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OASIIS – Bridging a network of global citizens for a new economy

ASC will act as host of an innovation network via OASIIS and foster a culture shift by harnessing a network of actors for a new economy.

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We live in a complex time of hyperconnectivity & global challenges, we must respond to secure a prosperous & peaceful future for our children. By harnessing digital & social networks & tools with shared values, we can unlock an effective multi-level network of networks. OASIIS (Opening Access to Sustainable Independent Income Streams) hosts tools & organisations which contribute to regenerative, rather than extractive economy, connect them with policy makers & investment, providing a win-win-win for entrepreneurs (SE), investors & local communities. Incorporating tools to broaden capabilities: build a collaborative network of tools and processes that deliver sustainable outcomes, incorporating regenerative economics, natural capital & impact investment that can be evaluated in multiple ways to valorise intangible & tangible gains. Host pollinating networks: Extend supportive geographic & thematic clusters/networks. Including thematic clusters (Youth, Outdoor Activity, Accommodation, Local Products enterprises, & Honey Producers) These are at early stages but already: Honey Cluster collaborated on funding proposal to extend reach, & participated in a north-south knowledge exchange with bee keepers in Ghana. Coordination: Coordination & in situ development of OASIIS and Replicating model: Protected areas hold potential on incubating SE for conservation targets & international strategy, extending current reach & support pipeline of OASIIS to include new protected areas & other landscapes (e.g. local authorities) Establish OASIIS as an income-generating platform to ensure long-term viability. 100% of profits to further advancing aims & objectives of organisation. Event - Power of bringing people together physically & digitally cannot be underestimated. 2 SE led bridging events; where the geographic & thematic networks can build strong bonds. Project represents the early stages of larger process, focusing on accelerating the growth of SE to achieve the UN SDGs.

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

OASIIS helps accelerate locally grown solutions using global assets. Social entrepreneurs (SE): SEs are rated as doing the most to advance the UN SDGs. OASIIS will accelerate this by bridging local SE with tools & social investors to better their local communities Local communities: SE tend to be community changemakers who provide key products, services to their communities & the most vulnerable within them. Supporting SE indirectly supports local communities. OASIIS is currently in 5 languages. Local authorities & protected areas increased capacity for assessment, reporting & planning to support SEs, ability to tap into network of local changemakers & socio-economic contribution of SE OASIIS provides a key service for social investors making it easy to find SEs who work in desired sectors/areas/impacts Although OASIIS is globally reaching the idea is locally grounded and provides flexibility to adapt, generating specific networks & specialist support to suit local contexts.

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Bridging social capital (SC), social entrepreneurship (SE) & protected areas (PA) while acting as a hub of impactful tools & a funnel for impact investment & building evidence on the contribution of SEs to UN SDGs is a new & exciting approach. ASC are SC experts & build networks of shared understanding & trust, ASC published the first OASIIS Biennial Report of unique data on SE landscape in PAs. OASIIS is a network of networks, via OASIIS SEs can connect, share resources, tools, solutions, opportunities, products & markets, building effective networks of change. The established Honey Cluster, connected producers in Italy & Ghana, exchanging knowledge & advice, an application to extend was submitted by the network. ‘Solutions’ are often constructed in silos with no roots in the community of interest. ASC take a 3-pronged approach working with local assets & solutions. OASIIS facilitates & supports bridges, but the building is done by SE & local communities.

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  • Early Adoption: I have completed a pilot and analyzed the impact of that pilot on the intended users of the idea. I have begun to expand the pilot for early adoption.

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Assist Social Capital CIC (ASC) is a social enterprise which works to articulate the value of relationships as a key resource for health, wealth and wellbeing, ASC's vision is to see communities (of place, practice or profession), become resilient and thriving by maximising social capital as a critical resource.

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  • 7+ years

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  • Yes, we are a registered social enterprise.

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OASIIS was inspired by a system of protected areas which does not utilise the potential of people, and specifically social entrepreneurs to advance the sustainable development of the areas involved. ASC founder Colin Campbell has many years of experience in building social enterprise networks & saw the potential of a global network of change-makers, made more effective via an online platform.

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Social entrepreneurs (SE) often work in communities where prosperity has been affected by a multitude of factors, e.g. rurality & inaccessibility, isolation from support & services, aging populations, high unemployment. SEs tackle challenges & provide key services for the most vulnerable in society. Local contexts vary but there are always SEs. We have entered the Anthropocene, when human activities have changed the planetary systems. This time of crises is felt most by vulnerable communities who lack resources/support to adapt to major climatic & ecological changes, & often depend directly on ecological systems. Prosperity is also the richness of relationships (including with planet), ability to make positive change, community wellbeing & resilience. OASIIS makes socioeconomic contributions visible to attract social investment, knowledge, networks, & opportunities to accelerate & grow positive impact of SE & the overdue transition to an economic system that respects planet & people

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OASIIS takes an unusual approach to organisational & community partnerships, actively collaborating with those who invest in, and see the local relevance of the OASIIS approach, which is highly adaptable. This fosters ownership & real systemic change. OASIIS will be a hub & network of tools promoting regenerative economics, natural capital and impact investment, building capacities through partnership and work focused on social capital. The World Network of Biosphere Reserves have been the testing ground of OASIIS, during this phase we have established strong partnerships with many communities & organisations. The letters of support attached here detail some of the organisations & community members who we work closely with. The case studies from page 12 of the OASIIS Biennial Report, outline some of our mutual partnerships.

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The communities of social entrepreneurs (SE) OASIIS will support, have shown interest in the approach. By nature SEs are active individuals, working to bring opportunities & services to their local communities. By connecting SEs & their organisations OASIIS builds a network of pollinators who inspire solutions to challenges. The community has a surplus of energy, ideas & action towards sustainable development which we aim to capitalise on for a more just, community focused economic system.

Geographic Focus

Corroborated by letters of support: South & Central America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa

How many months are required for the project idea? (500 characters)

The idea is the next phase in development of a continuous initiative. This phase will be implemented in 36 months & focuses on: Incorporating tools to broaden the capabilities of OASIIS; Incorporating user feedback; Hosting pollinating networks via OASIIS; Coordinating OASIIS; Replicating model; Events. The length of the project has been identified as in line with our strategic plan and business plan.

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The OASIIS report summarises the baseline landscape of social entrepreneurship within UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and outlines the huge potential of social entrepreneurship for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The report takes us through the data collected via OASIIS and then explores several case studies of the people behind the numbers and the opportunities which OASIIS offers in terms of networks, impact evaluation, knowledge and visibility.

Social Enterprise and Biosphere Reserve Development Framework.pdf

The Social Enterprise and Biosphere Reserve Development Framework outlines the approach taken towards the emergence of social enterprise as a means to achieve sustainable economic development. The framework focuses on four key factors in doing so: Social Enterprise; Public Participation (Social Capital); Sustainable Public Procurement and Social Investment. The framework is also dynamic and flexible, it can be adapted to different countries and contexts.

OASIIS-Recommendations LADDER_final.pdf

Final report from an online consultation project which gathered citizen opinion, ideas and advice for the use of social enterprise and sustainable business as a means towards the UN SDGs and resilient communities. The project gathered 191 responses from people in over 40 countries. The resulting recommendations are presented in this report. Project via LADDER, with financial support from the European Union and The Scottish Government


Challenges Worldwide

REconomy_signed_OASIIS Letter of Support OpenIDEO.pdf

The REconomy Project is part of the Transition Network, a global grassroots movement of communities seeking to strengthen their resilience to problems including climate change, rising energy prices, economic uncertainty and inequality. You can find out more about Transition here.

180530_OASIIS Letter of Support OpenIDEO_ACE.pdf

Adventure Centre for Education

180524_OASIIS Letter of Support OpenIDEO_peatfirestudios.pdf

Peat Fire Studios

OASIIS Letter of Support OpenIDEO_Ejido Verde_180524.pdf

Ejido Verde, Mexico


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Photo of Jaci Braga

Dear Tabi,
Our proposals are quite similar, but it seems that are strengths are varied. It looks like you have a much deeper connection to social enterprises, businesses and financials streams. Meanwhile, I come from a background of community organizing, which is mainly focused on organizing low income communities of color to build positive relationships and people power to create change. As they say in organizing, power is organized people or organized money. I'm much better at organizing people, although it looks like you may have been able to tap into organized money through enterprises that care about people! It could be fantastic for us to collaborate to make our goals a reality. Please check us out below.
Best wishes,


Photo of Tabi Ewing

The OASIIS platform aims to organise money - as you put it so well, and connect that organised money to good people, with good businesses!
Please check out the platform: and sign up if you feel it resonates! (we're currently redesigning the platform to reflect our new approach which doesn't focus completely on Biosphere Reserve but on any area!)

Photo of Jaci Braga

Amazing! I have already sent you an email message. Please do stay in connection. This could be a fantastic collaboration!

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