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Education for All: Necessary Inclusion of Adult Literacy for Sustainable Development

LADEWIN - an adult literacy focused Initiative with the mandate of providing free adult basic education for uneducated Nigerians.

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Literacy for Adult and Education for Women Initiative (LADEWIN) is an NGO with the mandate of assisting the degrading educational system in Nigeria through provision of adult basic education for rural and semi urban communities. It aims at teaching uneducated Nigerians how to read, write, spell and speak in English in order for them to live a better, richer and fuller life both as individual and as social units. As part of our programs, we provides Adult Basic Education, Skill Acquisition, and Empowerment for the uneducated adults and rural community settlers. These are achieved through establishing Community Learning Centres (CLCs) in the rural and semi urban communities in Nigeria – as at end of April 2018, the Initiative has 3 CLCs in the suburb part of Abuja, Nigeria. With the help of facilitators/volunteers who are specialists and have skills in catering, soap making and bead making, providing skill acquisitions for adult learners, and a few others who are ready to join the class during the training. The essence of the adult literacy is to educate the illiterates who are dropped out or do not go to school at all, and the rationale behind the skill acquisition is empowering the learners to be able to stand on their own and start a business they could be proud of. For over 2 years now, a number of LADEWIN learners have continue to improve in their learning and behavior on daily basis. Three of them have intended to further their school by taking up a High School Examination in order for them to be better educated formally, even up to tertiary levels. They always share their experience with new adult students in our Centres how they cannot write A-B-C-D, but now hey can read a sentence or two, they can write their names and a few common words and they have begun to see life differently. Every week, 3 days in a week, 13 weeks per term, and 3 terms a year (session) - these are our way of making people prosper and bring peace into the societies.

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

Over the years, we have focused on uneducated adults, adults that are aged 18 years and above, those who are dropped out of elementary schools and high schools, or those who have never attended school at all. Rural communities have been a call to our attention, residents in the rural areas and in some cases in the semi urban areas are our beneficiaries. As at May 2018, 3 Community Learning Centres (CLCs) are active and are located at Gui, Wukara and Gbessa - all in Abuja, Nigeria. At the CLCs, an average of 50 active students and over 80 registered students per centres. And at least 20 students join every 3 months. These learners are 90 % married, 70 % women, and 100 % unable to read and write at their point of entry. Please see the following links for more:

How is your idea unique? (1,000 characters)

We specifically focuses on United Nation Sustainable Development Goal 4, which is to improve Quality Education and lifelong learning for all. Our main program is targeted at uneducated Nigerian, through provision of adult basic education. In addition to that, we make sure that we reduce the inequality and bridge the gap between the educated and uneducated. And also, through provision of skill acquisition for adult learners, we reduce poverty at all costs. One of the unique way of delivering our services and engaging our learners is by using the Nigerian Basic Education academic Calendar, that is 3 terms in a session, 12 - 14 weeks per term, 2 - 6 weeks of break at intervals.

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  • Majority Adoption: I have expanded the pilot significantly and the program product or service has been adopted by the majority of our intended user base.

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Established as an NGO to assist the country degrading educational system and providing adults with basic education and skills required by society to raise productivity, stimulate innovative mindset and raise income, in order for them to live a better, richer and fuller life both as individual and as social units.

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  • 5-7 years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered non-profit.

In 3-4 sentences, tell us the inspiration or story that encouraged you to start this project.

As a social worker, my driving force is solving human problems. In whichever way I can contribute to solving the problems of humanity. This single personal conviction made me to be board member of 3 NGOs working in various human issues, ranging from community to education, to human right. And an active member of more than 5 other NGOs, locally, nationally and international. Social entrepreneur gives me satisfaction, it gives me joy, it gives me the privilege to meet the needs of others.

Please explain how your selected topic areas are influenced, in the local context of your project (1,000 characters).

Contrary to the opinion of many people, leaders are not born, leaders are made, and they are made by effort and hard work. Leaders must be proactive and innovative in their approach to ensure that the objectives are achieved. In facing this, leaders must learn to be innovative and creative to ensure that they remain not just relevant but are also well-liked for the right reasons. In other word, peace and prosperity is a thing for everyone, but the onus lies on leaders to make sure that the right programs are connected with the right people. Just as we are doing at our Initiative, we connect the service of Volunteer teachers with adult students who are eager and ready to have back what they have missed in their younger age.

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (1,000 characters)

Over the years, we have been working with host communities, schools, community leaders, religious leaders in the host community where our Community Learning Centre is located. We are in partner with Mass Education Board - the Department of Education that runs and supervise everything about adult literacy and lifelong learning. We have also partnered with host schools, where we make use of for our Learning centres. For example, we are in good relationship with communities like Gbessa, Wukara, Sauka, Gui, Nuwalege, Bassa, all in Abuja, and Zhewun Madaki community in Nasarawa state, just to mention a few. Some of these communities have the opportunity of having our adult centre located, and some other are very close to where our centre(s) are located, thus benefiting from it, and we are in good terms with other communities and working in establishing centres there. So far so good, the community leaders in all of our centres are either a student with us or are fully in support of us

Please share some of the top strengths identified in the community which your project will serve (500 characters)

As noted earlier, our Initiative is targeted at rural communities, this makes it easier for us to have access to uneducated adults who are our beneficiaries. Some of these learners, have always seek help from paid service providers to help teaching them how to read and write in English upon our arrival. Coupled with our Volunteer teachers, we have more than enough trained teachers who are ready to teach and assist adult learners develop in their learning process.

Geographic Focus

Africa. Nigeria. Rural communities, and the uneducated / illiterates adults.

How many months are required for the project idea? (500 characters)

It is a continuous program we embark on, but at every 12 months (1 session or 3 terms), every adult learners are expected to have gained enough knowledge and move on with their life, coupled with skills they must have gained from us, and possible empowerment.

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In line with my promise, the learning management system for the gifted and talented is now up @ and you need to register on the platform by click "Become a teacher" tab. You will be able to creat courses. We will pay you 70% of the revenue earned on your courses.

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Adult education is an admirable cause with so many ripple effects in a lot of walks of life. The new perspective an individual gains through this literacy & skill building is akin to, if you ask me, winning the lottery! Kudos to your team

In construction industry we have seen live cases of committed individuals achieving things they doubted. Through basic English language & numerical skills, a non-skilled helper learnt to read product package labels, validate from the order books & learnt record-keeping on the job and progressed to Store Executive role during a project that I managed.

There would be countless stories of human endeavour that can attract more of the target segment to 're-write their future' - could be nice tagline I guess!

All the best to LADEWIN team

Photo of United for Hope

Dear Segun Amiri and LADEWIN team,
major credits to you for your Education for All: Necessary Inclusion of Adult Literacy for Sustainable Development project, I really enjoyed reading about your idea and experience.
At United for Hope we are also extremely passionate about education and providing the uneducated adults in our communities with better skills and opportunities.
Do you have any tips to share around the engagement process of your adult students? How do you help them to understand the practical benefits of taking their time to sit and learn English and other subjects?
Thanks a lot for sharing your idea! If you want to check ours, you can find it here Smart Villages for Rural India: Building vibrant, sustainable rural communities to stem urbanisation 
All best from my team to yours!

Photo of Segun Abiri

The exclusion of uneducated adults all over the world is a call to action for every change makers. We should all the concerned that education is growth itself, without education a certain percentage of our population, then we are seating on a keg of powder.

Our adult students have been the most motivated by our team. Motivation keeps initiative moving. We engage them, even outside the classroom, to be actively involved in the socioeconomic and sociopolitical instances in their communities. We reside with them, we don't stay up and only come down to them ocassionaly to teach them. We are their eyes, everyday.

They see us around, meet us in the religious houses, cross each other on the road to farm, etc.

English language is the official language in Nigeria, thus the need for everyone to have basic knowledge of writing, reading, speaking and spelling. Many of our adult students are encouraged, invited and brought to classroom by their friends, who had been enjoying the learning.

We do less publicity, because our learners themselves, see this as a great opportunity for them to bring back lost hopes.

Thank you and your team for your words, I checked your idea, and it is an head up.

Segun and LADEWIN

Photo of Christina Schwanke

Thank you so much for sharing! The Rural Synergy Foundation is working on something similar in the U.S. We see the need to provide a well rounded education to Adults in Rural Communities that leads to economic sustainability for families. I taught English in South Korea, for my students it was imperative for them to be fluent in English to be competitive for jobs, is it the same in Nigeria? What path does an education in English prepare your students? Here is our program:
We are seeing major gaps in knowledge in rural communities including writing, typing and math. These gaps make it nearly impossible for individuals to have jobs that provide enough income to take care of their families, part of the reason for 23.5 % child poverty.
I look forward to finding out more about your program for either inspiration or collaboration!

Photo of Segun Abiri

Dear Christina,

It is humble to have read about your initiative, I took my time to go through most of the contents on your Platform - Challenge, they were really inspiring.

I understand that we are in the same category of work for Sustainable Development Goal 4,. which specify on " for all...".

It would be of our interest to work with you on some of our projects.


Segun Abiri
Founder/Executive Director, LADEWIN

Photo of Paul Ennis

Good Day Segun,

I too have posted a project idea within this BridgeBuilder Challenge.

It lives here on the OpenIDEO platform:

The project title is 'Read To Me Now' and we're focused on reading education, reading-aloud and the race to read better now - that kids and families can enter into.

Your project idea is very inspiring and perhaps there is a way that we can work together to benefit both of us and ultimately the people we want to help/work with on their journeys toward more knowledge, power, control and happiness in their lives.

If my project gets funded I would be interested in working with you and sharing with you what I've learned about reading-aloud and the importance of this simple act of story-telling and how powerful it is in helping people - young and old alike - learn how to read and love learning how to read.

Before that point however there are ways we can help each other out right now within this OpenIDEO challenge arena.

Are you aware that each of us here within the OpenIDEO can be become members of each other's teams?

It is not hard to do and it is a good thing to do so that you and I can each share with each other and show the community that we are working together in support of each other - since there are so many things we share in common as far as what we want our projects to do for our peoples.

I would be happy to become a team member with you in support of your project, if you would like to do the same with me.

Once we make that kind of connection then we can proceed ahead as the next few months unfold in support of each other and our projects.

It's a pleasure to meet you in this environment - I like very much what you wrote in your comment down below. It is good and challenging to be here reaching out around the globe to others in support of a better life and a better world for us all.

Enjoy your day...

Paul Ennis
Read To Me Now/RTMN

Photo of Segun Abiri

Dear Paul,

I read through your Idea/Initiative and I am very challenged. It humbled me to say, the world is already becoming a better place with people like you - who are passionate about others, and how to bring out the best from them.

Your comments on our post is good idea, and on behalf of LADEWIN Team, I welcome it with open heart. I shall be taking the first move as required, and expect you do the same.

Thank you and look forward to connecting with you, in the future, if you win this race or otherwise.

Segun Abiri,
Founder/Executive Officer, LADEWIN

Photo of Paul Ennis


Thanks for your strong and clear reply. Humbled am I, as well.

We are now on each other's 'Teams' and that feels very good.

One note of style and technique... When you place someone on your team the 'Note' that you add about them is usually about them. So, I took what you wrote as the 'Note' about me and placed it in your profile on my project's page like this:

""Education brings us together, we care less if we are Thousands of mile apart, our hearts beats together for the unprivileged, uneducated, exclusive members of our communities."

If you would like me to put other words into this paragraph about you please just tell me what they are and I will add them.

These 'Notes' about team members are meant to describe who the team member is and what they are doing in the world here within the OpenIDEO.

For me, you could place this description in my team member 'Note' and then people will know that much more about me and why I am doing what I am doing - in combination with you:

"I have 42+ years of experience reading-aloud children's books, studying children's reading education habits, researching/developing/producing children's multi-media products & learning about how important reading & literacy skills are to people all over the world. If one is not able to read - one is not able to do much, or go very far within civilized society. For decades I have believed the following: "The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children." - Commission on Reading"

Do you understand? This is just a minor stylistic point - yet it is important as you build your team that you place 'Notes' about them that tells something about them - and the same for you. Please tell me whatever you want me to say about you and your work (in addition to what you stated above) in the 'Note' about you and I will do so.

Also, do you use Skype or Facebook Messenger Video?

I use both of those platforms and it could be fun and helpful to video chat and meet each other and exchange ideas more directly in that manner.

I also use e-mail quite alot and would welcome us opening a channel of communication between us in that way. Then our dialogues between us will not take up so much space here on our project pages. Please reach out to me here via e-mail:

Meantime, let's get our Team Member 'Notes' corrected/updated and see where things go from there.

FYI, it is 11:00 am in the morning on Friday May 11th here in California, USA.

What time and date is it where you are? Are you up in the middle of the night, or is this a normal time for you to be working/corresponding. I'm just curious...

Best Regards,


Photo of Segun Abiri

Hello Paul,

Good hearing from you, I am working on bringing on your suggestions. thanks for the head up.

Yes, I use both Skype and Facebook Messanger, and ever WhatsApp with or +2348064738240 respectively.

Please check your mail as regards the 'note'.

It is 20:30 (8:30pm), Nigeria, May 11th, here in Abuja, Nigeria, yes, it is still my working hour.



Photo of Paul Ennis


Thanks very much for your reply. Let's get through the weekend and then see if we can hook-up for a video chat. The time differential is not too great between us, so we should be able to make that type of connection pretty easily. I'd like to do so both professionally and personally. I like meeting folks who are doing these types of work projects in the world. Also, I have looked over your curriculum materials and would like to ask you a few questions about your work methods and teaching methods, in specific. I will watch for the e-mail and let's make our arrangements for video chatting via e-mail so that we do not have to put out that kind of contact info here within the OpenIDEO. I trust this space and these people, yet it is always tricky to release contact info into the public world of the Internet and so I don't do that myself.

Best to you...


Photo of Segun Abiri

Segun Abiri It is good and challenging to be here. I see this as an avenue to learn. Yes, to learn from other, we can't all win, and that doesn't make our contents or program less valuable, but because, in most cases it lacks the right communicative skills that would sell the idea. being here to learn what sells, what idea(s) changes the world, what others are doing to better humanity is more than enough for me to be thankful to the initiator.

Segun Abiri
Founder/Executive Director,
Literacy and Adult Education Initiative