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Move 78

To evolve humanity away from our destructive end, we merely need to create a higher Axiom for mankind to thrive within.

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We have a universal architecture, set of processes and a series of implementations that when applied to the global systematic infrastructure of Earth, will bring about a new evolutionary level of innovative coherence for all humanity to thrive within. We call this next level of conscious empowerment for the human mind: The Reality Generation Engine (RGE). By creating a distributed resource that can be applied to all the contaminated fragments of data humanity has created, we will be able to filter purified data through the RGE Framework towards a Singularity Of Intent that will drive the human mind to higher levels of learning at quantum speeds. The time for seeking innovation at fragmented levels is done: mankind needs a simple Catalyst solution to assemble all pieces through a Big Bang Event. The empirical data is irrefutable: At exponential rates Earth is being destroyed, the State of Humanity is officially buried in a sea of epidemic drought. We are unequivocally enveloped within a Sixth Mass extinction; the fastest rate of collapse ever to grip a civilization. There are many ecosystems of humanitarian change that exist but they are highly fragmented and are unable to connect with one another under a global unified purpose of mind that will escalate the evolution of mankind away from these extinction level events. Many top tier and lower sphere individuals are doing their part to evolve humanity, but none understand how to create the Golden Keystone that will fuse together an evolved Unity from all. To achieve this future will require a massively organized co-creative structure that leads from an Open Source methodology and follows natural law. A global design based on a set of biological Systems Level Templates that will refactor the human condition by educating and empowering humanity towards a responsible earth bound and space-faring civilization.

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Our beneficiaries are school age children to old seniors who are able to interact with each other. By providing the interactive tools necessary for their own mental evolution, each person or groups of will be able to work through the vast amounts of historical data that humans have generated. By providing a new singularity for the global mind to focus on and work towards together, a massive heart infused conscious shift will take place forever changing our reality.

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The Human Evolution 2.0 (HEVO 2.0) Project moves away from a centuries old global creation system that has now proven unarguably incapable of handling the future that is being presented to humanity: learn and evolve or repeat your past. A perfect storm exists to transform individuals into HEROES For Humanity who will lead the charge. A series of empirically backed probability points have now converged allowing for the creation of a new Quantum Sun Core (QSC) but it will take a highly diverse set of minds to come together and execute as one united force. Being an Autodidact and an Acquired Savant has allowed me to soar outside a binary system of linear models that program the human mind to think and execute a particular way. The closed and isolated global System we are all trying to fix for future generations has failed. It is time to truly harness and nurture the minds of Outliers who can work in the Mysteries of space and walk as Mavericks Of Creation for all of humankind.

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  • Full Scale Roll Out: I have already tested and scaled this idea significantly with the intended user base.

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We are the catalyst space exploration group for humanity. A cosmic level humanitarian think tank that has no bounds when it comes to solving problems and finding solutions for all humanity to thrive within:

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  • 7+ years

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From all religions: God(s), Creator, Source, Spirits, Higher Frequencies; there are many types of minds I can talk from about my journey. Science? I'm an Acquired Savant. Other western label's for "My Kind" are ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Bi-Polar, Low Latent Inhibition and more. One day, after asking: "There must be more I can do", I was answered and understood the truth about us, my life's journey and that I had a Gift for accomplishing the impossible. Now I stand up and lead with my differences.

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Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity. If you truly want to change the world, fix the problems and spur humanities neurological development to a whole new state of understanding, then you must change the rules, you must go beyond anything thought possible before and create exciting innovative playgrounds to develop within. We live in a perfect storm, a goldilocks time, a moment where all points of knowledge, society conditions, mental illness/disorders, humanities core systems like beliefs, poverty, education and economics are perfect for creating a new Big Bang Event. Backed by a consilience of knowledge found throughout all dogmatic institutions, it is possible to create micro connection points between all existing ecosystems on earth wishing to help humanity. Finally, uniting this new human web 2.0 of higher loving hearts, a Golden Keystone is applied for all to revolve around. This is all based on universal natural biological templates.

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The Trinity Keystone organization works in stealth mode among a fragmented world of ecosystems. The ultimate question one needs to ask themselves is: How can this AUDACIOUS claim even be remotely possible to achieve? Here are a few satellite operations around the globe that we have active: …and many more...

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Embracing the Open Source Revolution, the architecture is centered around organizing thousands of global groups scattered throughout the globe. From hackers to younger co-creation groups looking to build a new future for humanity, each has a piece of a larger puzzle that when balanced properly, will ignite a humanitarian master piece.

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Every corner of the globe, no person is left behind.

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The last chapter of an old world that finds humanity defying the odds stacked against them. Led by a small group of divergent minds coming together to empower all earths children, one last play is made: Move 78.


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