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#FightInequality With Rains

Fighting Inequality by Rainwater Protection, Harvesting & Purification

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IDEA - Fighting inequality by rainwater protection, harvesting and purification. WHAT THE PROJECT SOLVES - Discussing inequality, Kofi Annan recently said, “…From the boardrooms of Wall Street to the streets of Athens, there is a growing consensus that the current economic model is not fit for purpose. We are far from agreement though on what should replace it.….” HOW DOES IT WORK - we #MakeWinners (out of the water starved and the toilet-less) because  winners keep winning; an idea formally known as cumulative advantage, or the Matthew effect; which explains how those who start with an advantage relative to others can retain that advantage over long periods of time. In other words, we increase number of winners – this is the only inequality related thing within our control. The rest of things, like pointing fingers at the winners, are, sadly, a waste of time. See in attachment what our idea looks like in practice.

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Winners, Losers and Planet benefit from our project, see images above.

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Our project is self-funding yet its beneficiaries, including businesses, don't spend anything extra to benefit from it.

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  • Early Adoption: I have completed a pilot and analyzed the impact of that pilot on the intended users of the idea. I have begun to expand the pilot for early adoption.

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We protect, harvest and purify rainwater, see more details on

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  • 3-5 years

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  • Yes, we are a registered social enterprise.
  • Yes, we are a registered company.

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One of us studied civil engineering and worked with consulting engineering firm, supervising and managing civil works. One project involved road through an area with serious water problems. He saw that quarries left behind collected contaminated rainwater, this dirty water became the poor villagers’ best source of water. He brought his engineering skills to bear on solving the pressing need for clean water close to home – rainwater protection and harvesting seemed the ideal solution.

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Peace between 'winners' and 'losers' results from relationship created between the two – winners see that they need the losers, losers see that they need the winners. Both the winners and the losers prosper due to our project. Planet gets less pollutions (from open defecations) and from plastic bottles.

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see attached document

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Our project is self-funding, does not depend on donors

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Africa, Asia and Bulgaria

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Implementation of the project is on-going

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Photo of David / Thomas Svarrer / Høyer

How do you harvest and clean and protect the rain water? I am not seeing the practical part of it, and I do not get the "winner" and "loser" idea. Maybe explain a bit more elaborate? I saw your PdF-file but it did not make it clearer to me what it is, you are doing?

Please elaborate !!


Photo of RaHa Solutions

Dear David,
Thanks for your comments, and for following.

We are a self-funding project.

We donate water to the water starved by harvesting rainwater on roads, car-parks, open grounds and roof-tops within areas where the water starved stay. We donate SANI SOLAR toilets (toilets that dont use water) to the toilet-less, this protects rain water from pollution due to open defecation. We avail plenty of low cost municipal water to the water starved (in peri-urban areas) by purifying rainwater for their well-off neighbours, this reduces use of plastic bottles commonly used to distribute drinking water.

Whenever we do any of the foregoing, we make a water-starved/toilet-less person win, and winners keep winning.

We therefore, solve the problem of growing gap between winners and losers (in this case winners are those seen to be rich and losers are those seen to be poor)

We hope this is clear.

Photo of David / Thomas Svarrer / Høyer

DEAR RaHa Solutions,

How do you do the self funding? You write that you donate many good things, and we do indeed not want to discourage you in the slightest way, however, to spread your good activities to become global, you will need to analyze, based on your business model and scaling model, how you can scale from within.

Maybe you already do that, as a part of this self funding? It is our take, though, that if you find a method to create a funding amongst the users, in which ever way, then the effort of making such an initiative work is worth the investment.

In our Nexus 7 solar concentrator project, we have for instance planned to raise around 3 million Euro in total, over the next few years, and the main focus on our work is to create a sustainable, cradle 2 cradle solution, which can sustain 98% of itself in the local community, without us even being involved, hence instead of spending the 3 million on building maybe 500 solar concentrators and donating them, we will ensure that maybe 5 or 6 countries are left with a fully self sustained, quality controlled production, leading to that within less than a year, we expect maybe 100,000 units having been setup per country, thereby giving us the little share which will enable us to provide further 20 countries to setup in 2019, and the rest can then come thereafter.

We are naturally not sure if we have got the absolutely perfect drivers to drive this on each market, and surely we need to work with many parties, including prospect funding in each of these markets, and surely many things can naturally take unexpected turns, however, we believe in that if we empower the people, and provide funding and production within each country, by following existing, successful projects which have done the same, then we learn from others and lower the risk, and make the projects localized in each country, thereby also providing business and job opportunities.

My reason for writing to your project is, that we would like to assist you if need be, as we who run Nexus 7, have more than 2 decades of experience in scaling, and your project appears as yet a good one, and if we can be of assistance, feel welcome.
David Svarrer / Thomas Høyer
Rational Intuitive IVS
Nexus 7 Solar Concentrator 

Photo of David / Thomas Svarrer / Høyer

We also asked you how you clean the water.

On possibilities of growth, it is our qualified guess, that more than 10% of our prospect recipients of the solar concentrator, would indeed also want a toilet which composts (is that your solution?) And furthermore likely another 10% ( some overlapping with the first group) would indeed want a water harvesting solution.

Therefore, we would be happy to hear more about your solution, as we would not mind going out via our very efficient marketing methods (we will be going out via 5 different sales channels), and paving the way for your project too.

We would not want anything from your side, except that we then can share the cost.

Before we do so, we would need to discuss how fast you can deliver, and discuss if you too are interested in outsourcing your production to these countries the same way we do it, such as to create a much more steep growth and penetration, based on local production in each country.

David & Thomas,
Rational Intuitive IVS
Nexus 7 Solar Concentrator 

Photo of RaHa Solutions

Dear David & Thomas,
Thanks for your offer. Could we have further discuss on the offer by email?

Photo of David / Thomas Svarrer / Høyer

Dear Raha,

It is our take, and also in the spirit in which we work, that we mutually share everything, by using the OpenIDEO platform. Just like you could take our take our idea and start implementing it from our description and the subsequent dialogues, that is beneficiary for all the others who do solar energy, so we prefer commenting and having all our dialogues within the comments here on the OPENIDEO platform? So feel free to respond here, as we also give our best within this same platform.

The platform here is likely made like this in acknowledgment of that the very idea itself has a value of maybe only 0.1%. The rest is work.

I hopw this is OK with you and your team?

David and Thomas,
Rational Intuitive IVS
Nexus 7 Solar Concentrator 

Photo of RaHa Solutions

Dear David & Thomas,
Indeed, we are glad to see that you are interested in our project. Unfortunately, there are some details that we will never discuss in public.

Photo of David / Thomas Svarrer / Høyer

Dear Raha,

Sorry about that, we did not want to expose your business. We thought that you had all your methods IP protected so that you could share.


Now after discussion here, we agreed to write the following to you:

We were at the same point in our project some 3 to 4 years ago. Though, we did not give up keeping our ideas to ourselves, due to that, alone. It was not therefore, we gave up holding on to your (unique) idea.

We gave up holding on to our ideas, due to that when studying projects going global, (and we studied some 15 global ideas where physical components and logical (software) components were parts of it) it will take between 10 to 25 years to do so, if we were to grow via keeping the idea to ourselves, patent it, etc., and that would not work, as our idea is to simply plaster the world with renewable energy, for, thereby doing as big an impact as possible in removing the need for fossil fuel from trees.

Our idea could be implemented through brand new patents which we could have spent some USD 150,000 to 200,000 on securing - then we would likely have to fight some 5 to 10 smaller or medium sized court cases - on patent rights.

Furthermore, the onslaught on trees is of such an enormity, so that we, over the next 25 years, would have eradicated further approximately 25 percent of the remaining tree coverage, or, around 750 billion trees.

We have - in our team - worked with an alternative theory on the climate change, which is a bit more harsh than assuming that it is the CO2 which largely "does the climate change". Our theory - supported widely by research both in USA, Canada and Europe - but not conclusive (pay attention to that!) - says that the climate change is ALSO caused by the very removal of the vaporizing caused by the removed trees. If this is even just partly true, then we are in for double jeopardy.

We have calculated that if we have even only 10% success, (200 million solar concentrator units set up) which is realistic within 4 to 5 years with our OPEN idea model, then this is in itself enough to REVERSE the net number of trees being slaughtered every year for charcoal or firewood to become a small (too small, though), net, increase in the global canopy count.

We are not done yet with calculations on other consequences in terms of natural tree regrowth.

It appears to us, that a 10% success rate with the 2 billion people who are currently using charcoal and kerosene, resembles a net regrowth of trees of 59.8 billion trees per year. This again, resembles 1.9% of the global canopy count. With the onslaught of net 30 billion trees per year (if we do NOT do anything), you can thereby conclude that net 29.8 billion trees are restored, annually, by a fast penetration.


THEREFORE, in order for us to have a fast penetration, we had to give up owning and controlling the IP, as it would simply cost too much in terms of lost trees (due to losing 5 to 20 years) if we did.

If there is just a little truth in that it is the tree's evaporation causing part of the cooling of Earth, then one of the possible outcomes (which has been proposed by a few climate researchers) is that there will be a tipping point beyond which Earth can only restore its tree coverage by going some millions of years back in terms of what grows, and kind of "recapture" from there.


I am writing this to you, due to that it would be my guess, that your business is in the same situation. If you do your business math, you may find, that you too, cannot do 10% or even 2% global penetration by your own, natural growth, even within 10 years of hard work.

IF this is true - and naturally I cannot know - then it could be beneficiary for you to consider doing something similar.


We calculated (in our Nexus 7 project), that we would have much larger impact, and due to the magnitude of scale, we would earn more too - if we gave up our IP, published what ever could have been patented (!). We learned, that Elon Musk is doing somewhat the same, though, for other reasons.

We would not be controlling or owning the global business empire - it would be owned by those thousands of manufacturers, each of them, on their own - who would produce our system, following our guidelines, and who would distribute on their own.

We provide the software, online, OTA, and we provide expert optimizations of each of the installed systems, against a truly miniscule fee of USD 5 per year per system.

Imagine - compared to building a business empire over 20-25 years - we earn more, and the system cost by far less, and we promote local employment for millions in the countries adopting it, so it is a multi-timbral win-win-win-win...

Questions are welcome. Visit our project:
Nexus 7 Solar Concentrator 

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