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Volunteer for Peace:

Joint sexual and Reproductive and dental health camps aimed at creating living in harmony of refugees and host communities in Uganda .

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Most of the times refugee and host communities in uganda are never at peace .Host of communities always see the refugee as parasites who left their countries to occupy the citizens lands,exhaust the Ugandan health facilities ,use Ugandan water among other public goods and natural resources . This idea is to organize health camps and offer cervical cancer screening and oral/dental services in one place for both refugees and host communities.During these health camps champions from both refugees and host communities will be nominated and trained and take part in service delivery as volunteers, trained on how to administer sayana press(contraceptive) and will act as custodians for sayana press at village level(distributed to them on monthly basis).In this aspect a woman from host community wanting will be required to pick it from a refugee champion and vicevasa. In case a woman can;t administer this sayana press then the custodian will help in the administering . More so during these camps messages of peace and brotherhood will be order of the day that is for every camp material messages on importance living together will be incorporated,before receiving services both refugees and host community citizens will be grouped educated about the need to live in harmony etc , If the patient is from the refugee community he /she will given services by volunteer from host community and a reverse is true.Still during the same health camps other joint activities like tree planting ,plastic bottle collection and burning ,joint blood donations, offering contraceptives (sanaya press) together with training women on how self administer it for family planning will be conducted as the side events of the health camp .All these will aimed at creating brotherhood among the refugees and the host communities even after the health camp( the sayana press aspect which will continue even after the the health camp) . Hence conflict and climate change mitigation.

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This idea benefits refugees 1-70 years who have been displaced from South Sudan,Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Rwanda together with host communities of Nakivale,Rwamwanja,adjumani and Kyaka areas.

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one of the sources of the conflict between the host communities and refugees comes from health care and environment where the host communities claim that when these refugees are brought to their villages they put pressure on their health centers and that refugees cut trees down in need of fire wood and housing materials .During these champs community dental and reproductive health will use what causes the difference between refugees and host communities to unit them.Thats joint cervical and oral heath service delivery ,and joint tree planting among others.

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  • Pilot: I have started to implement the idea as a whole with a first set of real users.

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Community Dental and Reproductive Health is a company Limited by Guarantee formed with an aim of offering subsided dental and reproductive health to nationals and free services to refugees in Uganda.

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  • 1-2 years

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  • Yes, we are a registered social enterprise.

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From childhood i have always seen my village mates both young and old go on unnecessary wars with the refugees in the neighboring refugee settlement(Nakivale) over very tiny issues .For example citizens claimed these refugees are consuming their water ,that refugees walk on their roads,that refugees are cut down trees among other useless arguments.

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Peace between the refugees and the host community is influenced by the two groups agreeing to be brothers and sisters,it goes on to influenced by the two groups sharing not only resources by even the skills .So community dental and reproductive health putting up joint health camps where the two groups will share responsibility (as volunteers),getting services from the same service point ,doing community activities like tree planting will instill the spirit of brotherhood between the two groups . Planet;has been affected by climate change caused by tree cutting,high plastic wastes among others. Therefor holding climate change mitigation activities like joint tree planting ,plastic collection jointly during our health camps will protect our environment hence planet free from climate change. Prosperity is hindered by big families so the fact that the continuity of brotherhood between the refugees and host communities is built on sayana press(family planning) will yield prosperity

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We shall work first with our already partners like the office of the prime minister ,UNHCR who will will introduce us to the refugees (as they have always done) ,Ministry of Health who will be responsible for giving us all the Visual inspection and cryotherapy by technique supplies like cotton swabs,vinegar among others(for cervical cancer screening),offer us sayana press which we shall use during the camp and even after the camp( which will keep sending to champions monthly) local leaders both from refugees and host communities who will nominate champions,local champions who will act as volunteers during the camp and sayana press custodians after the champ .

Please share some of the top strengths identified in the community which your project will serve (500 characters)

During the pilot of this idea in Nakivale,we were encouraged by the zeal the both the refugees and the host communities showed us .Many wanted and were willing to volunteer .We use this as our project hypothesis to assume that even when go other settlements many will be willing to take part. Secondly the fact that we are bringing services near them many would be involved.

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Photo of Jama Mohamed

Great idea. Usually humanitarian emergencies result massive displacement and refugee influx across the border. Those communities direly need access to health services and lack attention of host countries and communities.
Outreach health services including but not limited to cancer screening and dental health are crucial part of the parcel...

Photo of Agaba Peter

Thank you Juma,
In Uganda there is always fights between the refugee community and the host communities so we have to look at what joins the two groups that is health care .Its what we build on to advocate for peace.
Thank you so much and Ramathan Kalim

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