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Tech innovation as the driving force to changing lives of young refugee people by instilling peace-making.

Promoting peace through building social & economic value among young refugee peoples in kakuma using Tech and Peace training.

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URISE is the short form of (U: Ubuntu. R: Restore. I: Inspire. S: Solve. E: Encourage) Initiative for Africa offers innovative and blended learning with a mission to develop talents of kakuma refugee youths between the age of 16-35. The objective is to empower and educate young refugee people of kakuma in peace building, peacekeeping skills as to raise a generation of peace ambassadors who are ready to advocate and promote a non-violent environment. We envision to build a conflict-free zone by empowering young refugee people build their economic and social values. Improving the living standards of young refugee men and women is at the core value of our motives.

The URISE Initiative is a social enterprise that look at goodwill people to support its work and carry out some income generating activities to facilitate its achievement. It is a program which is in direct response to the growing number of violence and killings of civilians in most of the African countries. We see young refugees people in kakuma as the potentials elements of the social change. They have power to construct a true social value. Unfortunately, their powers have been and/or are being manipulated by power hungry people who do not have good intention to young people’s daily lives. We envision to build a peaceful environment by creating a working community: a community where everyone strives on making peace the same way we make money. A place where young people will be energized to be useful for the society. We intend to create a platform where young people will be paired with mentors for a period of one year. During this period, a mentee and the mentor will have weekly planned activities to strengthen their relationship and help to improve young person’s confidence and optimism.  We intend to introduce computer and technology skills, and teach to youth the topics below;

  • Computer basic skills
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Computer programming
  • Video and film editing
  • Business and communication skills.

We are using tech skills to prevent future outbreaks of violence and to institute conflict resolution measures, we also plan to build a course to peace that would help to bridge gaps and to unify Kakuma refugees who were from different countries. The course would be offered free of charge and would serve as a way to appeal for calm and peaceful existence among all communities and peoples in Kakuma Camp.

Explain your idea

Our Idea is to merge tech skills and peace education as to build a conflict free zone. We believe in empowering youth with those skills and guide into creation of projects that will enable them to generate income. Instead of being paid to cause violence, they will be able to make their own money and later make peace the same way they thrive to make money. Youth gains both skills, peace and conflict resolution and Tech so that they may promote peace.

Who Benefits?

Our beneficiaries are kakuma young refugees. We will be teaching them 21st century Tech skills such as web designing, coding and other many topics related to ICT, also help them with entrepreneurial skills which will enable them to generate their own income.

How is your idea unique?

Our idea is unique because of its innovative way of doing things for people—refugees—who are mostly mistaken of being criminals or rather people with less ability to develop themselves. It has the power to mitigate laziness as it seeks to instil creativity among young refugees. Moreover, we would say that what makes a difference in our idea at URISE Initiative for Africa, it is the fact that we are promoting peace and prosperity using the current required Tech skills to tackle financial challenges which youth are facing and that leads them into violence. In addition to that, in most cases we realized that youths are manipulated by wealthy people—mainly politicians or power hungry people—as for them to achieve their selfishness plans. We are looking at finding a solution to the problem whereby the youth’s power to prosper is being misused by egoist due to lack of employments.

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Piloting: I have started to implement my solution as a whole with a first set of real users.

Tell us more about you

We are a Community Based Organization aiming to promote peace with Tech skills support for our beneficiaries to improve their life standards. We are looking for collaborator who understands the crisis that young refugees are globally facing and who would like to embrace our idea to solve this problem. We are based in Kakuma Refugee Camp located in the Northern part of Kenya.

Expertise in sector

  • 1-2 years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered social enterprise.

Attachments (1)

Course to Peace Concept Note - FINAL2.docx

The attached document is the course to peace proposal which URISE is developing with the help of Farah Eck who has expertise in the field of conflict resolution. This will be taught along with the ICT skills as to merge the Tech and peace skills for learner to be well equipped with 21st century skills. We are up to a TechPeace movement that will capture the attention of young people towards what their role in making peace the same way their thrive to make money.


Join the conversation:

Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Emerimana!

Thank you for sharing your project.

What stage are you at? Have you completed the 2/3-month pilot project? What are you looking for in a partner?

Photo of Emerimana Daniel Christian

Brief information
The idea was born in 2014 and developed in 2015. I got more insights when I enrolled in a post-graduate certificate of Social Innovation Management at Amani Institute. In 2016, we did IDEA NETWORKING and received good feedback and learned a lot from the community. Then we thought of developing a unique course to peace merely related to the life conditions of kakuma refugee camp. We also tried out the idea of Tech training of which after throwing out to the real user we learned that we needed more of experience and lucky enough we received an opportunity for our trainer to go and receive more ICT training at Tunapanda Institute.
What stage are you at?
I would like to say that we are at the piloting stage. We are conducting workshop on course to peace concept as to ensure that we clearly understand what to include in the course development. We normally conduct two workshops on peace in a month. Apart from the workshop, we are developing questionnaires related to peace and sharing them with people from different community as to ensure that we get more feedbacks that will guide our course to peace curriculum developer during the course content development. In regard to Tech training center, our experiment convinced us that we were not prepared and we sought help from Tunapanda institute to train our trainer who already had expertise in ICT and we plan to start our first TechPeace class towards the end of April. The rest of our ICT Team members are working on developing Tech training content.
Have you completed the 2/3month pilot project?
Yes, we completed the 2/3-month pilot project. For example, on the course to peace we trained 20 students and conducted an in-class feedback on the course and took their feedback to the community; they all shared an opinion of developing a course to peace relatively to kakuma life’s condition and experience of people from different countries. As for now, we are developing curriculum content on the course to peace.
What are you looking for in partner?
What we are looking for in partner are: expertise in peace making and use of technology to instil peace-making in the lives of young refugee people. Also, we need facilities which can enable us to establish a well-equipped TechPeace center.