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Go Love Now - Empowering the World to Embrace Self-Love, Compassion and Kindness

We empower youth/adults to embrace self-love, compassion and kindness through a unique and effective habit building methodology.

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On a macro level, the world is divided and this stems from a lack of self-love. People cling to beliefs that vilify differences. On a micro level, especially in the USA, students love themselves and believe in their abilities less and less. Kids are taking their lives at alarming rates (3 of every 200 middle schoolers has attempted suicide), bullying is rampant and mass shootings have become the norm. Go Love Now has a proven program to combat these issues. Our Approach: - Youth Awakening Assemblies - Educator/Counselor Trainings - Parent Education Assemblies - Community Events - Champion's Empowerment - Youth Curriculum - Kindness Challenges - Social Media Promotion Our youth assemblies are awakening events. We teach children the importance of expressing emotions and embracing individual differences during these presentations. Through story-telling, the youth might experience sadness, anger, fear and/or shame. We then ask which of these emotions was most prevalent so they can take notice of the emotions that drive them. After this we work together to create an emotional management strategy. In our educator/counselor training sessions we discuss how to transform a school culture (meeting schools where they are at) into one of LOVE and COMPASSION. We also address the importance of creating an emotionally and physically safe school environment. In parent assemblies, we teach attendees how emotions impact their children and them as well. We also offer tools to develop healthier communication with their children to encourage positive connection. In the Champion's program, student curriculum and kindess challenges, we empower youth to lead and use their voices in their schools and communities. All trainings/assemblies are based on the LOVE model. L - Listen to yourself and those trying to serve you. O - Observe other's needs and take action to help. V - Voice your thoughts. You matter. E - Empathize with all. We all have a story.

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Our longterm beneficiaries are all youth and adults worldwide. Our immediate program targets students age 11-16, their parents and educators. We chose this beneficiary group becuase we learned through our research that children under 10 are typically not ready to fully process our lessons. Of course, this depended on their life experience, level of awareness and personal trauma. Planting the seeds with a less dramatic version of our awakening assembly has proven valuable, though. We also found that often times, young adults who are 17 and older have already chosen a mindset to follow, and are harder to reach. Adults (teachers/counselors/parents) can also be tough to influence, due to past personal trauma, but we have developed some effective training techniques. The 11-16 olds are the most malliable and open to new ideas. As we redefine love for them and offer a pathway for a better tomorrow, they truly embrace it. So, they are our primary beneficiary of our program.

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We have seen many programs that are anti something or other. There are anti-bullying, anti-drug, anti-violence programs and many others. All of these are reactionary programs that try to reduce symptoms of a larger problem. The programs can actually cause more harm than good by unintentionally antagonizing the bullies, drug users and potentially violent students. The core issue/problem that lies at the base of all these symptoms is a lack of self-love. Our program offers youth and adults pathways of what to do, rather than what they should not do. There are other programs that attempt to do this, but they fall short. In order to truly shake a person up -- enough to make a lasting change (forming new habits), there has to be a significant "awakening" and then a defined pathway (reward) available. We help uncover the path and we get results. Our program goes deep as we empower youth/adults to connect, find self-worth, and unveil their true purpose.

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  • Early Adoption: I have completed a pilot and analyzed the impact of that pilot on the intended users of the idea. I have begun to expand the pilot for early adoption.

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We empower youth and adults to embrace self-love, compassion and kindness through youth assemblies, champions programs, kindness challenges, teacher/counselor/parent trainings and more.

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  • 3-5 years

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  • Yes, we are a registered social enterprise.

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Over the past 11 years as a college professor, I have noticed my students losing hope and not fully believing in their abilities. I asked them why they weren't confident that they could change the world and they told me that the world wasn't what it used to be. To me, this was an echo from the voices of their parents and the media. I made a decision to help youth change this perception and make certain our youth understood that they are in charge of their/our future and should lead with LOVE.

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Peace is heavily influenced by religious, race, cultural and political tension world-wide (definitely here in the USA), and the world needs to eliminate old beliefs that no longer serve the greater good of humanity. Prosperity has been impacted worldwide by a lack of LOVE in business and community. Too many people are turning their backs to those in need and make excuses about why some people do not deserve more. The LOVE model will remind future leaders that we are all the same and all managing the human condition, together.

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Schools, philanthropic organizations (Enlightened Warriors, OpenIDEO Austin Chapter, Compassionate Austin, ATX Hack for Change and more), government entities, businesses (sponsorships and partnerships) and colleges will assist us in our growth. Embedding our model and curriculum into organizational and institutional cultures, internationally, can quickly influence the mindsets of current and future leaders. We are already in dozens of schools, colleges (working with future leaders from college organizations) and even have summer camps to serve our youth. Many children have told us that they chose not to commit suicide due to our program. Hundreds have mentioned a reduction in bullying and thousands have left assemblies with tears in their eyes due to the messages shared and a newfound sense of compassion for all. Students have truly been motivated by our programs and are ready to change the world for the better.

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Youth are losing hope in themselves. This program immediately shifts their mindsets to realize their ability to manage emotions and connect with We must continue to help these students and not allow them to get lost ever again. This will take a village. Partnerships are imperative. Locally, we are also working with the OpenIDEO Austin Chapter and Compassionate Austin to develop new ideas, explore ways to build the program even further -- in all schools and organizations possible.

Geographic Focus

We are in Texas and other targeted states. We are also embarking on a world tour on June 15th.

How many months are required for the project idea? (500 characters)

We want to deepen our impact in the USA while also bringing the program to South America (multiple countries), South Africa, India (including Sri Lanka), and Europe (multiple countries). This would be a 24 month commitment and also include additional video and online program development.

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Photo of Durley Montoya ocampo

Hi Scott.
The name of your social enterprise caught my attention then I read it and it is so beautiful. I see also you are coming to Colombia, I´m in Medellín working with young/adult peace leaders who I am sure they will like the LOVE model, we need it in Colombia. Also, it can be worthwhile if you could share with us how you have developed the model as our peace leaders are developing their own models and our financial advisor need to see an example as yours. We should keep in touch

Photo of Scott Goyette

Hi Durley,

I'll be in Medellin in a month, can we meet up? I'd love to work with your community.

With Gratitide and Love,


Photo of Durley Montoya ocampo

Sure, it´ll be a pleasure to meet you and host you in our community, You can e-mail me when you get here at

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