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Used Motor Oil Recycling

Recycle used motor oil using low cost and environmentally friendly technology

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Many natural oil reservoirs are depleting day after day yet the demand for oil products increases instead! The increased demand for oil products has led to increased volume of waste motor oil yet in many low developed countries there are no recycling centers. This has left bearers of waste motor oil with option apart from non environmentally safe ways of disposal including: burning and dumping in landfills/water sources.

At Brent Technologies, waste motor oil is our raw material we use to make recycled motor oil, diesel fuel, shoe creme and roofing shingles. Our work preserves natural oil reservoirs so that they can supply us a little longer, prevents contamination of environment with waste oils as well as improve the economic situations in areas/countries we operate.

Explain your idea

We do waste motor oil recycling by using an environmentally friendly technology. Our products are fresh motor oil, diesel fuel, shoe creme and roofing materials. By doing this work, we collect waste motor oil which would be improperly disposed of and recycle it to make useful and highly demanded products. This way, we prevent a lot of unnatural environmental disasters/detrimental effects which include: (a) Water pollution - one liter of waste motor oil contaminates up to one million liters of water making it unfit for use by people. This has increased the number of people worldwide without access to clean drinking water, while in some situations it has increased the cost of water purification. In a number of situations waste oil disposal in water sources has led to suffocation of fish and other aquatic organisms leading to not only losses for aquaculture farmers but also to production of contaminated fish. (b) Land/soil pollution - Soil contaminated with waste motor oil coagulates(makes a solid mass) which is impenetrable by both water and air which are key requirements for plant growth. This leads to a tremendous decline in crop yields hence affecting agriculture which threatens food security. In addition to reducing yields, even the crops which persist to grow on such oil contaminated soils provide yields which are contaminated by dangerous trace elements from used oil which lead to cause of diseases. Statistics show that over 24 billion tons of top soil which would be the best for farming are lost to waste oil contamination every. (c) Air pollution - Many people burn waste motor oil as a way of disposal. This leads to production of thick and toxic gases commonly known as carbon emissions which are inhaled by people causing a number of long term health problems while the rest end up in the atmosphere causing global warming and contributing to climate change. At Brent Technologies we developed in-house technology to recycle waste motor oil without producing carbon emissions neither leaving behind any wastes.

Who Benefits?

The direct beneficiaries are motorists who buy recycled motor oil and diesel fuel, as well as any other persons who have interest in our executive roofing materials and shoe creme. These are called direct beneficiaries because they get value for their money spent on the products they buy. Another category is the indirect beneficiaries. These include any person who enjoys clean water, clean air, non contaminated food, non contaminated soils, among others. These are called indirect beneficiaries as they don't pay for the benefits but our intervention to do waste motor oil recycling ends up bringing numerous and impactful benefits to them.

How is your idea unique?

Unlike in most/developed countries where refineries are set up with high initial investment costs, we developed our in-house low cost and yet environmentally friendly technology to recycle waste motor oil into the above mentioned products. (a) We use chemicals that are not left behind after the chemical process. This way we don't generate waste as we recycle waste oil. (b) We use very little electrical energy compared to the existing fractionating columns currently used to refine oil in the million dollar refineries yet we get the same quality of products.

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Full-scale roll-out: I have completed a pilot and analyzed the impact of that pilot on the users I am trying to reach with my idea. I am ready to expand the pilot significantly.

Tell us more about you

Brent Technologies is a registered company in Masaka district, central region of Uganda with three directors. These are: (a) Geoffrey Ssekatawa - founder the biggest shareholder with up to 70% of the shares. He is the company CEO, Quality control Officer and the Products Development Officer. He owns the technology for recycling oil at Brent Technologies. He is a full time work at Brent Technologies. (b) Frank Zzimula - He is a founder member and holds 18% of the shares. He is not a full time worker at Brent Technologies. (c) Mike Kayuki - He is a founder member and holds 12% of the shares. He is not a full time worker of Brent Technologies. We would like to get in touch with investors/grant makers with whom we can work to scale up production and even replicate the business in other countries since there's high demand for our products.

Expertise in sector

  • 5-7 years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered company.

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