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How can we not be tempted to start a war?

When they want to start a conflict, they will have to invest the necessary capital to carry it out.

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One way to avoid the temptation to start a war is to find restrictions to have weapons of mass destruction, and have only about 10% of the weapons needed to defeat a nation, but allow them to innovate in their armaments, continue in secret and allow them to have the infrastructure to reproduce their weapons only they are not allowed to have massively since one of the great problems of this to see that large amount of weapons that supports them falls into the ego of not having to fall into diplomacy first because they want to show how strong they are and, secondly, because they have made so many investments to have such a large amount that they do not want the money they invested to be badly invested and if they do not have anyone to use, they look for external conflicts to to be able to sell their weapons because otherwise they become obsolete and lose those large investments. To solve this, an organization must be created that establishes the date for the beginning of a war so that there is time for the massive reproduction of weapons of war on both sides of the conflict and for them to respect that intermediary, at least the organization must have 200% of the weapons necessary to defeat a nation in case that country secretly creates weapons and attacks an unprepared country, and in the term of reproduction the country must choose to stop being many cars or stop generating income selling their other products when going to the beginning of a war and there really feel that if they go to war it will be very expensive and in that way they will use many resources of the planet to do harm when those resources can be used to generate wealth and not death. Since we do not feel the threat that they can attack us in a surprising way, we will not invest much money to prepare ourselves that way, we will not have obsolete weapons and those lost resources can be used for things that can be more productive for the world.

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The planet, the population and it is more possible that there is peace

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It is unique because it covers many areas and, if achieved, there will be fewer opportunities for the war to flourish because, instead of having the entire army ready to attack, it will have to be created, and the war will be difficult and cheaper solutions will be sought and they do less harm

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Hola, bikash gurung no desarrolle ni detalle cómo llevarlo a cabo porque vi en el reglamento que no se aceptarán ideas que deban llevarse a la esfera política para llevarlas a cabo, y aparentemente lleva mucho tiempo, al menos, aproximadamente 4 o 5 años y hacer una muy buena política para que se logre y que las reglas me impidieron participar porque es algo ambicioso.

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