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Kampala’s Slum Youth on the Rise! Harnessing Slum Youth as Peace Advocates and economically empowering them.

Creating an Inc space platform to raise awareness amongst slum youth in Kampala on peace building and prosperity.

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Action For Fundamental Change And Development (AFFCAD) proposes a twofold project called Inc Space: an inclusive civic and economic space for marginalized youth: 1- Ensuring that youth living in slums in Kampala peace advocates and 2- Creating youth hubs managed by hub entrepreneurs, whose role is to manage day today activities in the established hubs and form Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA) groups. Inc Space will be linked to AFFCAD’s existing business and vocational training centers in Kampala slums. The platform will incorporate peace building programs and a VSLA model is chosen to build and strengthen the capacity of youth in understanding and implementing savings as a culture in their daily life. It also supports the targeted youth to save for investment. The methodology will bridging the existing challenges youth face while accessing financial support from Micro finance Institutions (MFIs) caused by lack of requirements needed. The following activities will be carried out: 1. Inc Space awareness campaigns: twice a year a hired truck will be transformed into a mobile democracy platform. This truck will be stationed for a couple of days in each of the targeted slum areas and create a high-tech space for youth to enter dialogues, share information and knowledge about peace and to watch audio visuals on contemporary democratic issues. Media will be actively approached to be present and report on the campaign. 2. Inc Space monthly platforms: Hub entrepreneurs will be trained as Trainers of Trainees and will be expected to use skills acquired to train the members of the groups formed in their respective hubs. Each hub is supposed to form 2 Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA) groups of 15-30 members each giving a total of 34 VSLA groups for the 17 hubs. This will be one of the ways of preparing members for future activities of the group that include meetings, saving and taking loans for personal investment.

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Our beneficiaries are youth ages 15 to 30 from the four slums of Kampala.

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AFFCAD expects that through this intervention targeted youth will be informed about them being peace advocates and opportunities to join Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLA). By embedding this project in the current infrastructure AFFCAD believes that youth will therefore have more chances to break the cycle of being disempowered economically and civically. In numbers: 1. Between 100 and 200 youth per slum area will be reached by the Inc Space awareness campaigns (between 600 and 1.200 youth per year) as peace advocates; 2. 100 existing and future students from the AFFCAD’s business and vocational training centers will be rained to be as hub trainers of trainees and 400 have an opportunity to join monthly opportunities to join the Inc Space hubs known as VSLA; where they will be trained, able to get loans, save and make investments. AFFCAD hopes that Inc Space will deliver a new youth model for peace advocacy and economic empowerment which can be used in other slum areas.

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  • Prototype: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing the idea.

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Action for Fundamental Change and Development (AFFCAD) is a youth-led organization devoted to transform living conditions in the poorest slums of Uganda’s capital, Kampala, through economic empowerment programs, health, and education. Website

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  • 7+ years

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  • Yes, we are a registered non-profit.

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slum youth (15-30 years old) are unequipped to socially play a responsible and active role in political processes. These young men and women are lacking knowledge to express and demand rights for themselves and for others in the community. This leads to youth living in urban slum areas faced by a disproportionate share of economic, social and political participation related challenges due to the extreme vulnerabilities, partly exacerbated by poverty and exclusion.

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A recent International Organisation for Migration baseline study, Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world, with approximately 78 per cent of its citizens under the age of 30. It is important to highlight that violent extremist usually target youth and that the average age of recruitment usually ranges from 15 to 25. The demographic factor is compounded by a weak economy which is unable to absorb its youthful workforce. According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, 13 per cent of youth are in time related under-employment, 18 per cent of youth are neither in the labour force or studying and 25 per cent of youth’s labour is underutilized. The inability of youth to provide for themselves and support their families often increases the risk of social and economic marginalization making this segment of the population desperate and susceptible to illegal and criminal activities and recruitment by radical armed groups.

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AFFCAD will work with the central Government especially the ministry of Internal Affair where Uganda Police falls. one of the duties of the Uganda Police is to keep peace and Order so their expertise will be used in the promotion of peace amongst the slum youth. Also we intend to work with the community leaders and the community itself in promotion of peace building and prosperity activities in the Inc Space. Also AFFCAD has a business and Vocational Institute with qualified trainers, the youth at the institute will be grouped into hubs, hub entrepreneurs will be trained as trainers of trainees who will train members in the Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLA).

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During the Safer City Campaign Neighborhood watch, AFFCAD mobilized youth in different areas of Kampala and informed them about their key role as Peace Ambassadors towards promoting peace, safety and security in Kampala. And AFFCAD has recently followed a give away of small business startups to youth that graduate from its business and Vocational training Institute who are monitored quarterly, and the monitoring reports show successful businesses with book records, financial management skills.

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Africa,Uganda, Kampala

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Amazing idea. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you my brother

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Wow, Richard! It's really enthusing to see so many of us trying to leverage the potential of the Youth to achieve greater societal goals. Wishing you and team the very best in all your effort,
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Thank you