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Cancer Patients' Mental Health

We often focus on physical condition but there is a lack of professional mental health the cancer patient in emerging nations.

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TThere is a lack of professional mental health support for cancer patients in emerging nations such as India, even though cancer patients are twice as likely to develop mental illnesses. SDG 3.4 By 2030, reduce by one-third premature mortality from noncommunicable diseases through prevention and treatment and promote mental health and well-being.

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We improve the mental health of cancer patients through peer-support. Our weekly psychologist-facilitated group sessions will be unique in emerging nations. By participating, patients will become more resilient and develop strategies to cope with the stresses of the disease.

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This idea is unique in Nepal. Cancer cases are increasing day by day. According to the study, cancer patients are increasing from 2003 to 2011 and the number has become double in 2011. Among the total population, 45% males and 55% females are suffering from different types of cancers. The number of cancer is becoming a major problem in Nepal. At the same time, mental disorder is increasing in cancer patients day by day in Nepal. Till now, we have no accurate data of mental health related to the cancer patients that means no one is showing interest in doing research regarding the mental health of cancer patient. But according to senior doctors, 50% - 60% cancer-stricken people are suffering from depression and anxiety too.

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I was 18 years old. I was watching television and changing the channel at the time I stopped changing the channel and started to watch, news which touched my heart. The news was about a teenage boy committed suicide from a hospital building. He was suffering from kidney cancer. He left a shocking letter to his parents how he was suffering from and even he mentions he doesn’t want to burden of his family. After hearing this news I couldn’t be stopped myself to think about this problems.

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Dhairya Cancer Foundation aims to care the mental health of cancer patients through peer-support, organizing awareness program of cancer, data collection of cancer patients. The services will bring together cancer patient and survivors to share experiences, the session will be facilitated by the psychologist. Cancer patients are suffering from mental disorder because they lose hope for life. Cancer patients' suicidal trend is a big problem in here. The patients with untreated depression or anxiety are less likely to take their cancer treatment. Motivation is highly required in this field as in other spheres. So, we need your help and support to collect data on cancer patients. Because Dhairya Cancer Foundation is the one who is going to study the prevalence of depression in cancer patients and the prevalence of anxiety in cancer patients as well as to collect data of Cancer Patients and their Mental Health.

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Psychologists, psychiatric, youth, cancer patients, the cancer survivor, cancer patients' family.

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"Youth Awareness Program: Patients' Mental Health" at British Gurkha College Going to do research on Cancer Patients' Mental Health. Distributed fruits in cancer hospital of Nepal. Researched on child cancer mental health.

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Country- Nepal, Kathmandu and remote area of Nepal.

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It takes 24 months.

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Photo of Angi Yoder Maina

Hi Terisa Tamang 

Thanks for you engagement with this important topic. Have you explored other ways of working with cancer patients because only working with psychologists? I would consider finding cancer survivors in Nepal and working with them to begin to facilitate groups of cancer patients. They have been through the different stages of the disease and they not only survived they beat it. Maybe have the psychologist help you design and develop the program, but some of the most healing and supportive programs are led by people who can most relate to the group they are working with.

Just an idea.


Photo of Terisa Tamang

So sorry for the late response. When I searched Open Ideo I saw this comment. Thank you so much. Recently, I completed research on cancer patients' mental health and learned lots of things from them. Still, cancer patients are facing problems from society and their families, society and family ignore them after suffering from cancer thinking that cancer is a communicable disease, as well as there, are lots of things which cancer patients can't tell us. So, if I possible I'm planning to bring cancer patients and a survivor to share their experience. I'm planning to bring cancer patients and a survivor to share their experience. Hope to touch with you.