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Universal Language

Proprietary Global Language system based on symbols.

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Note for video above: When going to our website URL, there are two videos on the home page to view by clicking on the arrows.

Our IP Patent Pending / Trademarked concept is a simple yet powerful new universal communication tool. It will start as a JGist™smart-phone chatapp supported by a cloud based internet server. Essentially it consists of these two components working together seamlessly allowing the user to craft their text message which is enhanced by symbols as the messages are crafted in real time. The recipient of the combined text and symbol message will be given the “gist” of the message and have an option to ask the JGister™ (interpreter) of the received text in any language of their choosing if they are unsure ofthe content or meaning. (A powerful international communication tool)

At the user’s discretion, they can activate a Naturalized Commerce™component that allows for products/services to be acquired “when they want it” through attraction vs promotion. Product or service logos will appear “directly i.e. Starbucks or indirectly i.e. coffee” in the message.  When this occurs and the user taps the brand symbol (click-thru) signifying the user wants more information. Several options may occur; nearest sponsor location, map, any special offers to the user if they actually show up and purchase something and a JGistbits™coupon virtual currency card credit at the Point of purchase station.

Not mentioned are neat features that in some cases may be offered by other apps but never all in one place or app. (See attached material) Convenient and cost saving features like no-cost phone calling country to country, adding attachments to the message, playing a sound or music denoting moods or other sound related experiences, purpose of the message and personality profile of the correspondent if allowed by the participant to mention a few. (Of 3D Disney quality)

Problems solved:

  • International multi-language communication available no other way during normal real time communications. (Instant message interpretation through new JGisting™ technology)
  • Connecting diverse people and places, quickly, flawlessly, effortlessly and making complete communication a simple act of texting. (90% of messages are other than words)
  • Better and improved instant international communication.
  • No cost per text fees.
  • Free international calling feature.
  • Improved/proficient commerce based upon an individual’s preference.


Explain your idea

See aboveThe JGist of JGisting Just international LLC is a software development company with a mission to revolutionize global messaging. Our concept will be the next big advancement in information technology. As a proprietary global language system based on symbols, JGisting™ will truly help solve today’s biggest problems in communication. Information overload “communication chaos in efficient and wasted push advertising” Our exciting concept delivers two solutions for these problems and merges them into a new paradigm which we call JGisting™. This device-embedded technology will be embraced by every Internet-reliant company as the basis of their communications. JGisting is a free, fun and entertaining symbol-powered messaging system! With its automated, cloud-based system of logical symbols, it will promote consensus/popular-based, universally understood meaning of words and phrases via symbols. Symbols are currently at the forefront of user demands, but nobody has truly figured out how to use them, much less make money from them. JGisting will grow exponentially throughout the world, initially as a global messaging Chat App. Texting will come alive with Disney-like quality and create a worldwide-universal understanding of conversation to daily messaging. Revolutionary monetization JGisting™ with Naturalized Commerce™, based on Conversation Based Marketing™ introduces a whole new way of connecting consumers to companies. People typically mention products or services directly or indirectly they want to buy in their daily conversations naturally. Users message each other and brands will appear respectfully to assist them in their buying process. Known as Naturalized Commerce™, will replace inefficient push-based advertising and offer users immediate discounts on click-through coupons and JGistbits™ loyalty rewards and e-fulfillment. (A perfectly optimized user acquisition process that is a 360° consumer experience.) Note: Internet companies like Google, FaceBook, Twitter and WhatsApp came into the world without a way of making money, and were forced to use push-based advertising to generate revenue. They are now overwhelming users with annoying pop-ups, self-starting videos and endless ads. Today they are desperately looking for ways to connect companies and consumers! JGisting™ will become an amazing source of the continuously growing revenue stream that will be the goose that lays the golden eggs for our financial partners. (Sponsors and licensees)

Who Benefits?

Individuals anywhere in the world who has a smart phone and internet access who wants to communicate to another party to collaborate, propose, manage a project or simply to start a relationship with another person regardless of where they are or what language they speak. (Individually or in groups as a chat) Sponsors will more efficiently reach their target market/audiences through "Conversation Based Marketing."

How is your idea unique?

Our patent pending invention is a completely new way, never before used in communication. Properly positioning symbols in any form within text messages will achieve better communication with people throughout the world getting the gist of their messages while achieving consensus meaning to symbols creating a new language called "JGisting".

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Research & Early Testing: I am exploring my idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it with real users.

Tell us more about you

My name is Steve Vervais, the CEO of our organization. Greg Hewitt is my business partner and Chief Technology Officer. My founding partner and I have been working together full-time for over 2 ½ years getting things organized, documented and patented. Greg had the original idea for JGist but we both are creative types. We work as a team on many things where it makes sense to do so although Greg directs the technology component. We currently have an office in South Minneapolis. Over this startup time, we have attracted over 60 affiliate members, contributors and advisers to our team. All individuals are successful professionals in their own fields and our business advisors are chosen for their achievements and commitment to making JGist a phenomenon. Please go to our website at to learn more about our team. JGist was incorporated in January 2015. We have attracted some investor funding from individuals who purchased stock in the company. However, in order to launch the company we need to attract substantial financial backing to proceed farther. We are looking for a financial partner, licensee, investor or sponsor to help us get our software done and take our concept into the world. One of the original concepts Greg and I started with and continue is we want to establish a Christian humanitarian foundation and give back to Our Heavenly Father for the many blessing we each have been given and continue to receive. Greg went to St. John’s and was training for the priesthood. He also is alma mater of St, Thomas. For myself, I am a trained Stephen lay Minister albeit I am not currently active and have not been for some time. When we read about your organization in the Strib and looked the websites over, we knew we had a kindred spirit in the wonderful work you do. We sincerely hope for an opportunity to progress to the next level. You may reach me personally at mobile 612 . 298 . 3037 or if you prefer email, You may reach Greg personally at mobile 952 . 378 . 0960, or email

Expertise in sector

  • 3-5 years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered company.
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gist of JGisting illustration doc set.pdf

We will create the world’s first symbol-powered messaging system for the 80 billion daily text messages while simultaneously creating a natural method for consumers to choose their products and services simply by JGisting™ on their smartphones.


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Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Steve!

Interesting approach!

I would recommend using the following sentences so you can really make it clear what two or more areas your project bridges:

'This idea is a_________________ [campaign/app/service/program/online platform/toolkit/social enterprise/etc.].

It tackles the problem of _____________[short problem statement].

It addresses the problem by :__________[what your idea looks like in practice]. It intersects XYZ topics (peace, prosperity, or planet).’

Photo of Steve Vervais

Thank you for your comments. You are asking for details that seem apparent to us. More effective communications bridge all universal topics and creates better cooperation among different cultures and languages to help solve mutual differences promoting peace and prosperity globally. JGist will get the world talking and communicating. Nothing permanent happens until people communicate.

Greg says, “All Great Initiatives of World Peace must Begin and End with Dialogue where there is clarity of Messages and Understanding of Purpose! This kind of effective Communication must embrace a delivery system that is Universal in its ability to get a World to The Gist of Meaning/Intent of Messaging regardless of language or culture. JGisting is the first Global Language System, based on Symbols (in any form of the senses, i.e. images or sounds) that will provide this level of effective communication.”