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Awesome Life Design

Awesome Life Design is a vision of a society and life based on human values (love, friendship, etc.) and respect for all life and the planet

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My name is Ilona, I am a philosopher and design thinker. Through my interests and studies in Social Psychology and Philosophy, I discovered interesting mechanisms shaping our Western dominant civilisation. In short, a particular type of a man left Europe (this type of person is present in all cultures and races) and conquered the world, killing everyone or turning the few remaining into usually, Christians. This is of course, a very simplified version of our history. It reveals though a dominance and continuum of certain practices, mechanisms and phenomenon. I am planning to make a video and explain these more but am quite camera shy so will have to conquer this first. However would like to share a few ideas that will hopefully explain it better. Psychology and Neuroscience are relatively new disciplines, and we now know what a sociopath is - a person with no empathy for others or the planet, and we can also tell whether a person has psycho tendencies. So let's say we have a new international or EU law that would require any person applying for an office or leadership post, to go through a test... This would with time eliminate sociopaths from positions of power... Imagine all governments valuing no man-made values (when I say man-made, I mean the dominant type of men I described), but our real human values: love, friendship, life, quality, etc. This brings me to another point. In today world we seem to value money more than we value life itself, our families, ourselves, our future or thinking. We are the most intelligent species but we are relying on our ability to adapt. To working life or poverty. The reality is we do not have to produce all these new models of phones, cars or sofas, we would be perfectly fine having only quality stuff, ecological cars and houses. We are all designers and we all are geniuses at times yet, we are made to believe 'pretty girls don't think'. These taken for granted norms and beliefs is what I want to tackle globally

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Human kind, all life, planet.

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It is a widely accepted opinion that our society is awakening. But just like with an ordinary awakening on Sunday morning, there is the space between awakening and reasoning. Similarly, the society is awakening, but it's not yet reasoning. Through policies, educations, trends (advertisement, film, TV, social media etc.) we can spark a social intellectual revolution, creating a new culture, human thinkers, problem solvers, thriving change makers. Thanks to cross-cultural and psychological studies we can understand the nature of human nature, and the mechanisms shaping our world, culture, beliefs and values. Some of these are: neoliberalism, power relation, obedience to authority, cognitive mechanisms, etc. Understood can be manipulated, unlocked. Our world is socially constructed but it has not been designed. With nowadays technology we can combine the knowledge and expertise in psychology, economy, design and many, many more and collaboratively design a human centred life.

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  • Initial Design: I am exploring the idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it with real users.

Tell us more about your organization/company (1 sentence and website URL) and The website has only a few articles and will be updated by late June, the FB page shares lots of great designs and ideas from all over the world. Please like, if you like :)

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  • 3-5 years

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  • Other

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Peace, Prosperity and Planet - all three are influenced or impacted by us, human kind. Our behaviour, beliefs and values. Prosperity# Evolutionary Psychology reveals that as a species, we are not really adapted to live the kind of life we are living. We are not really living, most of the time, but working, most of our life. At the same time, we all seem to believe / accept economy, that makes no sense to anyone, really. Planet# Cognitive Psychology reveals that as individuals (including people in power) we reject / deny knowledge that is too harmful dreadful to bear, such as the fact that we are killing ourselves, others or the planet. Destruction continues. Peace# Psychoanalytical Psychology reveals the forces creating conflict and violence. Social Psychology reveals the mechanism of fear and obedience and motivations behind a political action. We have all it takes to design human future, societal norms and values, and unite the world in love for others and life.

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I happen to be working for a global company with branches in many countries, and am now due to have some promising meetings with the executive / leadership team. I believe that creating a human workplace could be another great opportunity to make a shift in culture and societal norms. BBC, Open University, Evonomics, scholar activists, various organisations and many individuals (including everyone involved in this challenge) are already tackling the issue. All share similar understanding, values, motivations and goals but all are separate experts in their own area. Combining our knowledge with the tools like design thinking process, system thinking, etc. and our advanced technology is all we need! Really :) We are in a position and do not require a permission to start addressing the root of the problem, not the outcomes. We can understand the problem, and once the problem is understood, the solution will come out of it, because the problem and the solution are not separate.

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Less that 36 months.

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Photo of Ilona Kozlovsky

Hello everyone,
I thought to start a conversation :)

Let me ask a question, if you were to call your workplace or school and say that you cannot come today because your friend / neighbour is depressed or broke a leg and you'd want to spend some time with him / her, help them out a bit. Would you be allowed?

Most people I know, would not.

We live in a society where we are not allowed to help others.

What do you think is needed / would need to happen to change hegemonic (taken for granted) norms and beliefs in our society?

Photo of Ilona Kozlovsky

Hey Christophe,I didn't not heard of the book, thank you for sharing.
I followed the link, it sounds very interesting, I would certainly want to explore our possible collaboration. However, I'm tied up with some pressing matters up to early mid June hence my very limited participation here, and elsewhere. Hope we'll be able to have a chat shortly, if that's okay :)

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