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Passport clamp

The artifact designed in the speculative design field to the criticize norm of institutional power and racism

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Design shapes our daily life, it forms who we are. But many of our wicked problems of today are also the product of design. Two parts of a design exhibition which approaches how design can redefine and subvert itself in order to create social change. It demands an interdisciplinary approach, experimental strategies and models of thinking in conjunction with scientifically based methods. The designed artefacts consists of a lie detector, functioning as passport device. In this dystopian story, the artefact is a tool forcefully implied on middle eastern decentness by the government. It addresses the norms of power structure, social status, discrimination of race, deformation of the body and deconstruction of what is beautiful. It visualizes how governments use and produce fear to form ”we against them” mentality and control the citizens by designing their emotions by power of fear. Government validate their actions and condoms ”the others” by stereotyping certain body type and restricting their mobility. Moreover, the artefact speculate effect constant surveillance and effect of living in borders with in the borders. Aim We want to impose the feeling of being cast out and the fear that encompasses, positioning the visitor in a dystopian world(s). To leave to the visitor with an immersive experience to remember which is mainly reflective on our speculative design project. Our exhibitions aim to open articulation of this projects. Make our visitors be aware these norms are existing out there in the world and if we do not act carefully they can turn into reality. • Make use of a exhibition as a tool for amplifying speculative design projects where we combine theory and design practise skills in a contemporary format. • Creating holistic experiment positioning the visitor embodied in the characters of two design fiction stories. • Curate queer theory, norm criticality and norm creativity trough performative and interactive exhibition

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The reason I desired to develop a project related to politics of fear, the norm of racism, based on my personal experience as a middle eastern descendant’s man. I face racism quite often especially during border check progress or passing between places and spaces. A few months ago, I had an unfortunate event between the borderline of Sweden and Denmark. The police officer who affected me emotionally. Even I am EU citizen and I have right to stay in Europe. The police officer almost had taken me away from the train as an illegal immigrant. Because he wasn’t paying attention to the fact I am EU citizen he was focused how my face looked and what was my name on the passport. This event had happened due to lack of knowledge of police officer, his prejudge towards me or his ideological view. I felt week, thwarted, insignificant and incapable. Even today I fell discouraged to take a picture on a place like an airport or grow a beard.

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The two part exhibition reflects upon contemporary design processes mainly trough the use of theory encircling Sara Ahmed´s phenomenology and Mia Charlene White, designing from vulnerability trough affective resistance, theorising spatial practise of ”love”. It takes it´s form of practise trough positioning the lived body/visitor in an embodied experience, whereas it contextualises the physical act as a medium which the dystopian world/scenarios unfolds. This in return, hands greater understanding of the particularities of different bodies affect us differently, which essentially forms us as individuals. Trough design, it curate queer theory, norm criticality and norm creativity in order to ”answering” the question ”what are we (people) to do,” or how can design (exhibition) formulate change. Emphasising and differentiate art exhibition from design exhibition. The design concept goes beyond the ortodox ”white room” exhibition hall.

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  • Prototype: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing the idea.

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Project Developed by Daniel Gustafsson Mehmet Eren Ozyoldash

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  • 1-2 years

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  • No, but we plan to register in the future.

Geographic Focus

Europen countries we aim to organize performative exhibition collaborated with communes

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