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Air because we Care

Creating community amongst all through hard work, recycling, and cooler air.

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Explain your project idea (2,000 characters)

My idea is to have US team build community centers accessible and welcoming to all in India. Anyone willing to engineer, volunteer or willing to donate some of their time would be hired to teach the people living in these areas how to build a recycled air conditioner. The people will be rewarded for cleaning up the Earth; everyone would collect cans, plastic bottles, pieces of wood, styrofoam, cardboard, and other pollutants, then bring them to these community centers. There, they will then learn how to assemble a recycled air conditioner and how to install it in their own home. The goal of this idea is to bridge peace and planet, spreading awareness to the dangerous effects of global climate change and pollution, affecting those living in places like India where the heat is extreme and the poverty is growing. It would also simultaneously create a strong community among the people; connecting rich and poor, young and old, and amateurs with the experienced.

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

Everyone is a beneficiary; the people living in India who will receive an education of global climate change and learn how to make a positive impact on the world, the people helping them, teaching them, knowing they are spreading good for the world and living up to their potential, and the Earth, because we the people are cleaning it, caring for it, and beginning to heal it. Those living in these extremely hot conditions will benefit from the air conditioners and from learning more about their purpose and their effect on the environment. The people that will teach them and help construct these air conditioners will benefit socially and in terms of work because someone is using their product. And everyone being benefited in a safe and healthy way benefits the environment and planet Earth; it begins the healing process and is being taken care of by its inhabitants.

How is your idea unique? (1,000 characters)

I have done a lot of research as to wind patterns, temperature, and location of the designated area where I believe this idea will help the most: India. An idea that has already started to be put into action originated in Bangladesh. People there have begun to construct recycled air conditioners and installing them in their homes. My idea is similar, however, I would somewhat “reconstruct” the design of these air conditioners to make them even more efficient and useful, more specifically, creating multiple sized holes in the prototype designs with wider bottle intakers. These adjustments would hopefully utilize even more trash and pollutants in this region, helping both the people and the planet. So yes, my idea is quite similar to this idea, but it is taking it to another level of redesigning and a new location, helping more people and using more resources to help the environment.

Idea Proposal Stage (choose one)

  • Initial Design: I am exploring the idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it with real users.

Tell us more about your organization/company (1 sentence and website URL)

Notre Dame Belmont is an all girls high school with locations all across the globe, teaching young women through strong education how to become leaders.

Expertise in sector

  • 1-2 years

Organization Filing Status

  • No, but we are a formal initiative through a university.

In 3-4 sentences, tell us the inspiration or story that encouraged you to start this project.

I am doing this challenge as my second semester final for my environmental science in action class. My teacher wants us to become involved in our communities, but also reach beyond the limits of our comfort zones. She wanted us to think about ways we could actually impact other people, anywhere in the world, and here I am.

Please explain how your selected topic areas are influenced, in the local context of your project (1,000 characters).

Peace in India is unity. The people join together to create community, a trusting and honest group of people that want to live in peace and in happiness; protecting their unified country. The planet has been impacted in India by pollution, extreme heat, and the overarching issue of climate change. India is also facing issues with overpopulation, so utilizing the abundance of people to benefit their home country would be ideal, and totally doable.

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (1,000 characters)

So far, only my environmental science class is the only group that works alongside these ideas, but each individual and student has a different idea of their own. We all often work together as a class, a school and a community to give back to our environment and keep it striving and healthy, and this challenge was a good step in the right direction to complete that goal. I think that if one of these ideas were picked to be considered as a legitimate movement, our whole school would pitch in and do service work, both direct and indirect.

Please share some of the top strengths identified in the community which your project will serve (500 characters)

This area has a lot of youth that are trying to survive and help their families. Also, India has an extremely large population, so there are a lot of people that both can help, and that are in need of help. Within this region, there are a lot for unused resources; such as plastic bottles and cardboard that can be collected and repurposed for better and more efficient (and eco-healthy) use.

Geographic Focus

I would focus this idea of pop up community centers and a teaching/learning program for recycled air

How many months are required for the project idea? (500 characters)

An approximate amount of time for this to all be built would probably be a year; considering people need to be hired, pop up community centers need to be planned out, designed, and constructed, and materials would need to be collected. Overall, it should not take too long for everything to be accomplished and “up and running”.

Did you submit this idea to our 2017 BridgeBuilder Challenge? (Y/N)

  • No


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Photo of Shikha Dixit

Hello, Avery! Your idea is interesting. You have mentioned about 'recycled air conditioners' which is quite relevant to the high temperature climate here. I am sure these are also cheaper alternatives and will benefit the poor segments who cannot afford to buy the conventional air conditioners. Can these be run on solar power?
Our idea also engages the Youth. Would welcome any of your inputs for further improvement. Thanks!
Best Wishes,

Photo of My Nguyen

Avery, I love the idea of taking bottles and recyclable materials and repurposing them!! The idea of helping people create simple, efficient, and cost effective ways to help them cool their homes is a great idea, especially in India where the population is increasing and not everyone has the economic stability to build and have AC. I like how you want to create a community center that houses the materials and supports the community. Have you thought about ways to get that community center running especially if people can not afford to volunteer time there? I would have liked to see more information explaining the idea itself. How would this device work and how would a wider bottle improve the overall flow of air.

Photo of Olivia Tyler18

I love your idea about creating an affordable air conditioner system from common objects like plastic water bottles! This is especially important for areas like India where pollution is so terrible and the climate is so hot. Your utilization of resources in this area are also a great idea considering how large the population is and how many recyclable objects are thrown out each year that could be turned into your idea! Have you thought about how you will get the word out about your idea and the community centers you’re implementing to help people understand how to make these air conditioners? You might also try partnering up with some of the people who already are building these air conditioners and have them work in your community centers to teach people about how it all works and show them how to build these. I feel that working with an already innovative community would definitely help you to lift your idea off the ground, especially being able to hear stories from other locals and get them excited about your big idea! This could help you expand your project quickly and efficiently.

Photo of Genevieve

Hi - I like your idea (I've always been fascinated by this concept of so easily cooling air)... I would love to see you adjust it so that it includes a training program so that it doesn't require a US (or other foreign) group to go show a group in India how to do something every time - but rather your group may initially go and train others how to show people what to do so the idea can spread quickly. Our organization faces this same challenge - the cost to go to India to hold the workshop is quite high, so focusing on redistributing those funds to hire someone locally to continue the work would help you have a bigger impact. Great thinking - I look forward to watching your idea develop!

Photo of Avery Stump

Thank you for your feedback! That is an excellent addition to this idea that I think could make it more meaningful and productive - thank you for sharing!