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Turn villages into fruit orchards and expanding the green cover !

A supporter for this eco-activist in South India, Mr.YogaNathan. (

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Climate change, declining water table, failing agriculture, high cost of labor as workers moving to support tech/industrial/construction jobs, resulting in large spots of barren suburban and rural lands. These lands are often under-utilized, sold as investment property that slowly transform into residential areas, thus an ever expanding sub-urban area widening its greedy tentacles for more. Not so long ago, here stood one of the best eco-systems in the world, elephants, lions and tigers roaming around- with ever green forests and tropical climate – that is NOW caught in between industrial growth and negligence. In the world of instant gratification, we forgot, it took millions of years for the earth to become this beautiful place that we inhabit (forgetting we cohabit), thus the slow but the steady long term benefits of growing trees somehow lost its appeal. Here comes Mr.YogaNathan (Yogu), a humble “bus” conductor with “a drive” to promote the green cover, had “no stops” for the past 30 years, and still going strong. “Hold on”, let’s “break” for a second – forgot to mention, his important stops are school campuses where his trees also grow along with the children, much like them, pretty tall and handsome! 3000 school visits and 100,000 trees, still counting. Mr.Yogu received numerous awards he didn't dream, while his actual dream is to plant 5 different fruit trees for every house, and keep rolling them out forever!, until all the vacant lands are filled with fruit yielding trees. To realize that dream, he needs 6 acres of land and initial funding - to kick off the project on a sound infrastructure with a sustainable operational base , enabling him to operate 10 times faster (30,000 trees in just 3 years) and also serving well into the future! We believe, this project resonates with empowering lasting peace by creating more food, more income, and a better environmental quality of life for all, via these plantings, within a few years.

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This project begins with rural agricultural villages and suburbs surrounding Coimbatore, South India, that has 40%+ poverty rate. Phase-1 starting from the southern suburb Vellalore and neighboring Singai Nagar, Vaigai Nagar, Pattanam and OndiPudhur, Phase 2 and 3 will expand into North, and West. The far reaching benefits are truly immeasurable, starting from villages LOCALLY to improving Environment GLOBALLY!. Benefiting the society as a whole, with the abundant supply of local produce - help fight malnutrition among poor while healthy fruits become affordable for everyone. Caring for the trees promotes health in elderly and kids, while local communities are empowered - raising awareness and support for more eco-conservation efforts. Earning opportunities Village society, women's self-help group and Social Work graduate interns. Funding for nursery and operational costs will help Mr.YogaNathan to achieve his dream - fruit orchards everywhere and restoration of green cover!

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Tree planting events gain publicity, but sadly very few trees survive lacking active community participation. However, In this project “no tree is left behind”, and “we stand by them”. Mr.YogaNathan, The Eco-Warrior with a track record of influencing 3000+ schools into embracing the green cover, now, expanding into suburb/rural areas - using “community presentations” that enable villagers to realize the benefits of fruit bearing trees (sales pitch) and teaching them tree care (active participation). The planted saplings are recorded and monitored for growth, failing ones quickly replaced, with yield starting year 2-3, attracting buyers. THIS PROJECT * IS CONTINUOUS – no stopping after 3 years * Will REPLICATE AND SCALE – into every suburb/rural area. + Your funding provides the foundation, a nursery to grow free saplings forever! + A herbal garden - free medicinal plants promoting awareness and home remedies. * Trees and Fruits => Improved Health,Wealth and Env.Care!

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Keep expanding sustainable green cover in villages, so the earth can sleep cozily under the green blanket!

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A chance meeting during my India visit, I met Mr.Yogu at his residence. After listening to his achievements and awards, asked “Is there any way I can help?!", thinking a 100$ donation (6500 INR) would make me proud. His reply “All I need is every household to plant a tree”, made me feel so small and humbled!. Imagine a man with the Midas touch for greenery, still dependent outside sources for sapling supply, so I committed to buy a land for nursery – still short of funds.

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Waste land turned into orchards, edible fruits, cooler neighborhoods, green cover that fetches more rain, restoring ecology – that will catch up like a wildfire. Per Statistics 40% of the rural India suffer from food insecurity and malnutrition; So healthy fruits are out of reach, unless grown in abundance locally. Free supply of fruit trees is an irresistible offer– with women self-help groups, volunteers and households collaborate in planting, also create/strengthen a platform to represent the community’s aspirations. The funds will facilitate the nursery setup, where free saplings grown by a lot of neighborhood volunteers (from kids to seniors), a true community involvement. Mr.Yogu, a master planter / teacher will utilize his 30+ years of experience to train the staff and set the tree planting in motion – targeting 30,000 trees in the next 2.5 years covering 200 villages– certain to turn heads and every region will follow suit.

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In the last 30 years Mr.Yogu has planted over 100,000 trees by teaching school children in southern India’s Tamil region to plant them. He teaches the many values of healthy trees, then takes students into the field to do the plantings themselves. Via this model he has forged thousands of friendships across the Tamil region, his home state. Having already worked with 3000+ schools, our project aims to expand his successful and popular tree planting model from schools to village homes by establishing a nursery, which can then partner easily with Mr. Yogu's 100s of contacts, like * Newspapers and TV channels have covered Mr.Yogu’s work * Social media like WhatsApp groups that attract new supporters like me * Officials from School,Income Tax,Police,Forest and Agri Depts * Youth, Senior citizens and public in the locality Also, Thanks to Chris Searles from BioIntegrity.Net supporting us. Finally, Mr.Yogu has setup TREE TRUST, a non-profit to promote greenery.

Please share some of the top strengths identified in the community which your project will serve (500 characters)

Residents of the rural villages and suburbans, inherently have the skills to support the project. They have local council of elected members, women's self-help groups and village society - all can be motivated to work together. Trees suitable for the soil can do well, unlike the water intensive cash crops that may have failed them. It's the encouragement, nurturing and team work that's going to make the plan a reality. A win-win for the villages and us.

Geographic Focus

The project will focus select villages around Coimbatore, TamilNadu that is part of South India .

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The timeline for various phases : First 6 months — Phase 1, purchase land, set up/supply onsite nursery. Next 6 months — Phase 2, three teams install 6,000 trees in 6 months across roughly 30 villages. Next 24 months — Phase 3, four teams install 26,000 trees in roughly 140 villages, 9 months out of the year, for two years. We strongly believe the success will attract statewide interest, thus more funding and support for expansion.

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Photo of Vicky S.

What a wonderful idea! Have you considered establishing a GoFund Me as well? If children and the communities they live in continue to nurture this initiative, the future can only get greener! I'd love to hear more from your initiative in the future.

The fact that you are focusing on fruit-bearing trees and herbal gardens is amazing. Not only would that reduce hunger, it would help communities become more self-reliant and healthy.

Congratulations and thank you for trying to do your part in creating a greener future for all of us. Every bit helps and hopefully your idea will spread onto other parts of the world (especially developing countries) within the next few years.

Photo of Vasu

Thank you Vicky S. for the kind words and ideas . This is Mr.Yogu's dream project and we are working towards that.

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