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#APOISFSRESPETO Liter of Light Program

Implementation of Grassroots Enterprise Model for Liter of Light 190,250 Solar Bulbs in Luzon,Visayas, & Mindanao Islands in the Philippines

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Described as a global, grassroots movement whose aim is to provide affordable, sustainable solar light to those with limited or no access to electricity, Liter of Light depends upon a vast network of partnerships the world over to teach communities how to use their waste to light up their lives. The organization says that it’s been teaching “green skills to empower grassroots entrepreneurs” since its founding back in 2012, and its open-source technology has been lauded by the UN and applied in some UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) camps. By filling plastic bottles with water and bleach, the organization is able to create day lights — the bottles are attached to roofs and refract sunlight during the day. And when nightfall arrives, a micro solar panel added to the plastic bottle enables a night light powered by the sun. Best of all, all the parts Liter of Light uses are available to the local community, which means that residents are empowered to create light of their own. The initiative began just five years ago in the Philippines, and already, has a presence in more than 15 countries. But the goal is far more ambitious — Liter of Light hopes to reach 1 million homes in 2018 (thus far, it has already reached 850,000 homes). If you’re interested in taking part in Liter of Light, you can either donate directly to the cause, or learn how to create one of these lights yourself. This will be done while educating the recipients and the community about the value of RESPECT for our environment by recycling all kinds of waste. #APOISFSRESPETO is all about RESPECTING nature so we will not feel the havoc of strong typhoons. The solar bottle bulb is a program that uses appropriate technologies to a grassroots green lighting program. The concept is that if the materials are found easily in even the poorest neighborhoods, can be built with simple carpentry skills, and can be sustained by teaching grassroots entrepreneurs

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39 Barangays in Alaminos City, Pangasinan is the initial target and the implementation will be scaled up in Luzon, Visayas, & Mindanao Islands in the Philippines. Social Benefits The benefit to the local community above all is access. The second is livelihood creation. Once a seeding program of a few hundred bulbs are put in a village, the effect is immediate, as neighbours get to see how the bulbs are made by the organization and volunteers and the improvement of internal living conditions in the household. Once the monthly bills come in, the average savings of USD $ 6.00 / month or more is significant is a greater incentive to install for others in the neighbourhood. This creates a market for solar bottle entrepreneurs such as Mang Demi who began as unemployed, having basic carpentry skills, and difficulty paying electricity bills. Starting with just 500 solar bottles, he has now used his business to service 8,000 clients in lighting up their neighbourhood earnings.

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The solar bottle bulb is a program that uses appropriate technologies to a grassroots green lighting program. The concept is that if the materials are found easily in even the poorest neighbourhoods, can be built with simple carpentry skills, and can be sustained by teaching grassroots entrepreneurs how to continue the program through building and installing the solar bulb, then this facilitates expansion at a geometric rate throughout the country. By putting all this information on the internet, facebook, and teaching caravans throughout the country, we have been able to do this. In combination with #APOISFSRESPETO , we will be teaching the community the value of respect to our environment The idea of teaching and embedding a culture of RESPETO for individuals, for parents, for neighbors, for the community and for the environment will lead to achieved bridging the peace, planet and prosperity.

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  • Initial Design: I am exploring the idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it with real users.

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Alpha Phi Omega International Service Fraternity & Sorority (APOISFS) Mission: It is the MISSION of Alpha Phi Omega to prepare campus and community leaders through service.

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  • 1-2 years

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  • Yes, we are a registered non-profit.

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What if something as simple as an old plastic bottle filled with water could mean the difference between light and darkness? Rudimentary as it may sound, the almost no-cost solution is uplifting the quality of life of thousands of impoverished families in the Philippines who have no access to electricity and use dangerous kerosene lamps indoors. These makeshift solar lamps basically act as skylights, and reflect and amplify the rays of the sun during daylight hours

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Peace is influenced by socio-economic reasons mainly lack of money. Prosperity has been impacted by high cost of electricity coupled by lack of lights in the houses of people undermining their productivity to do work since there are no available lights and birth rates would increase because darkness induces couples to have sex. Planet has been impacted by excessive use of electricity where the liter of light can replaced 40 to 50 watts electric bulbs t is free energy, no carbon emissions, and immediately scalable by social enterprise and lastly is easily replicated by the local government using its more considerable resources. That’s it. The household will be bathed in refractive light of 60 watts on a clear day, and the water in the bottle refracts the light 360 degrees to all corners of a 40 square meter room for less than a US dollar in total plus labor. Savings in electricity expenditure every month is at an average of USD $6.00 / month .

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The Local Government of Alaminos City, Pangasinan through Mayor Arthur Celeste and his leadership team will provide the logistics and stakeholders engagement plan implementation while APOISFS will provide the program management under the support and supervision of MyShelter Foundation Liter of Light Program. Stakeholders include Indigenous people, women, youth, minority groups, community leaders , academia, and government,

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The community is a 4th class municipality and is home to the world class tourist destination of One Hundred Islands with trained english speaking world class tourist guides, divers, travel and tour operators, hotel and restaurant management with full support from the Local Government Unit led by the Mayor Arthur Celeste and his leadership team.

Geographic Focus

Alaminos City, Pangasinan and after June 2018 , the islands of Luzon, Visayas, & Mindanao , Phils.

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within the last day of year 2020 equivalent to Thirty-One (31) months

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  • No


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Photo of abubakar Mbarak

Absolutely brilliant. This is great, the society will be able to increase their productivity at night because of the light. Children can study and adults can prepare and work an extra mile at their homes.
i personally am interested in learning how to make the light myself, maybe you could explain more to that.
thank you, good luck on the challenge

Photo of Ramon Franco

Thank you for your inspiring comment abubakar Mbarak. Let me request your good self to join our team so you can have the feel and experience from A to Z of learning how to make the light yourself coupled with the human-designed tools that we are going to deploy while implementing this program. I just pasted a nice inspiring link on how to make the liter of light.

Kindly visit our website at for other programs that we do

Our team would be so excited having you on-board our dynamic, flexible, and adaptable team.

Photo of abubakar Mbarak

how do i join?

Photo of Ramon Franco

Let me request for your email I.D. and will keep you posted on our upcoming Ideo event on June 16, 2018 at Alaminos City, Pangasinan Philippines. With you approval will also include you in our team. Thank you for roping up with us. Take care

Photo of abubakar Mbarak

email (
yes, i would love to join your team.
Thank you.

Photo of abubakar Mbarak

you can add me as a team from your challenge option.

Photo of Ramon Franco

Yes, i will add you as soon as I had completed the team structure to allow us to practice the human-design objective of Ideo. Thank you for believing and roping up with us

Photo of Ramon Franco

Thank you for sharing your time, talent, and treasure. I will send you an email update with today. Take care

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