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Desert,borders plentiful countries with a great water source for growing fresh produce.

A system for growing plants, used to feed countries with little access to fresh water and good soil, bringing work and food to inhabitants.

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This idea bridges countries like Saudi Arabia and perhaps the oceans countries, surrounding it, with work, pipelining in saltwater to a system that uses dry sand to grow plants. The system ensures that fresh produce is available for those people in the countries and employment is ensured while building and while growing after. It is a simple system that ensures nutrients are delivered hrough the desalitinization process. The people benefit through cross country boarder relations, health and employment. A pipline is built straigh to the gardens from the ocean. Then a system ive invented is used to grow the produce. Its much like hydroponics except the sand is the soil and the water is salt to begin with. Cost is efficient, after the water lines are constructed. The natural sun does most of the work after planting and we all know food brings people together all over the world. Gardens could be harvested and shared with countries that helped bring the pipelines. A real form of bartering could ensure food supplies for all.

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

The people in any of the participating countries benifit. Families are ensured that fresh produce is available and affordable for the peopke around them. Employment would be surrounding the building of the pipelines and the upkeep and harvest of the gardens. The countries population is fed and thier sands are utilized while a free resource like ocean water is plentiful. The system is economical enough to grow millions if acres of produce in a country like Saudi Arabia. Perhaps supplying surrounding countries with fresh food as well. Bringing the people together, and ensuring food supplies with simple structures that have alot of gain.

How is your idea unique? (1,000 characters)

This idea has been created out of the lack of growanle plant soil in some desert countries. Using thier own land to grow is a susstainable source of food production. My organization would have people ready to go back to thier home country and have an surplus of food and gauranteed employment, so they can be happy snd safe in thier homelsnd. Many people know thay coyntries are less apt to fight with each other when a major food supy for all involved is at stake. Success comes from the use of thier resources, like land, thier people who love thier own country and want to stay and be prosperous in thier own land. Anyone who has ever been around food growing or any plants knows the satisfaction of a healthy garden and the feeling of success ehen seeds are grown to delivery on a table.

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  • Prototype: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing the idea.

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Im a firm believer, of the sole energy given by any one person to the greatness of an entire country as a whole being an integril part of any project. We all eat and need food to survive. It should be available for rveryone of us and gardening could bring countries together in thier quest for peace prosperity and health of all citizens.

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  • 1-2 years

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  • No, but we plan to register in the future.

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A person asked me what i would do with a thousand acres of sand, with no fresh water supply. I invented this method of growing plants and have wanted it to make a difference somewhere by implementing it into a place, that may be short on food growing resources. It is a well known fact thst food gatheres the people together.

Please explain how your selected topic areas are influenced, in the local context of your project (1,000 characters).

Food woyld bring peace to any country if its economy flourished. Prosperity in Saudia arabia Iran and other desert countries is really a rich or poor concept. The idea that peopke want to stay in thier homeland but thier is no work, fear of war and little farming going on. Just feeding thier families brings them to countries like ours where thier families have many more oppertunities. My idea creates peace with participating countries, prosperity in employment of gardens works and the planet stays in good health and even becomes hospitable to its people who love thier particular area.

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (1,000 characters)

I would like to get anyone who is home sick for thier desert country, and its family left behind. These people who moved to America to have a better life but lived thier homeland could get together and know that farming is an option in thisr land. With a little bit of wind breakers some pipeline and a simple system ive created, they could live eith tjier families they may have left behind and be prosperous. All of the communities and even countries surrounding win with fresh food being affordable and readily available.

Please share some of the top strengths identified in the community which your project will serve (500 characters)

Canada ( my country) has many people whi woyld love to go bsck to thier country with a business solution thatvenables them to luve at home.Many had economics that propelled them to Canada. With an economy, and a gaurantee that no one would starve many would love to return to thier roots sgain.

Geographic Focus

Places that are desert lands like Libya,Iraq,ect,are places that families can be united with gardens

How many months are required for the project idea? (500 characters)

My project would take eight months to build 5000 miles of gardens. One growing season would produce 5000 miles of food.


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