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Health Camp Drive

Enabling health care for pregnant women with emergency health situations in refugee camps & host communities via USSD/Toll free lines/App.

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Health Camp Drive project bridges peace and planet, It employs evidence-based interventions to address three dangerous delays that pregnant women and children in displaced communities face and causes death; delays in getting good nutrition, information on deciding to seek care, reaching a health facility in time, and receiving quality care at health facilities in time.

Maternal and infant mortality rates remain high, 340 and 43 deaths per 1000 live births, with complications requiring Emergency Care that is unavailable. This continues to increase as the number of refugees increases to enter into the country.
With active health facilities being owned by individuals offering expensive services, access becomes limited for both the poor rural majority women and men in refugee camps.

Young Agro-Green Africa Network's Health Camp Drive project, educates women on growing and offering nutritious food staff during & after pregnancy, recruit and train youth in camps as Health Camp Ambassadors to offer first aid to pregnant women in emergency health situations, and ambassadors connect via Mobile App/toll free line to standby Nurses operating affordable mobile clinics on motorcycles to offer timely free care and deliver women requiring Emergency Care to affordable health facilities.

Health Camp Drive project uses ICT models integrated in a communication-transport system, where trained Health Camp Ambassadors will endlessly receive and identify pregnant women in camps, connect to Quick Health Drivers with standby nurses to deliver mothers to health facilities in time. Ambassadors and Quick Health Drivers will also supply nutritious foods & train on vegetable growing. Make health education outreaches with trained camp midwives who will provide quality care for normal delivery and are able to identify and refer obstetric emergencies, ensure that the referred facilities have equipment needed for delivery and accurately records birth, maternal and neonatal deaths.

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

Health camp drive project targets to improve the well being of pregnant young women and youth in the rural post war communities along the Rwenzori and Northern regions of Uganda which have for long experienced wars, by creating an enabling environment for timely access to quality health care and nutritious foods whenever needed. It shall be done through a series of activities we shall conduct within the next three years. This shall stimulate demand for health care for women during pregnancy and childbirth, and vegetable growing in camps. Hence, reduced cases of malnutrition and maternal deaths, because delays in getting information and deciding to seek care, not reaching a health facility in time and receiving care at health facility shall be unheard of, demonstrating an improved use of reproductive health care services. Young women, men and youth will be employed as Health Camp Ambassadors, peer educators and Quick Health Drivers hence increased incomes and improved livelihoods.

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Whereas Uganda has an enabling policy framework for improving maternal health care, most organizations in the regions do not use effective ICT innovations targeting refugees, they focus on client at a health facility. In solving critical areas that need urgent interventions in addressing nutrition issues and childbirth care to stop neonatal and infant deaths, much focus is needed at refugee camps where vulnerable pregnant mothers are thriving, Most organization offices operate in urban centers, whose attitudes towards remote areas is negative. This calls for not only increased allocation of resources, but using innovative approaches that tackles problems heads on, this is why YAGANET came up with a Health Camp Drive -a community based ICT model integrated in a communication-transport system that uses Health Camp Ambassadors and Quick Health Drivers having phones with Mobile Apps and uses toll free lines to enable pregnant women and new born babies in camps access healthcare in time.

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  • Prototype: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing the idea.

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Young Agro-Green Africa Network (YAGANET) is a social enterprise working as a center for turning environmental challenges facing rural economies into youth and women led green descent employment opportunities by creating a network of health rural green safe jobs.
We empower vulnerable economies with green entrepreneurial skills to enhancing natural resources, boosting poverty eradication and promoting safety and health of women and children.

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  • 1-2 years

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  • Yes, we are a registered non-profit.
  • Yes, we are a registered social enterprise.

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My passion towards solving the problem is more associated with my story of how I became a health social worker. I grow up in a rural community of no hope along the Rwenzori mountains with poor transport network, seeing my own pregnant mother delivering on the way during war and watching my own brother die in the camp searching for care, walking over 40 kilo miters, was my hardest moment in life. As young boy, my dream was to become a community health worker to save displaced women, girls & boys.

Geographic Focus

The Rwenzori and Northern regions

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The project idea shall require 24 months of implementation

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Thanks for sharing your idea. There was a previous challenge some years ago that was maternal health and technology. Check it out to see the ideas and how they can enrich yours.

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Baluku Isaya a couple of ideas from past Challenges that might provide inspiration are the Women in Health Alliances Top Idea from Amplify:

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Best of luck!

Photo of Luz Gallo

Thanks Ashley,
I was talking also about an even older challenge rearding maternal health and techonology. Check it out Baluku Isaya :

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