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Sycamore Green-organic farming –liveliness

Bridging the gap between the modern agricultural practices with traditional organic farming for an Eco-friendly global refugee world

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sycamore green organic farming liveliness brings closer the tradition organic farming liveliness to the modern agricultural practices for both humanity and nature co-existence in a global refugee world for a friendly and sustainable ecosystem.Uganda hosts a largest number of refugees in Africa and these people need land and food for their well-being. through this idea, they are given land for farming(2 acres) from the office of the prime minister- Uganda,and recommended to utilize the land accordingly. this has been a challenge to the majority because of poor farming methods like application of fertilizers that have spoilt their production and soil nutrients. 

this idea has introduced the organic farming to the refugees, to apply the natural farming practices through the groups they make under the supervision of the agricultural extension worker, devise the information sharing mode among themselves through Organic farming SMS platform, where they solve their challenges as organic farmers.

they are provided with ready market for their produce because they of high quality,with rich in nutrients their prices are higher than the prevailing market prices.through their group dynamics, they save 20% of the  money gotten from the sale of their produce which binds them together and makes them work even harder for sustainable development. this is Eco friendly and has no harm to the beneficiaries. 

12 groups have already benefited from this idea among the refugees as the organic farming pioneers, with a target of 100 refugee communities in Uganda to benefit from this idea, each community consists 150 households. The biggest category of beneficiaries are women and youth having been the victims of food security in the settlements. organic farming pioneers go ahead and register other refugees and train them these all the models and organic farming practices.

Explain your idea

Sycamore Green-organic farming liveliness is a humanitarian, Eco-friendly organization currently in organic green belt movement among the women and youth in the refugee settlements in Uganda. Organic farming including Indigenous micro organisms (IMO),Vermiculture, poultry feed subsidies basically an agricultural program that focuses on organic farming which is Eco friendly among the refugees in Great lakes region. Organic farming makes resources with natural materials and follows the law of nature hence respecting the rights of living things; this recovers the soil devastated by machinery, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides. In this regard, water and the entire earth become clean and appeasing hence restore the ecosystem. With Sycamore organic farming liveliness, Sycamore green relief lobby the governments to provide land for farming to the refugees, who are formed in agricultural group dynamics of 10 in every group, the government provides them with 2 Acre land each member and trained as “green organic pioneers”. Through the weekly group training by an extension worker provided for by Sycamore Green Relief, they share their agricultural experiences (achievements and challenges), produce and sell in a group to the market provided for by the organization. Organic farming products are of high quality, have much higher nutritional content than the traditional farming practices produce compared to the rest of the producers, proteins, amino acid, crude fat and other essential nutrients are found to be as much as 300 percent higher than traditional farming products.(Korea atomic energy research institute,1996)

Who Benefits?

Our beneficiaries are women and youth refugees’ organic pioneers in Uganda. Uganda hosts a largest number of refugees in Africa with a total number of 509,077, Women and Children 79%, Children 56%, Male 49% Female 51% by the end of February 2016(Uganda Government, Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Refugee Information Management System (RIMS) these are provided with 2 acres of land for agriculture each person and practice farming for both commercial and home consumption. A group of 10 members in a community of 150 households, targeting 100 refugee communities are our beneficiaries.40% of these are women and 45% are youth. 12 refugee groups have already benefited in this program through acquiring 2 acre land, practicing organic farming, sharing knowledge in their weekly group dynamics meetings and organic SMS service network,provided for ready market with prices higher than the prevailing market price and produce high quality produce with high rich of nutrients.

How is your idea unique?

The idea is unique because it encompasses both the natural farming technologies with the modern applications targeting youth and women refugees in modern organic farming practices which include training and practicing natural farming among the refugee settlements,which include Indigenous Micro-Organisms(IMO), Vermiculture like earthworm growing and composite manure management. Unlike other refugee organizations which have provided the modern agricultural technological alternatives to the refugees like chemical fertilizers, Genetically Modified Organisms which cannot be replicated and reproduced by these products. Sycamore Green Relief lobby’s land for the refugees from the government for agriculture, trains them organic farming technologies, provides them with a communication platform online and the extension service provider, form groups among themselves, produce and sell in a common market provided for by the organization with prices higher than the prevailing market

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Piloting: I have started to implement my solution as a whole with a first set of real users.

Tell us more about you

Sycamore Green Relief (GRESY) deals in humanitarian relief, environmental livelihood and community development programs backed up by a green life ideology like mind set, girl child education and equality, the marginalized classes of people like the orphans, widows and elderly, the refugee community and IDPs through bringing back “green hope” through mindset trainings and skill development programs in Uganda With this idea, it’s focusing more on how the refugees can retain their soil nutrients, through the organic farming practices, since soils and agriculture are their only HOPE left with them for survival. Agriculture/Farming being the only source of food and income, soils are over tilted season after season hence making it lose its nutrients. Artificial chemicals are applied which are harmful to both animal, and the produce, this has been witnessed in Uganda where drought has heat the farmers produce, they have lost their animals and the plants grown have been stunted by the application of too much chemicals as fertilizers and herbicides. Sycamore Green Relief believes in the nature, so with this idea of Sycamore green organic-liveliness, refugee farmers have actively engaged in this mode of farming, produced high yields, and conserved the nature well assured of the market higher than the prevailing market prices. This has been active in one of the refugee settlements in Uganda (Kyangwali) which hosts more than 42,244 people majority with no hope of going back to their own countries since the level of insecurity is still high. 12 communities in kyangwali refugee settlement have benefited from this idea, hence targeting 100 refugee communities in 5 largest refugee settlements in Uganda (Kyangwali,Adjuman, Nakivale, Rwamwanja,and kiryandongo).

Expertise in sector

  • 1-2 years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered non-profit.
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user map of the processes of organic farming liveliness, group dynamics, training , production and marketing linkages to the refugee farmers in Uganda.


Sycamore Green Organic farming-liveliness


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Hi Sammie!

Would you tell me more about Sycamore Green Relief (GRESY)? When were you registered (month and year)?

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Sycamore Green Relief(GRESY) was registered in December 2016 as a non profit organisation in Uganda.