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Agenda 2030 + Expo 2027 - Bringing People Power to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Engaging millions of Americans in support of the 2030 Agenda will transform the US, the UN, and the planet.

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Building on the success of the UN's Millennial Development goals the Heads of State of every nation pledged to meet a set of 17 specific and measureable Global Goals for Sustainable Development spelled out in Agenda 2030. This agreement has been remarkably successful, spurring action at all levels to directly tackle poverty, illness, hunger, discrimination, and exclusion. One important country where these Global Goals have not been put to work thus far is the United States, making progress on these issues inside of the U.S. less effective and reducing the contribution that citizens, corporations, and civic institutions of all kinds based in the US are making to global efforts to meet the 2030 goals. We propose a global project that will bring the citizens and major institutions of the US into direct participation in local, regional and national initiates linked to the Global Goals to both inform a wider audience about the 2030 Agenda and to gain the benefits of this very successful initiative here in our country. Specifically, we will takes an existing activity that enjoys broad support, Minnesota's plan to host a World's Fair on health, and connect it to the health-related Global Goals in Agenda 2030. Millions of Americans involved in the World’s Fair between now and 2027 will be informed about the Global Goals and become active in efforts to meet the targets set for 2030. Between 15 million people from all over the US will attend this Expo in-person during the summer of 2027. Hundreds of millions more will participate via social media, virtual reality, conferences and symposiums, and other associated events. All US participants will learn about the Goals and encouraged to join efforts to meet the health targets for our nation. In addition, up to one billion people worldwide will visit via social media during the run-up years and in the summer of 2027. Digital visitors will learn about sustainable development and engage in activities that help reach the Goals.


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Health is largely determined by social factors - with education and poverty perhaps the two largest of these. A good example of how they interact can be found in these articles about Development Bond projects that contributes to the achievement of SDGs in health and education with the end result being poverty reduction.

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