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Change Plastic from Annoying Garbage to Income Source

I will be the manager and part of local community

Photo of Surya Giri Kurniawan Poerwanto

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Plastic in many countries, especially Indonesia, is an annoying garbage. Tons of plastics are polluted river, sea and land area. Most plastics need tens of years to be recycled into soil. Burning plastics also is not a good idea, since it will make another problem to air quality. Burnt plastics are releasing toxic gases like Dioxins, Furans, Mercury and Polychlorinated Biphenyls into the atmosphere. Further, burning of Poly Vinyl Chloride liberates hazardous halogens and pollutes air, the impact of which is climate change. In Indonesia, Government is still in struggle to clean sea and rivers from plastics. Tons of plastics in river make another problem to people, by causing yearly flood more and more dangerous. In the other hand, many people in Indonesian suburb area face economics problem. With most people are working in informal sectors, reliable side income streams will be a great help for them. Malnutrition cases are still happened in many places, even in Jakarta suburb area. This idea is to help Jakarta Suburb area to get side income from plastics, as well as reduce environment damages. Used Plastics can be easily processed into very useful items with commercial value such as arts, piggy banks, toys, carpets, garbage cans, alternative gasoline and more items. What shall we do? 1. We shall make a local business community, create a "Plastics Bank" community. The form of the business community is "KOPERASI", it is an Indonesian Traditional bottom up business entity. 2. "Plastics Bank" will accept plastics submission from members. In return, the members will get money for used plastics they submitted. 3. "Plastic Bank" will design products and manufacture commercial items from plastics. We shall employ local people and members as workers 4. "Plastic Banks" will market the products online and locally. Local people can join as seller. 5. "Plastic Banks" area and products grow from profit. This project can be developed in other country too.

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

Low Income Local People in Jakarta Suburb area

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Government of Indonesia has tried to reduce plastic bags use by making plastic bags as tax component, but it did not worked. Cleaning sea and rivers are difficult task as long as plastics garbage are not reduced in quantity. But used plastics are not all garbage. Used plastics are free raw material for many useful items. Used plastics are found every where, in house holds, in garbage cans, in rivers.

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  • Initial Design: I am exploring the idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it with real users.

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My activity now is creating Christian websites and promoting love one to others, living in harmony . My main website is

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  • 3-5 years

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  • No, but we plan to register in the future.

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In 2000s I helped Al-Huda Foundation to design mosque in Cileungsi, West Java, as a volunteer, I saw that local people works by selling used plastics to a company. The company produced some products from plastics. I found that selling used Plastics is a reliable side income for people in Cileungsi until now. There is a chance to duplicate this system, tons of used plastics are wasted to rivers everyday. It is potential to be a free source of income for many people. Some one has to organize it.

Please explain how your selected topic areas are influenced, in the local context of your project (1,000 characters).

Safe our Planet from pollutant since the quality of environment is also improve people prosperity. In this case, saving our planet with making annoying plastics garbage into side income for local people, will directly improve low income people prosperity.

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (1,000 characters)

Local Government Local Community Local Church Local Mosque

Please share some of the top strengths identified in the community which your project will serve (500 characters)

There are a lot of unused land in this area, a lot of plastics garbage not used

Geographic Focus

Jakarta Suburb Area

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24 month

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  • No
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Plastic Bottles can help many children for transportation crossing rivers : opportunity


The example of commercial products processing from used plastics as alternative to recycled into some art items


Example of Creative Arts Idea for using Used Plastics

Plastic Banks.pptx



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Photo of Kevin Adair

Hi, what products do you plan to make from the plastic? Will you be starting an enterprise and hiring people, or will you make it all entrepreneurial projects?

Photo of Surya Giri Kurniawan Poerwanto

Hi Kevin, thank you for your interest in this program. Priority will be the arts products and plastic grains for selling, making income opportunity to people. But I am planning to make a sustainable program, so some plastics are melted into products that can be used and sold by beneficiary community. I am not planning to make a company for profit, but the same with my bible projects, it will be an entity that running programs to help people. The target is not profit, but sustainability and make sure it can cover the program cost. The program itself is intended to help people and environment.

Best regards

Photo of Kevin Adair

Thank you, good to learn more of your plans. All the best.

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