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Zazen Systems' Solar Powered Desert Coolers, Refrigerators and Air Conditioners

Zazen's solar powered refrigerators are made for rural health care centers and blood banks for storage of blood and other pharmaceuticals.

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Zazen Systems is a startup based in IIT Madras' Rural Technology and Business Incubator. Zazen Systems has developed Solar Powered DC Desert Coolers, Air Conditioners and Refrigerators. 

Explain your idea

Zazen has developed DC Desert Coolers, Refrigerators and Air Conditioners. These three devices are DC Powered. The electricity generated from a solar cell is DC. However, most of the appliances used in a household run on AC Power. Conversion from DC to AC happens via an inverter. Invertors are not just costly, they are also inefficient. Losses up to 15% can occur when DC is converted to AC. And these losses add up when you store the generated electricity in a battery. Our DC appliances are upto 40% more efficient than its comparative AC Appliance. It is less noisy in operation. And it is perfect for micro grid and solar powered homes. These appliances are not just for homes though. Our refrigerators are gearing up for a pilot with primary health care centers. They would serve the purpose of keeping blood and various other essential pharmaceuticals cool in areas where constant power supply is not available. Rural Blood Banks can plug a solar cell, a battery and let the refrigerator run on its own. They can also plug in other appliances and have a complete micro grid powering them.

Who Benefits?

Our benificiaries are the rural health care centers who do not have access to uninterrupted power supply. In many cases availability of blood could have saved lives. But, due to lack of infrastructure to store blood, and even if the infrastructure is present, lack of constant power supply, can damage the stored blood. Zazen's Refrigerators are designed for blood banks. And we hope it will improve the quality of health care in rural india and help save many lives.

How is your idea unique?

We are conscious about the role we play in society. We spend our time and resources on developing products that can make a difference in the world we live in. We have a team of motivated researchers who are searching and probing for different ways in which we can make our products more efficient, more reliable, more ecofriendly. Our unique advantage is in the way that we want to deploy our products. We are interested in making our customers our soldiers. Soldiers fighting global warming with us. Zazen is an idea. An idea for change.

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Piloting: I have started to implement my solution as a whole with a first set of real users.

Tell us more about you

We are a Business based in chennai. We are incubated in RTBI( Rural Technology and Business Incubator). Our ethos is to develop technology for the here. now. We are on the lookout for collaborators who can help us out with business development and in identifying further opportunities for us. We don't have any particular role in mind for our partners, we would love to sit and talk and figure things out:)

Expertise in sector

  • 1-2 years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered company.
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Air Conditioner Brochure


Air Cooler Brochure


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Photo of Nicole De Paula

Congrats on the project, really important!
Recently I organized a meeting on chemicals and waste management. There we discussed the example of solar panels and how they are growing. The head of the UN Conventions of this topic mentioned how no one is thinking about what's going to happen with all these material after they are no longer used.
Maybe you can add a solution for the post-use of your products. This would ensure that you are thinking about the whole life-cycle of your products, essential nowadays if we consider sustainable consumption and production.
Good luck!

Photo of Srinath Iyer

Hi Nicole,

Hope you are doing well. This is an issue with solar cells that I had not really thought of. What you are saying is true. We should be thinking of the entire life cycle of the product( including the solar cells). There are newer generations of solar cells which are in the developmental phase which I think will be addressing this issue. These newer generation of solar cells have the potential to solve many of the problems associated with the current solar cells. They are organic solar cells, made of special polymers.

Photo of Nicole De Paula

Great that you can consider that. Thanks for your reply!

Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Srinath!

Thank you for posting. Is this your company - Would you be able to include LinkedIn profiles for your team and a company website?

Who are the main competitors to Zazen Systems? How do you plan to deploy your products? Can you tell me more about your pilots?

I noticed that your company was incorporated on 22 June 2016. Can you partner with another company for this challenge? I just want to highlight the evaluation criteria -

Photo of Srinath Iyer

Hi Kate,

Hope you are doing good. You've linked the right company. This is my linkedin profile :
The rest of the team including my founder unfortunately don't have linkedin accounts. As mentioned in the idea, we have multiple products, and in each product we have our competitors.
I am not sure if this is the right platform to discuss business plans Kate. If you can provide me an email id, I can send the plan.

Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Srinath!

Community Conference Calls: Have questions or want to learn more from the Challenge management team? Join us for our community conference calls: Friday March 24th, Monday March 27th, or Tuesday March 28th!