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Just Waste 2 Want provides urban poor homes Efficient Energy and Better Sanitation.

Urban poor slum homes get easy access to Cookstoves and LPG by flexible payment or through paid lavatory services by Charcoal or Cash.

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THE PROBLEM: ENERGY: Over 26,000 (65%) households (2010 Official Population Census) in Obuasi, Ghana rely on charcoal, firewood, electricity and saw dust for cooking since they are readily available and can be purchased in smaller quantities as compared to bulk LPG cookstoves refill services. From our open discussions with these homes, charcoal/firewood is twice expensive than LPG and releases three times the amount of greenhouse gases. According to Global Alliance for Clean Cook stoves, exposure to smoke from open fires causes 18,000 deaths in Ghana annually. SANITATION: 21,857 households (53%) of Households depend on the few Public Lavatory while 1, 679 ( 4.1%) practice open defecation. Hypothesis: The correlation between access to LPG and access to Lavatory Service is economic constraints. FINDINGS: From open ended discussions we discovered that A. 1 out of 2 homes we talked to pay $10 monthly for charcoal/firewood & unhygienic public lavatory which could take care of twice the cost of LPG with Lavatory Services since charcoal and firewood are readily available and can be purchased in smaller quantities as compared to LPG. B. The other homes who do not need the lavatory services pay twice the cost of LPG for Charcoal and Firewood. C. Other households face LPG shortage due to the lack of option to purchase LPG already filled Cookstoves. SOLUTION : Distribution of LPG Cook Stove. A. Urban poor slum homes who visit and pay for our public lavatory service are provided free stoves filled with LPG when lavatory tickets issued reaches the Cap 1. Subsequently, these stoves are replaced (normally monthly) when the lavatory tickets amounts to the exhange of Cookstoves for Cap 2. B. The other group of urban homes who need only LPG & Cookstoves we talked to prefer full payment for inspected empty cookstove to be exchanged Cap 3 or installment payment for Cap (1&2). We also decided to incorporate Mobile money payment suggested.

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Our first beneficiaries are urban poor slum homes who need lavatory services and efficient energy over charcoal and firewood. Our second beneficiaries are users of LPG who pay in bits daily or pay full for only Cookstoves and LPG service.

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We are unique because: 1. The beneficiaries are motivated by installment payment and payment through Lavatory visit by cash or charcoal for free Cookstoves and LPG rather than paying twice for them from other initiatives. 2. We make LPG readily available to our users through exchange of inspected empty cookstoves for filled coosktoves using helpline and Tricycle for deliveries. 3. We offer free Health and Safety Tips on LPG and Lavatory usage for our beneficiaries. 4. We allow early orders, collect location and duration of usage of our users to plan for our deliveries so as to save fuel and time.

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  • Initial Design: I am exploring the idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it with real users.
  • Prototype: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing the idea.

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Just CommIT provides environmental services.

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  • 1-2 years

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  • Yes, we are a registered non-profit.
  • Yes, we are a registered company.

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We are inspired by our passion for nature and the urge to see everyone prosper.

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PLANET: Efficient Energy: Reducing amount of greenhouse gas released by three times; Saving than Charcoal / Firewood and this saves Saving Money & Time Climate Change Mitigation: Prevention/ Reduction of Emission of more greenhouse gases from Charcoal and Firewood smoke Healthy & Safe community: Prevention of Nuisance of open defecation, ensuring efficient use of Charcoal (as Stench and Mould Removal from Public Lavatory). PROSPERITY: Alternate Employment for Charcoal/ Firewood Vendors employed and Saving Time and Money of our beneficiaries.

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*Community Leaders *LPG Filling Stations. *Environmental Health and Sanitation Department of Obuasi Municipal. *Environmental Protection Agency. *Charcoal Sellers Association and more.

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According to the 2010 Population Census, Our community has a youthful population (61%) with surplus of young men ready to work.

Geographic Focus

Obuasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

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Hi Janix Asare , since you are interested in combining sanitation and energy, I thought you might be inspired by 2 companies in these industries with cool business models! Check out (a toilet-as-a-service business in Kumasi), and (a pay-as-you-go LPG meter company in Nairobi). Good luck :-)

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