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My Dear plant earth

I have some suggestions and ideas that you can indulge in a big leap in the world.

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My idea is deep and very easy and considered traditional but keeping up with our times. The idea of ​​the environment, peace and development will not be a good environment nor an excellent development, not even peace without a strong human awareness. You know very well that human beings are the main focus of all this. It is necessary to put educational books, videos and advertisements, especially in the Internet, due to the incease usage of internet globally and to make sure that these tools are available in the languages ​​spoken by the most people such as Arabic to educate the Middle East because it is the subject of conflicts, wars and other important areas. In the curriculum from small to large means cooperation with the countries of the international community on the need to develop a special curriculum for teaching in the basic stages because the child is the basis. if children teached how to live in peace respect for each other and the culture of spreading love and correct behaviors that must be shown by And other topics that specialists in the field of psychology and social workers put the most important points to help create a generation tolerant loving environment-sensitive and treat them as a mother yes when we belong to all this land and was a piece or individual from our family will do everything for its development and development will generate a great desire To help each other in short my idea is to cultivate good morals scientific curriculum and put it to the global participation to unify a global approach taught everywhere and I am optimistic that this idea will be shared by major international and Arab countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which supports the idea of ​​spreading peace and other European countries America and all the world who wish to live in peace in a clean environment. It is possible that my idea is not arranged, but I speak from my heart. because it is my faith in life that I see the world as a one family.

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

The main beneficiaries of this idea are the children and the parents and thus the largest number of individuals is included

How is your idea unique? (1,000 characters)

My idea is the first of its kind in the introduction of educational books with the participation of experiences from all countries of the world and in more than one language and a mandatory plan to put this book in all countries contributing to this work a special book only to learn ethics and principles to live in peace and how to respect and love and build this land together one hand can't Clapping. I do not belong to any organization. I am an Arab girl. Now I am in Europe. by accident I saw the idea and I loved to participate. All my concern is to become a real idea on the ground.

Idea Proposal Stage (choose one)

  • Initial Design: I am exploring the idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it with real users.

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Photo of David / Thomas Svarrer / Høyer

Dear Fadwa,

You are the only one addressing the real issues here. You have a very strong point in that it is human beings who are the main point here. It is education too which is the strong point.
I would like to have further conversation with you - if you are willing to do so - because our solar concentrator has no value what so ever without this issue you are addressing.

We are already in deep communication with many prospect users / buyers of our system, however, we need someone who have by themselves got the same thought - such ones like yourself.

If you could see yourself being part of this, then please let us know. I concur with you about the fights about resources.

Our Nexus 7 project deals directly with solar concentrating, as it is one of the best ways to make solar energy more efficient, by providing higher temperatures than the 1-on-1 solar heating.

But our aim with this is to protect our forests, which in turn protects our water towers - which is one of the key resources for human (and other) life on Earth.

We like your idea about educational books. Now in this 2018, we would rather make it into educational online sites, as we know that the majority of those we would be targeting - even from low income rural areas - are having access to smart phones with internet and browsers.

Please, if it is OK with you, Fadwa, can you tell a bit more about yourself and maybe elaborate further on your concept for your idea as you have presented it?

Would you maybe be interested in translating for us into Arabic language as just one of the things you could maybe do for us?

Would you mind telling us - if you are interested - how you could see yourself playing a role in our Nexus 7 solar concentrator project, as we intend to go global? Would you be able to find manufacturers in Arabic speaking countries as we intend to give away all the physical production based on that they can promise to do the production on a cradle 2 cradle basis?

You are likely busy with so many other good things, so do not feel obliged, but your Idea is very inspiring, your view is matching our view, and we do not have any contacts in the Arabic world.

David Svarrer / Thomas Høyer
Rational Intuitive IVS
We are from the Nexus 7 Solar Concentrator project