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Celebration for All

Celebration for All "aims to to focus on experiential research on Festivals around the world and designing a an inclusive public space.

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The primary objective of this research is to carry out a detailed study of festivals around the world which will culminate into a space, designed to foster a sense of belonging and festivity for a global audience.One module of Public Space will be developed on the basis of study of festivals around the globe. These festivals will serve as research models. The focus of my research will be in synch with the Theme of GHR Foundation “Fostering new forms of architectural research formed by cross­ cultural engagement.” The endeavor is to make this a platform for international collaboration that will be able to fight with multiple challenges in the form of Sustainable Solutions for All. It will bring everyone at one platform and they will celebrate together with peace , prosperity for today and for the coming generations. It will be a great opportunity to conduct research of world festivals, share knowledge and research on Sustainable Development & Public Health and design an interactive Public space. The architectural consequences of this research will give us a chance to plan a better tomorrow and will aid in talking about the Future of the Past in terms of Sustainable Development. Designing more than One MillionSquare Feet area prioritizing Passive Architecture has been the key concern. Area of focus will be Social Responsibility towards architecture and creating awareness about sensitivity towards Sustainable Environment. I anticipate that my Research on World Festivals will be beneficial for all age groups developing the same module and will result in planning a public space for all.title of the Project will be “ Celebration For All” The research is originating from an indigenous context and environment. Vernacular Architecture and indigenous materials will be used in the development of the project. genous materials will be used in the development of the project. The Agenda for Research will aim towards improving the living conditions of the community.

Who are the beneficiaries? (1,000 characters)

Agenda for Research will aim towards improving the living conditions of the community and empower all women by promoting their handicraft skills. The main objective of this project will be productive employment and opportunnities for residents of all age groups. It will result in sustainable management of resources all around the world by developing the same prototype. research has been designed in a way that will ensure resilient infrastructure, make rural settlements and surrounding area safe, resilient and sustainable. Consequently, this can provide socially and financially lucrative opportunities by improving the quality of interaction of the area by promoting local crafts, vernacular architecture and indigenous materials of that region. Sustainable proposal will be energy efficient using aiming to provide building improvement and independant infrastructure.

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Festivals all around the world Sydney, Scotland , Thailand,Greece, Spain , Germany , Japan will be experienced and that experience will be transformed into public space and the prototypes will be developed in all the countries around the world. This will be a free for all public space sponsored by local governments to provide a space full of festivity , Culture and Celebration. Use of natural and sustainable materials in landscape and furniture will make it energy efficient and sustainable. Together with this project will focus on Passive Architecture Techniques which will make it green and zero carbon foot print project. Not only this there will be maximum use of natural vegetation , Trees will be used as poles and natural sedimentary rocks as benches . It will give an opportunity to all age groups to interact and experience festivity and celebrate peace.Foster new forms of architectural research formed by cross­cultural engagegements.

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  • Initial Design: I am exploring the idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it with real users.

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  • 7+ years

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My inspiration comes from local festival Basant which is celebrated at the arrival of spring . It is a festival celebrated by all.

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It is significantly important to experience Festivals so that , the experience can then be transformed in architectural solutions for people to interact and celebrate . Going around the world and studying Cultures and festivals and developing a Public Space which is a combination of all festivals which enable us to do the following: • It will to keep connected to our roots, our culture, our values, our origin and to preserve it. • It will help people come together and celebrate. • A time to forget all the chaoes of life and to embrace good hopes. • A time to reflect on all the hard work done in the past and to celebrate. • Will tell the tale of evolution throughout the years from the changes in the way of celebatation.

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (1,000 characters)

This project will involve multinational companies, universities , local craftsperson , artirsts , Architects, schools, tourism companies , local and government bodies. It will be a collaborative platform for all and result in promotion of culture, arts, tourism , indigenous craft and lead to social , environmental and economic sustainability globally. Sustainability presents great challenges for Architecture profession. But it also presents us with opportunities to play a dynamic and constructive role in the future development of our own societies. Indeed, we find ourselves living and working at one of those critical times in the history of the world where the future of the human enterprise is being decided. These are critical times. Our role as architects helping society to secure its future may well be decisive. In a world that is already straining its life supporting capacities to the limit, how we shape and organise space in support of sustainable living lies at the very heart.

Please share some of the top strengths identified in the community which your project will serve (500 characters)

Emphasis shall be placed on adaptation and implementation of research­derived knowledge and techniques to a practical humanitarian architecture project. The project research goals and objectives will yield tangible outcomes in the form of prototypes which can be developed all around the World. I have been teaching Energy and Environment to students of Bachelor of Architecture and promoting and encouraging interest in the areas of sustainable development.

Geographic Focus

Prototypes to be developed all around the globe.

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It will take 36months

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  • No

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The Research will be during the course of the Project traveling around the world covering four continents and thousands of miles and experience festivals around the world and styding interactive spaces around the world. The experiential knowledge and my expertise in designing more than Ten hundred Thousand Square Feet area and interest towards Passive and sustainable architecture are the key concerns that will be utilized in the execution of the project “ Celebration For All”. Emphasis shall be placed on adaptation and implementation of research-derived knowledge and techniques to a practical architecture project .It will aim to yield tangible outcomes in the form of prototype which will be replicated all around the world. REFERENCES (student papers from 17-Aug-2016) Submitted to University of Wales Swansea on 2016-08-17 (Internet from 17-Nov-2015) ( Papers from 03-Jul-2015) Submitted to 82561 on 2015-07-03 (Internet from 14-Mar-2014) (Publications) Nanda, Ved P.. "The journey from the millennium development goals to the sustainable development goals.", Denver Journal of International Law and , Spring 2016 Issue


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Hi Maira,
I think your idea has potential to impact a wider range of users than the described on the text. I have to say that festivals are a great excuse not only to party and have a great time, but to promote a location, a wide range of peoples and also to support the economy of the place as a whole ecosystem.

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Thank you for your appreciation. All points are well noted and received.