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GreMoto Fuels

GreMoto fuels recycled from waste plastics provides the most affordable fuels(alternative to diesel/petrol and cooking gas)to the community.

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Explain your project idea (2,000 characters)

GreMoto fuels Is the Innovation dealing with the production of Gremoto oil and cooking gas fuels, being the Energy products recycled from waste plastic and waste engine oil mixtures, by Catalytic pyrolysis technology (We turn the waste plastics, tyres and engine oil to Gremoto oil and gas, the oil produced is compatible with diesel and petrol engines. The fuels produced can be used in fuel electricity generators, burners and all kinds of diesel/petrol engines.

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

Our customers are persons in Tanzania with diesel and gasoline dependence in their businesses.Most businesses needs a reliable electricity in their businesses, this applies to hospitals,colleges/schools, Barbershop/saloons, printing shops,night clubs, small to medium factories, offices and many related places, Most uses electicity generators during the grid electricity shortage.With our chiepest alternative diesel for diesel electricity generators we're well positioned to overcome the electric shortage problems and hence our customers will save more money and advance in their businesses. 3. Transportation vehicles (public buses) owners needs more cheap fuels to run their vehicles/motorcycles for profit,civil Engineers and Farmers using agricultural motors Facilities needs more cheap fuels to run their machines.With Gremoto diesel/gasoline, Our customers in the mentioned areas will be able to raise profit in their businesses due to its affordability of up to 25% less the price.

How is your idea unique? (1,000 characters)

BUSINESS COMPETITION As I'm establishing the business in market pool with mostly already established customers.My business will need to convert these customers to start using GreMoto fuels. I will need to be much competitive and creative to successfully convert these customers.Solution: Producing affordable and yet quality GreMoto fuels to compete with the rest.GreMoto fuels shall be up to 30% cheaper with the competitive quality compared to the petroleum fuels on market today.

Idea Proposal Stage (choose one)

  • Pilot: I have started to implement the idea as a whole with a first set of real users.

Tell us more about your organization/company (1 sentence and website URL)

We are registered business with the name Greentechs-Tanzania, not fully in operation but we are still in some early mile stones of our business. Twitter @MwangosiGiven

Expertise in sector

  • 1-2 years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered social enterprise.

In 3-4 sentences, tell us the inspiration or story that encouraged you to start this project.

Environments is all about us, we live in it and we are live because of the supporting sorroundings, it was in eary February 2017, I was in public bus heading back home, I saw heavy smoke ascending just nearby the river Msimbazi in Dar es salaam.This was the starting point where I started thinking on the alternative ways I can use to raise the value of petroleum wastes including waste plastics,waste tyres and waste motor oil by turning them to more valuable products.

Please explain how your selected topic areas are influenced, in the local context of your project (1,000 characters).

Our mother Earth has greatly affected by poor disposal of non decomposing wastes, such as waste plastics, waste tyres and waste used motor oil. These are deadly to acquatic organisms and have greatly contributed to ozone layer destruction and keeps on every day, as the results human community is exposed to the risks associated with it.Taking Dar es salaam Tanzania for example(the Indian ocean costal region) there are tons of plastic wastes swept to Indian ocean every year, and there ar thousands of waste tyres burnt with heavy smokes ascending to the sky every year.These risks the aquatic lives and indirectly affecting the human community. My ideas ensures our environment safety,(With GreMoto innovation we ensure the land soil remains safe and free from waste oil toxins and hazardous gas released from burning tyres/plastic which may turn to acidic rains).hence supporting the agricultural sector,).

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (1,000 characters)

We shall work with environmentalists, and NEMC(The National Environment Management Council) in Tanzania,SIDO(Small Industries Development Organisation, Tanzania) these will help in our struggle to establish the reputable business in Tanzania. we have the living example, I once worked with the education stakeholders in "NDOTO KUBWA" PLATFORM with more than 250 members, this worked great as we were connected to district municipal council through the District Education officer, we were provided with 22 public schools to pilot our Elimu Soft Office software.

Please share some of the top strengths identified in the community which your project will serve (500 characters)

1.Large number of youths employing themselves in motorcycle transportation in the city known as "Bodaboda" and a lot of people using this transportation method, to us this is the opportunity as we shall sell our GreMoto petrol to many needing more affordable fuel. 2.Environmental policies in action, Tanzania have policies which introduced to protect the environment.One of the implementation approach used to protect the environment is through supporting environmental friendly innovations.

Geographic Focus

We shall start in Dar es salaam region then by 2025 we hope to expand country wise.

How many months are required for the project idea? (500 characters)

We need only 3 months, as we have yet established the production plant, we only need the capital for raw materials and initial working capital.

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  • No


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