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Africa, a Continent at Peace

To raise homegrown peace builders and young leaders who're fearless in criticizing brutality and tireless in promoting the culture of peace

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AYINET’s Grand Vision currently is to establish a Peace Academy – a permanent infrastructure to integrate both intellectual and traditional (Ubuntu) peacebuilding disciplines; incubate skills for conflict prevention and mediations; nurture spirit of solidarity and establish platforms that spark peace movement and new era of Hope in Africa. In response to the heartbreaking refugee crisis, death of immigrants crossing the Mediterranean, the appalling resurgence of the slave trade, youth unemployment rate, and years of political turbulence; AYINET seeks to mobilize alliances, build bridges for peace, challenge social injustice, strengthen communities, as well as arouse the interest of young people to act positively and promptly to propagate peace throughout Africa. The Africa, a continent at Peace will be achieved through programs that’ll include the use of traditional tools as well as creative ideas and modern technologies to generate the capacity for the expression and empowerment of grass-roots actions for peace, justice and reconciliation. The following are the three thematic ambitions: 1. Establish a Peace Academy – a permanent infrastructure for peacebuilding in Africa 2. Conduct specialized peace education – instituting cohorts of peacebuilders in Africa 3. Invigorate a Pan-African Peace Movement - a continent-wide platform for peace Building on AYINET’s experience of community healing and youth agency and its ideal of investing in individuals, the Peace Academy aims to establish a network of young peacebuilders that will advocate for conflict transformation and reconciliation. It will empower the conflict affected youth, of which majority are at risk of radicalisation, and help them to transform their trauma in opportunities for leadership to heal and reconcile their historically divided societies. It’ll facilitate dialogue to overcome discrimination, prevent conflict and build bridges for coexistence, peaceful and liveable Africa.

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

The project will benefit primarily the young people across the continent, aiming to include both educated and uneducated youth (below 35 yrs), rural and urban, all religions Curriculum development: A cornerstone of this peace education initiative is conceptualizing objectives, developing curriculum will be key. Selection and training: For that reason, strategic outreach will be made for the Peace Academy, will focus on building partnership and alliances, and identifying grassroots leaders of youth from across the continent who will be trained in Uganda. AYINET has already determined that 80-100 participants will be involved per 3-month cohort In-field Experience: As part of the training, all trainees will be deployed for 1 month in a 3rd country. This is the opportunity for participants to gain in-field experience in conflict resolution and peacebuilding is an admirable component of the programing. Peace movement: Number of post-training initiatives started or led by graduates

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With focus on conflict prevention, the Peace Academy will hone the skills of aspiring peacemakers into a network of young African agents of change. By investing in individuals, AYINET will advance local peacebuilding efforts by establishing a web of mediators, diplomats, and peace practitioners that can be mobilized within their communities during times of unrest. With the aim that after building a permanent infrastructure for peacebuilding in Africa, training peace mentors and establishing cohorts across the continent, we will seek to in 2 years pilot a peacebuilding mission, as opposed to usually peacekeeping mission. The Peace Academy will integrate intellectual education with grassroots cultural knowledge for a practical peacebuilding outcome. It aims to harmonize and legitimize the complementing intellectual and traditional skills in promoting peace and ending vicious circles of violent revenge, and it will embrace both academic and non-academic practices.

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The African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) is an indigenous African initiative based in Uganda, strives to empower the conflict-affected population of Uganda and other countries and working with youth across the Continent to lead and work towards peace. AYINET promotes peace and reconciliation, facilitated reconstructive surgery to tens of thousands wounded by war and supported return and resettlement of former child soldiers in northern Uganda

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  • 7+ years

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I am the Founder and Executive Director for African Youth Initiative Network since 2005. Born in northern Uganda, I spent over 20 years amidst violent conflict that displaced over 3 million people, where 60,000+ children were abducted and forcefully recruited as child-soldiers, including my own brother. My organisation working to assist victims of war has so far provided reconstructive medical repair to over 21,000 war victims of rape, gun-shots and mutilation, supported network of youth leaders

Please explain how your selected topic areas are influenced, in the local context of your project (1,000 characters).

The peace education and youth leadership development project is an ambitious long-term initiative seeking to inspire and amplify voices of emerging young leaders across Africa. It also seeks to arouse collaborative actions to prevent conflict, respond to humanitarian crisis, and support recovery to create an environment for growth. It’s designed to champion and promote shared unity building bonds and alliances among the young generation of emerging leaders, deepening the understanding of humanity’s common fate, reinforcing the vitality of solidarity, and nurturing a culture of resilience in the face of contemporary threats to African society. It fosters leadership explicitly in favor of peace and is informed by individuals’ right to justice. The next generation of political, religious, cultural, and civil society leaders are today’s youth. We seek to give young people the skills and network to mobilize, advocate, organize, and make their ideas become reality and create change

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (1,000 characters)

Initiative will seek to strengthen a continental Leadership for Peace Initiative to stimulate cross-border and intergenerational dialogue, strengthen political commitments for peace and reinforce high-level collaborative partnerships for peace. Key partners will include United Nations, African Union, regional bodies like IGAD, ECOWAS, universities, private sectors and civil society organizations. These are people whom we have worked with for instances UN we both collaborated on programs and financing, while private sectors are currently part of our largest donation target as most are now committed to impact investment. Our biggest partners are the communities and young people. This includes rural-urban, educated – uneducated, men-women

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Africa is the youngest continent on the planet, and faces enormous challenge of demographic pressure. Poverty, unemployment and bad governance; majority are sadly the generation of life-time anger. With suffering continue, we have witnessed in most crisis around the continent, young people plays major roles. So as we grapple with Africa’s demographic pressure, initiatives like this one is an opportunity for us to influence the pace of change.

Geographic Focus

It will be based in Uganda, but benefit youth from across Africa who will be selected and trained

How many months are required for the project idea? (500 characters)

This is part of the long term strategy for AYINET to establish a permanent infrastructure for peace-building in Africa. But, funding being sought for this will be used within 24 months

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