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Abe's Meats

Creators of the first-ever "Interfaith Meat" products that are both Halal & Kosher.

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Abe's Meats is an award-winning social impact organization that has produced the first-ever Interfaith Meat products that are both Halal and Kosher. We partner with local ranchers who offer pasture-raised animals that live cage-free and consume natural diets with no hormones or antibiotics. Beyond the social value of helping Jews and Muslims celebrate their commonalities by combining thousands of years of dietary religious law, we are transforming meat production by creating a more equitable model for small-scale American ranchers, offering higher-quality food products in an accessible manner, and producing the most ecological meat product possible. We are reducing food waste by >30 percent, reversing our climate impact on soil erosion, and studying how silvopasture can better pastural livestock management.

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

When we began to market our first-to-market meat products to potential buyers, it was natural for them to suggest that we exclusively target the Jewish and Muslim Americans in LA and NYC. While these areas are home to our largest markets, it is because ~85% of these faith-based foods are being consumed by people who do not associate themselves with Islam or Judaism, but who prefer Kosher and Halal products. Why? More carnivores are losing trust in industrialized meat production, yet meat consumption is growing. As a result, Kosher and Halal meats have gained more popularity because they are marketed as being "cleaner" and more "ethical" than industrialized meat production. After conducting >200 customers surveys last year (which will include a follow-up later this year), we believe our marketing approach will be essential in promoting our products to a) 9 million Jewish and Muslim consumers and b) the larger, general American consumer base.

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Despite similarities in faith-based dietary restrictions between Muslims and Jews (ex: same constraints for pork and shellfish), no venture has produced meat products approved for both communities. The root of this problem is political and financial in nature. As a result, most Halal and Kosher meat products are very expensive (for all parties involved across the supply chain), damaging to the environment, low-quality/unhealthy, and inaccessible for the growing Muslim and Jewish consumers in the US.

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  • Pilot: I have started to implement the idea as a whole with a first set of real users.

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Abe's Meats has created the first-ever "Interfaith Meat" products that are both Halal & Kosher.

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During the 2016 Presidential election cycle, I saw a nation confronted with rising levels of antisemitism and Islamophobia. This inspired me to host a dinner I called Shabbat Salaam, with friends of Jewish and Muslim faiths to share a meal and discuss the faith-based issues affecting our communities. However, planning a meal for Kosher AND Halal diets proved to be an expensive and logistical nightmare. From here I realized the social and economic benefit a company like Abe's Meats could provide.

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Planet - Unlike industrialized meat production, Abe's produces sustainable meats from cage-free animals that graze on rain-fed pastures that play a pivotal role in reversing our climate impact on soil erosion, sequestering carbon, and reducing other GHG emissions. Sustainable meat production is, in fact, essential for our environmental health. Prosperity - Abe's is sourced by small-scale, family-owned ranches that reject industrialized meat production, our supply chain helps American food businesses offer meals to more customers with the same amount of inventory. This saves everyone a lot of time and moolah. To be accountable to our supporters, we are building a fully transparent supply chain from farm to fork. Peace - At its core Abe's is about fostering inclusivity by merging ancient dietary religious laws to bring our Muslim and Jewish communities together. Food is integral to the identities of these communities, and what better way to do that than breaking bread, literally!

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Abe’s Meats has been supported by more than a dozen social impact organizations, including University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Founder’s Institute, and TED. Ted, OneTable, a nonprofit organization that focuses on hosting Shabbat dinners, directly partners with us to bring to life our “Shabbat Salaam” interfaith dinner celebrations across the country. At these dinners, Abe’s Interfaith Meat products are served. The food is used as a stepping stone to help our attendees participate in our interfaith programming, which includes facilitating conversations around the complexities of our human identities. With OneTable, we co-sponsor the event, volunteer alongside each other, and build out new curriculums to keep our attendees engaged with each new Shabbat Salaam.

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In terms of market outlook, Kosher and Halal food markets in the US alone exceed 20 billion dollars and are trending upwards. The halal market itself has grown ⅓ since 2010 in part due to the increasing Muslim population in the US but also due to the increased adoption of faith-based foods into the diets of non-religious consumers. In fact, 85% of consumers of the Halal and Kosher market are general Americans who have no affiliation with either religion.

Geographic Focus

Abe's Meats plans to initially target the greater NYC/Los Angeles areas with hopes to go nationwide.

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We hope to be a sustainable operation for our initial markets within a year(12 months) with further impact and scalability following.

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Hello Mohammad It's great to have you in the challenge. Have you tested your idea with users yet? If so, what has been their feedback so far? I am curious to learn more about your project. Look forward to hearing from you!

Photo of Mohammad Modarres

Yes we have. We have a final product we are offering select businesses. Stay in touch. We are going to premiere our products to a larger, national stage very shortly. Here is to using (healthy) food diplomacy as a way of connecting the planet, people, and (social) profit.

We have a #ShabbatSalaam event this Friday in NYC. You are more than welcome to join. To learn more check out our Facebook page for most updated info:

Photo of Jean-Marc Mercy

Thanks Mohammad. I like the "food diplomacy" concept!

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