wars.

However, to me the wars have causes rather than reasons. The one that we might face between US and Russia in my view, is rooted in the masculine ego. (And neoliberalism.)

Two men however are not enough to make a war. They need an army of women and men. If that interests you, I would encourage you to explore a book called 'Ordinary Men' (Browning, 1992). It reveals how everyday men like me, you and everyone who is reading this, is vulnerable to cognitive forces, which might in certain circumstances turn us into war criminals. I know it's scary, but it's true. Milgram's studies on obedience points to a similar mechanism too (there are fascinating documentaries on YouTube).

Also, both history and science show that individuals and nations tend to distance themselves from suffering 'others'. (for example, recent hate crimes against refugees from Syria in Germany)
This is explored by post Freudian social psychologists and points to the notion of distancing from others.

The key, in my view, is understanding# and values#.

Apparently, most people cannot answer the question: what are your 5 top values? If that is the case, it would be interesting to see what would it be like, if everyone knew it...

In terms of understanding, so far, only a smal percentage of people recognise these mechanisms. Out of all people on the globe, mainly those with some knowledge of psychology. In my view, this knowledge should be common and shared by all people.

Do you think it would have an effect?

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