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Agri Waste is not a waste but a resource for bridging Peace and Prosperity for a better world.

Innovative model for Effective Utilization of Agricultural wastes to create an impact converting into opportunities.

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*Please Upload User Experience Map (as attachment) and any additional insights gathered from Beneficiary Feedback in this field

After having interactive sessions with farmers community, Our concept idea has been welcomed & accepted with lots of enthusiasm though the farmers are concerned that Agri waste straws disposal is a problem for them as they follow mechanized agriculture that leaves a significant straws on the field,Mr Sai Kumar agriculturalist &farmer from Dullapally village -Telangana says the crop residues are only used for animal feed or burnt as they do not have knowledge to use for commercial applications.

Why does the target community define this problem as urgent and/or a priority? How is the idea leveraging and empowering community assets to help create an environment for success? (1000 characters)

The Community are not really aware about the usages of these agri residues ,This idea will educate both men & women to earn a decent living by selling these wastes & to produce i.e paddy bags, baskets etc. According to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), agriculture, livestock, forestry are responsible for 24% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The quantity of agri wastes are rising rapidly globally and as a result the environmental problems and negative impacts of agricultural waste by burning. Our idea implementation will be reduce pollution due to burning by adopting approaches to reuse agricultural wastes for producing commercial products with an improved land use to sequester significant amounts of GHGs from the atmosphere and counter plastics pollution with these wastes to manufacture plant based bio plastics, fibres & eco based products ie biofertilizer,energy recycling, Biomass pyrolysis for soil fertility etc with a low cost investment with high returns .

How does the idea fit within the larger ecosystem that surrounds it? Urgent needs are usually a symptom of a larger issue that rests within multiple interrelated symptoms - share what you know about the context surrounding the problem you are aiming to solve. (500 characters)

The idea will create a positive impact not only locally but globally to solve multiple problems by generating Income, reducing pollution. employment generation in the region to produce Paddy bags (Garbage bags),Baskets ,Mats, Bioplastics etc with direct impact in reducing the numbers of Farmers suicides which are mostly due to financial burden of loans or seasonal crop failures etc. This will open new opportunities for communities and for new entrepreneurs to step in Eco business Industry.

How does the idea affect or change the fundamental nature of the larger ecosystem that surrounds it (as described above) in a new and/or far-reaching way? (500 characters)

This idea will impact both environment & livelihood not only in India but also for the whole world by creating an opportunity as a business model for Crop residues. Agri wastes of Straws and bales has not been used appropriately due to less demand with high cost of transportation. Our aim is to become a leading Agri Waste collector, Supplier & producer to empower the community with Skills and Training to create an Agri waste based market driven economy for the future for peace and prosperity.

What will be different within the target community as a result of implementing the idea? What is the scope and scale of that difference? How long will it take to see that difference and how will it be sustained beyond BridgeBuilder support? (500 characters)

There are many reasons farmers are burning their field stubble is because of lack of options to dispose off the straw wastes ,our idea is sustainable with a scope to create opportunities in manufacturing of agri waste products, its quite unrealistic to say at this moment but we truly expect to see a big change in next 2-3 yrs, Our idea to become a leading collector,supplier ,manufacturer of eco products including Biochar & Bioplastics from Agri wastes.

How has the idea evolved or responded to your user research during the Beneficiary Feedback Phase and any further insights provided if you participated in the Expert Feedback Phase? (1000 characters)

I have experienced a very positive feedback with whomever we have connected and discussed this project idea , I have discussed this with partners in five states in India (Telangana -Andhra Pradesh , Westbengal ,Punjab and Odhisha and also with counterpartin southeast asian countries in Cambodia-(Prey veng & battambang region-Mainly produces high wastages of crop residues), Laos & vietnam and they all are happy and excited to know more about this project. As we have planned to use an innovative collection and distribution system using Battery operated powered vehicles to transport the Agri wastes from remote regions to ensure no wastes are unattended. There are challenges and it needs tremendous efforts to work closely with the beneficiaries for organized collection system.The farmers can store and deliver in 100kgs Eco bags to us in powdered form or pieces when stock is ready or our battery transport will collect both in raw or powdered form when there is enough quantity stock.

What are the key steps for implementation in the next 1-3 years? (You can attach a timeline or GANTT chart in place of a written plan, if desired.) (1000 characters)

The project will be implemented in a phase wise starting with awareness networking and database collection of farmers & resources availability in communities , the next phase will begin by providing Mini Grinders machines to farmers to ready paddy into small pieces/ powdered form at their premises or at common specified locations. After this phase the production of Agri waste products will begin with paddy straw bags, packing trays, Bio fertilizers , pyrolysis (bio char) for soil fertility, baskets ,mats , sheets. we also propose to start an Innovative battery powered vehicle for transportation of agriwastes for collections to the point of storage facility. There will be frequent workshops & campaigns conducted with district officials and communities encouraging them to produce and sell eco products saving environment. the team will coordinate with villages and farmers to source & procure the agriwastes in timely fashion through call centers and FARMERS APP in regional Languages.

Describe the individual or team that will implement this idea (if a partnership, please explain breakdown of roles and responsibilities for each entity). (Feel free to share an organizational chart or visual description of your team). (500 characters)

Full time Team members will be hired at a later stage, Mr Srinivas a mechanical engineer by profession Project Director . Dr Amiya Singh as partner has innovated eco friendly egg trays & Mr Sai Kumar our Partner an Agriculturist having rice field to procure agri waste crops from nearby villages. There are International partners from Battambang & preyveng in Cambodia Mr Sarey Horm),Mr Souly (Laos) & Mr Hoang (Director Agri )Vietnam and Mr Wattana( Agri Fruits Business from Thailand).

What aspects of the idea would potential BridgeBuilder funds primarily support? (500 characters)

Bridgebuilder support plays a major and vital role to reach the common goal to impact group of communities globally, we would primarily seek funds to manufacture & impart skills trainings for communities to produce eco friendly products from Agri wastes i.e straw bags, bio fertilizers , Eco water bottles, straw based trays, Biochar (Pyrolysis) ,tableswares and a support to funds for few Eco innovative battery vehicles for transportation & an Innovative Grinder machines for farmers to cut straws

In preparation for our Expert Feedback Phase: What are three unanswered questions or challenges that you could use support on in your project? These questions will be answered directly by experts matched specifically to your idea and needs.

Our vision is to scale this project idea not only within India but also for other regions to make this mission effective & impactful for other regions . As we have established linkages with chain of partners and stakeholders to begin a Pilot project in India and for ASEAN regions , would there be any further mentorship provided by GHR Foundation supporting for expansion of our implementation to work on other regions. As we think that this project could be implements on a larger prospective and this doesn't need high investments on a long run but an Initial thrust with limited funds with more cooperation & constant support from organizations to revolutionize the eco business Industry from agri residues model for peace , prosperity and safer environment.

Final Updates (*Please do not complete until we reach the Improve Phase*): How has the idea evolved or responded to your user research during the Beneficiary Feedback Phase and any further insights provided if you participated in the Expert Feedback Phase? (1000 characters)

In the framework of our vision and efforts to develop a bag made from Agriwastes , We have Initiated working to make the first step to make handmake Straws bags and these bags will be made from crop residues which have the same durability as a conventional paper bag by using a glue which are made from natural raw materials to be used a regular paper bag used in supermarkets/grocery store which will degrade after certain period of time. It is an alternative to say Good bye to conventional plastic bags to use Agri wastes which is not used for industrial scale production and to make a pleasant looking product. After understanding the major challenges which are involved to implement we realize that more partnerships and collaborations will act as catalyst to scale it for a better impact worldwide. These agri wastes will lead to an competitive market enhancing more innovative approaches and solutions which will benefit the human society and the environment.

During this Improve Phase, please use the space below to add any additional information to your proposal.

After our deep understanding and research , we understand that there needs to be more work done on Innovative approaches to use these agricultural wastes for efficient ecological and economic assets to generate innovative approaches to convert it into eco-friendly products with a direct benefits for both environment, economy and consumer. To achieve this goal, The focus of our project is explicitly on sustainability, which will offer more opportunities to expand in this area by experimenting more uses with these materials.

Explain your project idea (2,000 characters)

This Planet will breathe well and prosper with more educated & civilized society. The world’s population of 7.5 billion inhabitants and this massive demographic change rising complexities by urbanization,over-exploitation of natural resources, accelerating pollution and environmental degradation, international and in-country migrations, and a growing rural-urban divide. All have to cope with consequences of the unsustainable use of the Earth resources. This situation calls for urgent attention and firm commitments by communities and governments for a sustainable future as the vulnerability of some countries and radical religious beliefs are responsible for uprising conflicts.Our Idea will solve multiple solutions by education & skills on Agri waste uses for income generation for tribal ,rural and urban citizens sharing values and intercultural dialogues to ensure peace and prosperity.Natural resources exploitation has tangible and intangible benefits for social, political ,economic reasons but alternatives are necessary with population rise and depleting resources, We envisage to generate income from Agricultural wastes for Eco business and reduce the environmental damages. The mission is to empower them, promote exhibitions from village to international level and collect Agri wastes to use as a resource business model to produce eco freindly products such as Bio char,mats, leaf plates & disposable glasses,Cutleries ,sanitary pads,handicrafts,bags, Recycling of plastics, producing Bio Fertilizers & bio pesticides in R/Urban areas, this could be a 2 billion USD business industry from India. The amount of agri waste are 500+ millon tonnes every year and 300 million tons of crop residue burning causes severe pollution ,health and environmental damage. we would like to replacing usage of plastics with plant made bioplastics and using Community Resources assets to meet certain needs for living for people eg Pasture land (grazing land),farming land,pond ,wells,estate etc.

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

Beneficiaries will be communities from tribal , rural and urban areas and especially farmers living on daily wages with lot of uncertainty depending on climatic conditions. Good crops make their living sustainable but bad crops failure due to weather vulnerability, droughts leads farmers into disastrous situation falling in debts of loans ,this results in rising number of suicides among farmers communities worldwide. To generate second level of income will help in improving their living conditions & financial status as the agri wastes can be procured easily we will provide handholding assistance with necessary skills training needed for the communities to produce eco friendly products. This source of income generation will directly and indirectly impact their prosperity . We would also like to develop a farmer Agri waste APP in regional languages and call centers to approach us for assistance and to sell and inform about the stock availability of Agri wastes directly to us.

How is your idea unique? (1,000 characters)

Our Idea is to educate & train to get them moving to raise the income level of communities for prosperity by preserving and protecting the cultural heritage as a whole, including underwater cultural heritage especially in conflict-afflicted areas. This idea will work as there are no cost or low cost of investment on raw materials to produce but it has rewards with high returns without any losses and we all are aware about the reality about rising Population around the world which is directly responsible for depleting resources and environmental pollution due many other reasons. The communities with disputes and conflicts needs development and prosperity with a respected living and this idea has qualities which can improve the life of citizens in any country. The goal is to empower the talented poor people to produce any commercial products which are made of plants and agri wastes which are eco friendly to human health & environment to counter with an alternative for plastics.

Idea Proposal Stage (choose one)

  • Initial Design: I am exploring the idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it with real users.
  • Prototype: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing the idea.
  • Pilot: I have started to implement the idea as a whole with a first set of real users.

Tell us more about your organization/company (1 sentence and website URL)

Our aim is to develop and innovate more opportunities available within the communities without damaging the Environment by using Agri wastes potential for prosperity for rural and urban communities. we would like to create a high impact working with cost effective technologies which delivers profitability , sustainability with environment friendly results .

Expertise in sector

  • 5-7 years

Organization Filing Status

  • No, but we plan to register in the future.
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In 3-4 sentences, tell us the inspiration or story that encouraged you to start this project.

The inspiration came after seeing the poor farmers burning their wealth and not being able to bring up their living standards with high number of suicides due to financial burden , a thought came if there could be a secondary source of income from these Crop residues ,it could transform many lives for tribal ,rural and urban communities. As we have all in nature and more innovative solutions to work with these cheap resources could generate wealth by saving the environment for a better world.

Please explain how your selected topic areas are influenced, in the local context of your project (1,000 characters).

India is home of all religions and various communities with many languages , The major reason for my selection of this topic is because of the burning of agricultural waste in India is massive and as the people are unaware about the resource they are wasting by burning wealth and damaging the environment with severe pollution. After realizing the potential of wealth which is wasted and the damage it cause to the environment I have thought of working on a incentive business model which could grow the wealth of people and save the planet's environment .

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (1,000 characters)

Our engaged partners will be from local government institutions at village level , ngos and corporates etc . As tribal areas are not fully aware of environmental damages by burning crop residues and how this innovative idea can generate their income for family along with reducing the emissions of toxic gases. Our idea is to collect these agri wastes and involve other interested partners from tribal ,rural and urban areas to generate this a businesses model of billion dollar industry with peanut investments on raw materials which we will provide skills and procure them with low cost technologies. we would like to move district and ward wise in every state wise as most of the agriwastes are in remote areas and we are working on a innovative low cost transportation which could effectively collect the agriwastes from remote areas.

Please share some of the top strengths identified in the community which your project will serve (500 characters)

We are going to create opportunities by empowering the farmers ,Individuals & entrepreneurs to make a impact to boost eco business by saving the environment ,my community has immense scope for people and with a vision to replicate and work with other countries in Asia , Africa ,Europe and Americas and wherever there could be an opportunity to use these agri wastes to produce eco products. if we manage to get enough funding we would like to begin a pilot project at the earliest.

Geographic Focus

Phase wise operations India , South Asia regions , South East Asia , Africa , Europe & Americas.

How many months are required for the project idea? (500 characters)

we would like to begin with a pilot project starting with two states Telangana & Andhra pradesh both agri producing within 3 months and entire India in 2yrs. We would like to engage the village level farmers and encourage new entrepreneurs for join in this project. The project will be implemented phase wise operations and it has a potential to be scaled faster due to the reason for farmer being incentivized to sell the agri wastes on an average of two or three seasonal crops in these regions.

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More than 500 Millions +tons of Agri wastes are just from India and out of 300 millions of Paddy Rice and Wheat straws agri wastes half of this straws are used for animal feeds and biomass industries rest all are wasted or burnt away. We have innovated an idea to use this resource to save the environment from pollution by using these straws as a business model to impact the living conditions of poor communities and to encourage the new entrepeurners to enter into eco business industry.


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great work. i really motivated by the great work you are doing. appreciate the follwing
1. Doing awareness of networking and database collection of farmers & resources availability in communities.
2. Providing Mini Grinders machines to farmers to ready paddy into small pieces/ powdered form to produce Agri waste products.
3. Host workshops & campaigns with district officials and communities encouraging them to produce and sell eco products to help save the environment.

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