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Setting Up Climate Farmer School and weather recording station in Hanval Ghati in Uttarakhand India

We have successfully implemented climate farmer school in Tipli village to mitigate climate change and increase agriculture income

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Explain your project idea (2,000 characters)

The major objective of the project is to empower the marginalized farmer community in Uttarakahand to mitigate climate change impact through Climate Farmers School (CFS) model. Climate Farmer School is a participatory approach to translate meteorological information into farmers’ language. It is an extension approach where farmers acts as trainers, researchers, and planners in utilizing weather/climate information and forecasts in farming operations, planning agriculture activities and developing copping strategies. The project will be a process of learning by doing where farmers’ measures understand meteorological information, analyze climate extreme events and its effect on performance, develop collective strategies and plans and take action at the field level. It is intended to promote both the application of improved technologies and traditional wisdom that will contribute to the resilience of local communities to better adapt to climatic shocks and climate change issues in Higher Himalayan Districts of Uttarakhand.

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

This proposed program will be benefitting the small and marginal farmers of the Henval river valley villages although the project will be focused in some of the pilot villages, it is hoped that it will have a positive impact in many villages of the Henval river valley. The main occupation and livelihood of communities living in this area is agriculture and animal husbandry which is coming under severe constraints due to several reasons and the main being changing climate patterns, migrations of a major population from the villages. It is interesting to note that the program villages being focused are still engaged with agricultural activities and looking forward for inputs and supports to strengthen their ongoing efforts.

How is your idea unique? (1,000 characters)

This project was introduced in India for the first time by CASA, we got the insperation from nepal they use weather recording instrument and this project has shown tremendous success for farmers to mitigate climate change by adapting new techniques of farming with changing weather patterns. This project will empower marginalized farming communities in hill area to use technology to counter effects of climate change on agriculture.

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  • Pilot: I have started to implement the idea as a whole with a first set of real users.
  • Early Adoption: I have completed a pilot and analyzed the impact of that pilot on the intended users of the idea. I have begun to expand the pilot for early adoption.

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CASA is a humanitarian and development organisation established in 1947 to serve the needs of the victims of violence and displacement during Indo-Pak partition. Since then, the organisation has been continuously serving people of all faiths or no faith, geographies and ethnicity in India by responding to their humanitarian and development needs. Unconditional love, care and compassion is the basic premise to serve the vulnerable people. website url -

Expertise in sector

  • 7+ years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered non-profit.

In 3-4 sentences, tell us the inspiration or story that encouraged you to start this project.

CASA has successful implemented the project in Tipli village of uttrakhand India. 1. Increase in outreach of the project – From Tipli village to surrounding 50 villages/ 20 kms radius 2. Community-based activities to save water bodies 3. Increase Agricultural Output 4. Climate Resiliency Field Schools 5. Reduced migration of farmers 6. Shift to Multi-Cropping From mono-cropping 7. Adapting organic Farming & Income from Organic products 8. 11. Younger generation are participating.

Please explain how your selected topic areas are influenced, in the local context of your project (1,000 characters).

Due to climate change over a period of time in the hill regions have abruptly affected the local communities’ at large scale. Large numbers of Farmers communities in the states are marginal (having less than 1hactre of farming land). Due to this scientific modern farming is not possible. Commodities grown in the fields are very minimal and there is lack of surplus market. They mainly dependent on the monsoon rain for the farming practices. Quite recently these agrarian communities have been directly affected by the impact of climate change on natural resources and the expected increase in both man made and natural disaster. Already poor and marginalized from mainstream society, they cultivate marginal lands in a difficult terrain under harsh climatic condition. Climate variability has impacted severely the food security at the household level particularly of the local communities.

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (1,000 characters)

CASA will Establishing linkage of Climate Farmer School with experts Metrological Dept: For providing training to farmers about the use of weather instruments and taking periodic records. Develop strategies and provide measures to address extreme weather/ climate events. Agriculture and Horticulture Institution: for gathering information about crops health, growth, soil condition, diseases, insects, etc. Mentor: For mentoring the entire CFS programme, day to day guide and build the capacity of farmers regularly. Telecommunication Expert (Hem radio, Mobile and community radio) IEC Material Development For the help of farmers, in local language various IEC materials will be developed. This IEC material will include all information about the instruments and parameter through which farmers will monitor the same. This will also help them to keep remember what they have learned during training.

Please share some of the top strengths identified in the community which your project will serve (500 characters)

Younger generation is willing to actively participate in awareness building for the success of the project and even with our experience we have seen that community members are actively participating in program activities and they are willing to learn new ways to mitigate climate change and improve their agriculture output. This project is sustainable model and communities will be trained to sustain the project by their own even after completion of the project period.

Geographic Focus

Project will be implemented in villages of Hanval Ghati in Uttarakhand India

How many months are required for the project idea? (500 characters)

36 month

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  • No


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Photo of Deepshikha

Hi Gaurav,

This idea of yours is really nice, and sorely needed in Uttarakhand! I am a bit curious about one aspect of your project though. As you mentioned, you are conducting this pilot in certain villages along the Henval River Valley, how do you see the impact spreading in other the other villages which aren't a part of the pilot? Would the School be open to people from other villages that are not a part of the pilot project?

We are doing a sutainable rural tourism project in three villages close to Chamba town; if the scope of your project ever extends that far in the future, we would be very happy to spread the word about your school, and mobilize farmers towards your initiative. We are also always looking for organizations to collaborate with to increase the skill sets of the people in the villages we work in, especially with regards to environmental and climatic issues. If this is something that seems interesting to you, we would absolutely love to start a dialogue with you!

Warm regards,

Photo of Gaurav null

Hi Deepshika,

Thanks for your kind words, we can surly collaborate and discuss possibilities to work together for rural communities.
You can contact me on my below mentioned email id -

With regards,
Gaurav Emanuel Masih

Photo of Deepshikha

Hi Gaurav,

Oh fantastic! Will do so!

Warm regards,