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Musana Carts building smart bridges between street vendors and their cities

Musana Carts helps street vendors to thrive by providing them with a clean, safe and professional way of earning a sustainable income

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People eat street food because it is affordable, abundant, delicious and has a local and emotional flavor. Far from being just a snack or an anecdote, street food vendors bridge many gaps in a city. A good street-food stall is the one place where the posh and the poor might rub shoulders if only for the few seconds it takes to eat a savory snack. Despite the illegal status of unlicensed street food vendors, who are regularly evicted from the markets, Street food vendors feed 2.5bn people every day around the world and low-income family spends up to 40% of their income in street food. Not only are they a source of nutrition as well as employment for the poor in cities and towns, they are also the eyes and ears and on-the-ground anchors for the local communities. These vendors provide affordable and convenient services to a majority of the urban population from ages, but we need a better solution to make these shops sustainable.

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

Our target customers are existing street food vendors of which there are over 200,000 in Uganda alone and more than 2 million in East Africa. We look for enterprising street vendors who are looking to improve their business and increase their revenue. They are between 17 and 35 years old, living in urban and peri-urban areas. In average they sustain a family of 5 who shares the same roof and the same source of income. Ultimately our street vendors’ customers, the estimated 14 millions Ugandans who eat street food, are also a target. As our innovation aims to grow the street vendors businesses through more sales and consistency, we need to understand those customers’ needs and demand, for a ripple effect.

How is your idea unique? (1,000 characters)

Musana has a unique value proposition: Compared to other existing solutions we are the first and the only ones distributing a smart network of profitable street food franchises. We are already collecting data on the social, environmental and economic impact on our franchisee as well as their local geolocalisation. At scale we will be the biggest database of street vendors in East Africa. Through our inventory tracking system and our solar system on the cart, we are able to 1. Better serve our customers with on-time inventory 2. Better serve our customers’ customers with adequate services 3. And to Make Musana a Million dollars company through commercial partnerships with telecom, commodities and advertising companies as well as government. Over the last 2 years, we have proven our expertise on street food and our community-based approach which gave us a unique advantage fo partnership and therefore give visibility to our beneficiaries.

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  • Majority Adoption: I have expanded the pilot significantly and the program product or service has been adopted by the majority of our intended user base.

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Musana Carts identifies, appraises and incubates aspiring chefs, helping them to run a successful food franchise business in order to be seen as value creator by their cities.

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  • 1-2 years

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  • Yes, we are a registered company.

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When I live abroad, I always try to have the most authentic experience I can. In this quest for authenticity, I have come across the art of street food vending many times; street vendors spice the cities, offer affordable food with a local and emotional flavor yet few cities in the world acknowledge their value. Instead, Musana provides opportunities for growth and harnesses the value and entrepreneurial spirit of street vendors.

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Musana Carts is the bridge between street vendors, NGOs, local authorities and food standards authorities. This bridge is a clean and solar powered street vending cart. We believe in a world where potential is realized through running sustainable local businesses. Making street vendors dependable and sustainable will improve the city as much as the citizen’s way of life. Peace has been impacted by the illegality of street vending, street vendor faces every day the risk of being arrested on the streets by the local authorities in most part of the world. Prosperity is influenced by the high cost of running an informal business and the lack of profitable revenue streams opportunities. Loss in public confidence in street foods will not only jeopardize incomes of vendors but also of their employees, and of producers and traders of inputs. Finally, Planet has been impacted by charcoal emission and waste accumul

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The community served has been involved from the very start of the ideation phase, through discussion, observation, data record, feedback loops etc. We use street vendors' feedback to re-iterate our services and products, we also include end consumers feedback through loyalty and feedback cards, survey, WhatsApp and research to understand their food consuming behaviors. Regarding legitimacy and licensing, we further pushed our system of change approach by hosting co-creation sessions between Kampala Capital City Authorities and street vendors. We engaged Kampala authorities from day 1 and work together on licensing. Finally, we are piloting a partnership with coca-cola to understand how brand visibility can benefit our Chefs on Wheels franchises. We have designed for coke a solar-powered refrigerated cart to serve both street food and sodas

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Street vendors are a demonstration of innovation, adaptability and resilience in any functional urban area, that have proven the demand for their products from ages. Africa’s booming urban areas are experiencing the highest urban growth rate over the last two decades and an unprecedented high unemployment rate, and informal retail shops represent a significant economic opportunity for the youth

Geographic Focus

Pilot in Uganda, scale East Africa and potentially through whole Africa and the world.

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Photo of Trivedi null

Hi, I think your company Musana Carts does a great job in addressing the issue of peace and prosperity for street vendors.

And i agree with you that street vendors, by shear number, deserve a secure place for their businesses on the street, keeping in mind that hygiene is of utmost importance.

If i understood properly, your aim is providing a sustainable shop for street vendors.

What if i told you your idea can address all three issues: peace and prosperity for the vendors and at the same time contributing to decrease global warming?

It is by the use of a customized bicycle trailer which i can adapt to your need; be it carrying your food items(hot/cold) ,be easily maintained+does not require diesel/petrol and cleaned for hygiene.

Mobile street vendors will allow them to cover more ground, which i think is important in an urban area + this will help with your advertising ideas.

If my proposal help solve your problems, do not hesitate to contact me, It will be a pleasure for me to partner up with your company. You can learn more about my idea here:

Photo of Manon

Hey Trivedi,

Thank you for taking the time to dive into Musana work! We definitely look for opportunities to transport not only our cart for long distance but our goods to the vendors. You guys are based in Mauritius if I'm correct?

Photo of Trivedi null

Hey Manon,
Correct! We are based in Mauritius. However we do plan to export our customized products to African countries as soon as possible.

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