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Our IMPOSSIBLE Advantage- World FREE from Wicked Poverty for kinder 4P: Peace + People + Planet + Prosperity

NuuFarming: Starbuckization of AgriFood System for Sustainability Triple Bottom Lines

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Generations upon of Rural/Slum informal Communities, living with HOPE yearly for electricity, water, sanitation, roads, housing, logistic and social services infrastructures to reach their village

What "BoP" get are NGO-Agencies generosity of sharing future dreams of social equality, healthy living, prosperity, peace are but the promise of new dawn……… a "mirage" despite trillion spent in donation aids-volunteers time-UN-WB...etc Conferences/Workshops/Financing largeness..... and the new 17 “NEW HOPE” SDG’s to speed the 4Billion ( still counting ) BoP into 21st Century.

According to the OECD in 2012 the top 0.6% of world population (consisting of adults with more than 1 million USD in assets) or the 42 million richest people in the world held 39.3% of world wealth. The next 4.4% (311 million people) held 32.3% of world wealth. The bottom 95% held 28.4% of world wealth.

FAO(2015) estimates that about 795 million people were suffering from chronic undernourishment, live in developing countries. Another 11 million people undernourished in developed countries 

In the face of deep poverty, dearth of opportunities and or brutal conflicts ( eg Africa ) couple with climate warming, many hungry angry young people have chosen to migrate—either to urban centers or mass migration abroad—present a potential threat to global stability and security- a major social issue in Europe-America-Australia-Middle East-Africa etc

Over 95 Million are in urgent need of food and humanitarian assistance crisis, but UNHCR lacking 90% of the required funding of USD$22.6Billon!!!.

The global Agri-Food industry faces considerable demands and opportunities in the years and decades ahead. By 2050, the global population is predicted to reach9 billion and to keep up with that growth we need to produce more food in the next 50 years than we have in the past 10,000 years combined.That’s quite a challenge, given the fact that forests are falling at an alarming rate of  85 acres per minute are destroyed and every second we lose a soccer field of farmland to desertification, urbanisation, and degradation

We need to dramatically and sustainably shake up the agrifood “value add” chain to meet the food and nutrition demands of the burgeoning global population

Also, the agrifood industry has an outsized impact on the 

  • Planet: We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. Agriculture uses 1/3 of the world’s arable land, 3/4 of its fresh water, rapid advancing deforestation, Ocean Fish depletion, toxic pollution etc. 
  • People: Over 1 Billion people are working in the agrifood industries, out of necessity than by choice, the highest in the poorest countries, with ACCESS to Schools-Health Care-WASH-Livable Homes and other Social amenities 
  • Prosperity: 95% of World Population "owns" ZERO Assets and most earns less than USD$5 per day, a majority even less and are credit RISK
  • Peace: What IF we have ample ACCESS to Fair Employment Opportunities + Land + Water + Food + WASH + Livable Homes + Education + Health Care + Internet +++ other factors that will cause wars or mass migration?

Our Organic NuuFarming is "starbuckization" of inefficient resource-intensive agriculture today to engineered SoiLESS-WaterLESS-LandLESS BioFarming System. Nuufarming’s USP is its engineer Controlled Atmosphere Rootzone. The Sustainability Advantage that solves food access, food safety, food nutrition, and food awareness.:

  • Standardization ORGANIC Plant Kits. Grows anyWHERE without Soil-Land. Up to 300% MORE Quality Therapeutic Yield. Licensed Local Production of Plant Kits to Specification Compliance to reduce transshipment. Adaptive for different Plant Cultivars-Phenotype for 100% Plant Growth  OPTIMISATION without stress from Seeds to Harvest. No Pesticide Needed
  • Smallest Footprints: SoiLESS+WaterLESS+PestLESS +LabourLESS
  • NON-Irrigation for less than 150 days short growing cycle cereal crops
  • ZERO Tilling+Weeding. ZERO Run-OFF/Percolation
  • PRODUCTIVITY YIELD/metre2 area:linear Open Field ( 50-100% MORE); 3D SPACE Vertical ( 500-10000% MORE) without LAND
  • Intensification with Farm Processing/ Manufacturing for B2B2C opportunities eg Growing Teff Plants/Seeds on Multi-Level Vertical 3D Farm with footprints and inexpensive automation
  • Low Waste-UpCycling to Alternative Proteins ( Insects proteins for Fish/Feed-Escargot/Frogs/Rabbits) or BioMASS Pellets
  • Inclusive preferred Employment  of most venerable, most disadvantage, and most discriminate people with  Girl-Women Leadership empowerment... to break the Cycle of Poverty !!
  • Super BENEFITS for Livestock & Regenerative Ocean Farming

NO Ratio of 1-Livestock : X HA PastureLand ( eg No Need 1 Cow : 2 HA ). Fast Growing Fresh Herbal Protein-Nutritious Feed now feasible to reduce Methane formation in Livestock farming

Up-CYCLING. All plants waste are up-cycle for alternative proteins as feeds for Ocean Regeneration

  • Ready NOW

NuuFarming is ready NOW for  rock & roll across the global landscape from remotest new frontiers from parts of:

  1. Urban SLUM ( 1Billion ), 
  2. Desert (30Mkm2),
  3. Off-Shore Floats (300MKm2), or
  4. Frozen Tundra(11MKm2)

creating new sustainability inclusive ecoVillages for 4P to grow-2- ZERO Poverty-Hunger-Malnutrition-Water/Land Scarcity-Wars-Mass Migration. 

Explain your idea

*Einstein: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results #Patent pending NuuFarming is a plant kit The Plant kit is similar to "instant noodle" concept. User need to pour the growing up liquid into the kit opening, locate the kit where there is Sun or LED Light for germination till harvest !!! No Tilling, NO Weeding. NO RunOFF, NO Waste,NO Expensive Irrigation Infrastructure ( Drip required for perennials ) SAVE: 99% WATER/FERTILIZER Use INCREASED RICE YIELD: 2Tons/HA to 6 Tons/HA=300% #Can grow indoors or in gardens-farms-plantations for sustainability abundance especially with Vertically 3D Space Optimisation MultiLevel Method Intensification per m2 land with Integrative Optimisation in low carbon Circular BioEconomy, Land etc SAVE 30-70% LAND =100 Million ACRES from Rice Farming!! #Leveraging on NuuFarming, ecoVillage Innovation Collaborative Kibbuttz (eVicK ) is the self-sustaining startup within 1000 days ( 3 yrs ) for economies of scale for quality Organic Produce and associated post-harvest products, providing Inclusive employment+shelter+skillsets education+leadership with digitization cloud e-platform for B2B2C network to transformation poor into globalize economy. ( B2B= Semi production BioChemical ByProducts; B2C=ready-2-Use/Eat products) *“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, BUILD A NEW MODEL that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller We have been allocated a barren deforested hilly land Phase 1 100HA by Malaysia Govt for our 1st eViPc with options for Phase 2 900HA MORE ( + Offshore Sea of 2000HA for Multi-Tropic Sea Food Cultivation ) in Johore State, a 90 minutes drive away from Singapore. At this site, we will design an Off-Grid 100% Low Carbon Circular renewable biomass energy Organic ecoVillage HealthiRESORT to farm exotic herbal vegetables-tubers-meats with #Retirement Village for 10,000 #Inclusive Employment of 20,000. Offer inclusive jobs to disadvantage Age Groups ( Retirees, Single Parent, Orphan, Abused kids-Woman etc #B2B2C Cloud eCommerce with eLEARN #By Year 10, Annual turnover USD$1 Billion for "8Bio": BioFood, BioFeed, BioFlora, BioChemical, BioFuel, BioFiber, BioProteins, Livestock BioBREEDER for Exotic/Speciality Produce Have commitments of US10 Millions for the 1st eViPc@Malaysia. Will be seeking Crowd Funding, Green Bond etc to roll out to 200 Countries globally. OPEN INVITATION to KICKSTART the eViPc in 4th Qtr 2017 in Malaysia We aim to produce therapeutic organic food and seek your kind assistance We INVITE Country Govt, Philanthropy Organisations, Corporate Social Responsible Companies, local NGO etc to partner with SLXC Social Enterprise Team to create New Wealth for your Beneficiaries locally to Unlocking, Transforming Inclusive Lives and Futures FOR GLOBAL GOOD Welcome feedback/insights:

Who Benefits?

With sustainability abundance, off-grid/slum citizens will be guided through Human Centred Design to adopt global Best Practices Development Model for adaptation for 1) Peace: Collaborative Sharing of Values+Resources 2) People-Every ONE Matters-No ONE is Left Behind 3)Planet-Sustainability Development 4)Prosperity: Value Add Entrepreneurship Peace With equality By 2040 or earlier, NO ONE is LEFT BEHIND due to -Lottery of Birth, -Digital Divide, -Land/Water/ WASH Scarcity, -Off-Grid locality, -Famine-Weather/Drought, -Increasing Cost of Fertilizer/Seeds -Access Health Care, Schools, WASH, Community Services, WASH etc

How is your idea unique?

Technology, skilled talents and knowledge is NOT evenly distributed around the world.Generations of Rural Communities or even Urban Slum. Despite trillions in aid-philanthropy-volunteers, over 50% of global population are still living under wicked condition made worse by global warming and soon America 1st NuuFarming USP to break the Cycle of Poverty Our raison d’être Business Model is multi-Strategic Solutions for 4P with a science-based ecological, collaborative social entrepreneurship, self-learning+ caring society with Value Add Services for Farm-2-Table B2B2C Cloud ePlatform With engineered intensification, integrative regenerative NuuFarming's organic produce at non-organic prices, protected by patents-franchise for LOCAL inclusive environmental, social, and economic value one village at a time

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Full-scale roll-out: I have completed a pilot and analyzed the impact of that pilot on the users I am trying to reach with my idea. I am ready to expand the pilot significantly.

Tell us more about you

2NICE aims to revolutionise the agriFood Value Therapeutic Chain from farm to table within one powerful Sustainability Organic Solution. Our STORY 10 CoFounders( 4 Sons + 4 Daughters+ 2 Given for Adoption ) were " extremely lucky " by lottery of birth to be in off-grid flood prone micro village in colonial Malaya then with mosquitoes-rat as playmates. With every 9 months an extra brother or sister, poverty-hunger-malnutrition is the village curse due to low rubber prices but high UK imported goods. Schools is under the coconut trees with most friends wearing theme oversized hand-me-down clothes. We innovated to improved family health with integrative backyard food+fruit garden with livestock one chicken-duck-pigeon at a time feeding them from market/restaurant waste, earthworms, cockroaches etc. All farms tools, gadgets, house were self-made. Mum was a washerwoman to earns a few bucks a month which enables us to start a Bicycle Repair Shop later with local microfinancing aka "tontine" With self-earn/learn scholarship and microfinancing availability, 2 co-founders made their way to UK's leading Universities for Engineering/Pharmacy know-how while the rest were educated in Malaysia-Singapore Institution of Higher Learning Since graduation, we have accelerated our family from poverty up to Middle Class with entrepreneurship and social accountability " extremely lucky "? Yes...without being born in the adversity environment, we would not have the wealth of hands-on nano experience of the pain and micro innovation application to discover NuuFarming and ecoVillage Innovation Project Collaborative ( eViPc ) and How to Starbuckization the System for the Global Good ya !!!! ABOUT Mr Giok P CHUA is the Chief Ecopreneurist, Chief ecoBuilding Engineer, Chief System Auditor, Adjunct Professor for Green Productivity, Climate Change, Technopreneur Mgmt in rural agriculture to advanced engineering innovation for manufacturing+maritime+transport+services having worked in MNC in UK-USA-AU-Japan-Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand-India Mr Geok B CHUA is the Chief Pharmacist, CEO Food Medical Safety System Auditor, Adjunct Professor for Green System Productivity, Climate Change, for manufacturing+transport+services having worked in MNC Drugs in UK-ASIA

Expertise in sector

  • 7+ years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered company.


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