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Using the platform of the Global Goals, we train people how to turn the SDGs into sustainable local businesses for human and earth benefits

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Explain your project idea (2,000 characters)

The project A B C ON SKILLS FOR SDGs- Preneurship Campaign is an inspired design through the concept of the Global Goals towards educating and mobilizing the world's people on how to achieve the UN SDGs by working in harmony with the earth in sustainable ways. The campaign is both grass-root and urban developed cities oriented . It is simplified to the understanding of the primary schools and secondary school students to comprehend. The A B C ON SKILLS FOR SDGs Campaign program is also made accessible to all through either the Digital versions, soft copies or the hard copies for all to access globally without much difficulties. It is done with the believe that if all our children, students , young adults and even grown up persons learn and practices the principles of sustainable development through this campaigns, the world could be transformed by the year 2030 in accordance with the mandate of the global goals. The over all effects and impacts of this campaigns shall be the eradication of poverty, hunger, unemployment, injustices and inequalities through inclusive development for sustainable peace to reign in every community of the world. Thus, the understanding and practicing of the principles of sustainable development through teachings and campaigns as outline in the A B C ON SKILLS FOR SDGs- Preneurship, could mark a new era of transformation for man and planet earth. Again, please refer

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

Our target beneficiaries are firstly, the most marginalized youths and women, poor people. physically challenge and backward and left behind communities of the world especially among developing countries. We hope, through this campaigns to inspire hope and empower the less privileged to take actions in line with the UN SDGs as well as draw the world leaders' attention on how to concentrate and transform those mostly being left behind. Thus, the poor masses of youths, women, physically challenge and poor undeveloped communities of the world are our primary target for this campaigns.

How is your idea unique? (1,000 characters)

Our A B C ON SKILLS FOR THE SDGs -Preneurship campaigns is quiet unique and innovative. One, our strategic approach as holistic, simplified and grass-root oriented bridges. This campaign also employ the strategies of mobilizing all and sundry through the use of the social media, digital tools, online versions, physical one-on-one and groups contact as well as hard copies of publications in simple English which we plan to translate and interpret into many languages in Nigeria , Africa and the world. In all, there are virtually few if any strategy being used anywhere today in the world that combine all these formats, features and components to informing , mobilizing and empowering the world masses towards achieving the Global Goals. Above all, it is easily accessible, understandable, scalable and applicable any any part of the world towards global transformation by 2030.

Idea Proposal Stage (choose one)

  • Pilot: I have started to implement the idea as a whole with a first set of real users.

Tell us more about your organization/company (1 sentence and website URL)

HETAVED SKILLS INITIATIVE AND NETWORKS, is a Nigerian based registered Social Enterprise that promotes Health care, Entrepreneurship, Technology Innovations, Agricultural schemes, Vocation Educational Development dimensions, which is HETAVED. We under take these through Advocacy, Training, Research and Innovations Development according to "HUMAN FELT NEEDS". Simply put, we build bridges to meet human needs through innovative approaches. Presently, some of our innovations have been Patented.

Expertise in sector

  • 5-7 years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered social enterprise.

In 3-4 sentences, tell us the inspiration or story that encouraged you to start this project.

Our A B C ON SKILLS FOR SDGs -Preneurship Campaigns project was birth due to the high level of ignorance, poverty, hunger and injustices with inequalities among the developing world. Especially, when I was invited to the HLPF of the UN in 2016 as one of the Global Innovators for the SDGs by the UN STI forum, thus, we were moved to build this bridge and meet the social challenges of our time. Hence, these campaigns are geared towards teaching all on what to do with the UN SDGs.

Please explain how your selected topic areas are influenced, in the local context of your project (1,000 characters).

Taken for example, the Niger Delta where I was born and still live and works as a social entrepreneur, the incessant restiveness among the youths as being fueled by social injustice, low level of education, high rate of poverty and environmental degradation. Thus, in order to solve these multifarious challenges, we need a holistic approach through a global platform. And this platform and approach is what the SDGs represent. A set of universal bridge from conflict to sustainable peace and development. Thus, on this platform of transformation through the SDGs, we now anchor our A B C ON SKILLS FOR THE SDGs- Preneurship Campaigns in order to educate, mobilize and empower even the poor grass-root people to partake and reap the benefits. Thus, through these holistic principles, poverty, extreme hunger, injustices and social inequalities with poor environmental issues and climate change could be understood and properly tackled.

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (1,000 characters)

Today, we have already put in place a public and private partnership structure that allow governments authorities from the local, state and federal as well as public universities and private NGOs to partner in this campaigns. For instance, the Nigerian Television Authority-NTA, National Orientation Agency NOA, National Open University of Nigeria-NOUN, DESOPADEC- Delta State Oil Producing Development Areas Commission, Host Community Oil and Gas Nigeria, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria and notable NGOs are partnering with these campaigns towards achieving the set goals. Please again ,refer

Please share some of the top strengths identified in the community which your project will serve (500 characters)

Some of our strong factors for achieving the targeted goals are: 1- Vast army of volunteering young people who are willing to work for a real change. 2- Familiarity with the landscape, culture and languages around the Niger Delta region, Nigeria and Africa., 3- Favorable culture and acceptability of the campaign principles and goals, 4- Strong opinion leaders support and encouragement, 5- Public and private partnership

Geographic Focus

To start with, we are concentrating within the Niger Delta region before other parts of Nigeria.

How many months are required for the project idea? (500 characters)

We are targeting a period of 20 months to close the phase one of the project

Did you submit this idea to our 2017 BridgeBuilder Challenge? (Y/N)

  • No

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Both the hard copies, digital and soft version of the A B C ON SKILLS FOR SDGs Preneurship are available for all to access and learn how to live, work and profit the earth and all humanity. The online version could be accessed at


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