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Vocational Training for Widows

Creating Hope & Opportunity for Widows through Microfinance & Vocational Training

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Our work takes place in Sokoto, Nigeria. The widows under the care of this company are mainly soldiers wives who lost their husband to BOKO HARAM war in Nigeria from 2009 to around 2017. We provide the structure necessary to help the women on various levels. We provide baseline business skills, necessary no matter what venture or trade a woman will step out into, and we also provide a community for these women, many of whom have been marginalized and possibly traumatized. In some areas, such as our farming program, the women are placed in a group with other women, forming a support system even within the structure of the larger organization. In summary, we provide individualized attention and aim to meet the needs of women on a holistic basis. We do this while in the context of providing very practical tools for a the women to advance economically, a feat which in itself can provide pride and emotional healing/well-being.  

Explain your idea

Topcityenterprises provides services & opportunities to poor widows in Sokoto, Nigeria, enabling them to advance economically & become self-sustaining. With these services, our clients for the first time are able to envision a future with hope and dignity, without pervasive, chronic despair. This is what we want to bring to the world. To do this, we help women begin small businesses (microenterprises) and provide business education to help them succeed. We provide advocacy that is necessary within the context of our culture to empower our clients. We also provide skills training in a number of different industries, so women can learn a trade that fits their innate talents and temperament.

Who Benefits?

The benefictaries of our project are soldiers wives who lost their husbands to BOKO HARAM WAR in Nigeria, We will empower them we vocational training to advance economically & become self-sustaining. With these services, our clients for the first time are able to envision a future with hope and dignity, without pervasive, chronic despair.

How is your idea unique?

The organization builds opportunities through a variety of programs, including: 1. Farming groups: Groups of 25 women are given an initial supply of seed, fertilizer, modern farming equipment and land. The food they raise is theirs to provide for their families and to sell. They will be taught modern farming techniques and business education. They will be taught concepts such as group purchasing power and retail vs. wholesale pricing. 2. Poultry farming/egg distribution: WC's 2000 "layers" (our very productive chickens!) produce 1200 eggs a day. Widows buy the eggs at a subsidized price for their business--egg sales. At any one time, 10 widows collect 120 eggs daily each for their businesses. Here again, they will be taught skills and tools necessary to success in business, such as pricing and selling retail (vs. wholesale) for maximum profit and how to market their goods. Members of the program will be involve in poultry husbandry and participate in the direct care of the chickens.

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Prototyping: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing my idea.

Tell us more about you

08185762435, 08091290840 Email: Jummyvic@gmail Name: Jummai Victor Tela Vision: To grow highly qualitative fresh nutrient rich crops, vegetables and livestock for sale in my farm. KEY TO SUCCESS Integrity Ethics Leadership Team work Training Communication Continues improvement CAREER OBJECTIVE: to reach the point of sustainable profitability PERSONAL INFORMATION Nationality: Nigeria Resident: Sokoto Birth date: 2nd July, 1976 Gender: Female Marital Status: Married PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1. Managing Director Topcity Enterprise RESPONSBILTY 1. Manage and coordinate farm activities 2. Maintain the company’s high standard and meet the market requirement. EDUCATION: 1989 Army Children Primary school 2000 Army Day Secondary School 2003 Shehu Shagari College of Education 2016 African Management Initiatives CERTIFICATE OBTAINED Primary School Leaving Certificate Senior Secondary Certificate National Certificate on Education Market Segmentation Targeting and Positioning Certificate Brand Building Certificate Certificate in Marketing Certificate in Business Plan SKILLS Farming Knitting Sewing Writing Confectionary LANGUAGE LEVEL English Fluent, Hausa fluent. TEAM MEMBERS Usman Tela Bishop: Federal Government College, Sokoto Phone: 08091290840 Email: Lawali Isah Yeldu: Federal Government College Kazaure Phone: 08035474519 Email:

Expertise in sector

  • 1-2 years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered company.

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