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save food save energy

we are giving solution for the food wastage which is basic need for the survival and also big global problem.

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In the world there is 1.3 billion ton food wastage every year. in which 45% of all fruits and vegetables are included and from the total world population 815 million people go to the bed Hungary due this wastage. there are many reasons of wasted fresh fruits and vegetable in which one of them is to inappropriate method of preservation and wasted in processing during making by products. we are giving solution for these two causes. We can preserve our fruits and vegetables by drying them throw dehydrator units by using solar energy and sun light in the under shade area. this will be done only in 2 days . it will give us same taste and neut ration values as the fresh fruit and vegetable. by cooking these dried vegetables we can save 20 million fuel per hour during cooking. there is also huge market for the dried food. we will export it in to national and international markets. like rusia , italy etc second thing is we have done poi let project for the drying apricot as our first focus is apricot production and wastage in Pakistan region gilgit baltistan. there is 3 billion trees of apricot by nature and each tree produce 60kg fruit every year. by using primitive method during being dried these apricot 80% is wasted . To reduce this processing wastage we introduce three type of apricot kernel oils massage , facial and hair oil, which also have huge market at international border for the pulp we introduced apricot juice for the first time. which is rich with taste and have European standard. we have done this on small level but know we want to do it at commercial level for the lean startup we need only 50000$.

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

our beneficiaries are 815 million people in the global who are facing food poverty problem. 12.7 million people who are suffering from cancer as apricot oil best solution for the cancer. and 20 million people around the world who drink juices of fruits and so on.

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our idea is different as in the world everyone is foxing on the new invention and technology for example apps, no one doing work on the basic needs. People will be healthy by eating enough food , people will get education by taking good neut ration values . health , education and other things are so far we first need enough food for the sound and healthy mind.

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  • Pilot: I have started to implement the idea as a whole with a first set of real users.

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  • 7+ years

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  • No, but we plan to register in the future.

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we studied about the gilgit baltistan region which is immense with beauty and rich with different fruits . apricot is one of the major production of this area. but every year it is wasted 80% of the total production. then we research on the global level production and wastage then we find surprising figures which i have mentioned above. this fruit wastage and food poverty encourage us to do something for the reduction of wastage. and utilize it for the earning profit as well.

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You address a very important issue that too few people are talking about, and it is inspiring to read your ideas.

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thanku so much it means allot for me :)

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